The ½ Hour Workout Week

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Core Collective Anson

79 Anson Road


Singapore, 079906


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Discover The Secret Tactics & Tools To Hack Your Biology And Upgrade Your Body.

Introduction To Minimum Effective Dose

When it comes to health and fitness, we’re generally taught 2 things:

“Exercise more and eat less.”

It’s been ingrained in everyone for generations.

But is it really the only way?

No, it isn’t.

In fact, we believe the exact opposite approach to health and fitness serves humans better.

“Exercise less and eat more.”

How can you achieve that?

With a minimum effective dose.

The concept of MED is to find the smallest possible dose to produce the most optimal outcome.

Everything short of the minimum dose won’t be effective and anything more is an unnecessary waste of time.

Using Tim’s metaphor from The 4-Hour Body, if you need to boil water, it has to reach 100 degrees Celsius (212 F). Once it reaches that level, it’s achieved the goal. Increasing the temperature to another level won’t give it a “greater boil”.

Once it hits that point, the work is done. It won’t hit it at a lower temperature, and increasing past the boiling point is unnecessary.

This is the concept of minimum effective dose.

You can look at several aspects of your life with this philosophy, but we’re going to hone in on the one that matters to you right now:

Health and Fitness

How can you use minimum effective dose (MED) to maximize your biology?

How can you use it to shed the most fat and gain the most muscle?

How can you maximize brain efficiency to improve mental focus and clarity?

For most people, it’s hard enough to try and get to the gym - but is it really necessary to spend hours and hours beating away at your body just to see mediocre results?

What if there was a better way?

In this Meetup, Joe will share:

  • How to get in the best shape of your life in just 26 minutes a week instead of 40 minutes a day

  • How to gain muscle and shed fat with the same "biohacking" tools used by Serena Williams, Tim Ferriss, Dave Asprey, and many more

  • The 100-year-old exercise that professional athletes do to stay fit in a fraction of the time (that most "regular" people don't know about)

  • How to reap the benefits of a 45 minute jog in only 8 minutes 40 seconds

  • And more!

About Joe Hanney:

Joe Hanney has overseen over 249,600+ workouts during his 17 year personal training career, and is the author of 30 Weight Loss Success Stories, Head of Biohackers Collective Singapore, and an international speaker at conferences such as ILAB For Entrepreneurs, GOIFEX | International Sports, Fitness, & Lifestyle, Acti-Fit Asia, and many more.

Growing up, Joe saw several family members on his mother’s side pass away from cancer in their 50’s. He realized the odds were against him - and if he didn’t start taking action to drastically improve his health, he’d likely experience the same fate, leaving his wife and future children without a husband and father.

Joe was lucky that many of his early clients were doctors and surgeons, as he was constantly being tested by these health professionals to back up his methods and the effectiveness of his training with scientific evidence. This pushed him to take fitness beyond simply working out through research, analytics, and testing.

While studying for 17+ years under the top experts in the world (and spending over $100,000 on health and fitness education in the process), Joe began testing these new “body hacking” secrets on himself. At his first sprint triathlon, Joe got 1st in his age category in under a year of training (without being able to swim or bike before). He finished London Marathon in under 5 hours and Berlin Marathon 2019 under 4 hours and has even been able to get his body fat down to 3% - all with minimal time to get in shape.

Joe’s made it his mission to not only radically improve his own biology, but to bring Singapore a new approach to fitness using the latest scientifically proven methods and technology to optimize one’s body in the least amount of time necessary.

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Date and Time


Core Collective Anson

79 Anson Road


Singapore, 079906


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