The 2nd Devonian Seaside Classic ADLG Competition

The 2nd Devonian Seaside Classic ADLG Competition

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Brixham Scala Hall

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L'Art de la Guerre Tournament in Brixham, Devon 25mm & 15mm 3rd & 4th December, Brixham Scala Hall TQ5 8TA (A BHGS-affiliated event)

About this event

The 2nd edition of the UK'smost pasty-tastic v4 L'Art de la Guerre Tournament will again take place in Brixham in the glorious South West of England

  • More B&B's and out-of-season-priced self catering accommodation options than you can shake a haddock at!
  • Great pubs & local restaurants !
  • World-class fish and chips - straight from the boat!

"You're probably not going be able to take all your holiday this year, so why not make a long weekend of it and come down for a few days ?"

  • Date – 3rd & 4th December 2022
  • Both 15mm & 25/8mm periods on offer
  • The event is limited to about 40 or so players, so secure your spot soon.
  • Standard ADLG v4 rules, 200 points, 5 games, different themes to those of Warfare (once they are announced)
  • We'll be running with all relevant covid-secure restrictions in place at the time the event is held. In entering you are agreeing to abide by such rules.
  • If there are any Covid-related reasons why the event can't take place, why you may not be able to attend, or which materially reduce capacity we'll offer full refunds.

Entry fee is £25, to cover the venue and prizes. If we end up with a surplus we'll look to buy everyone a posh donut or something.

Theme will be announced in due course, and will be deliberately different to Warfare a few weeks earlier.

Lists to by Friday 18 November please.  Late lists will be displayed on the wall throughout the day for all to see. Each round will be 2 and 1/4 hours plus a bit, the ideal timings will be 

  • Saturday
  • 9:30 - 11:45 Round 1
  • 12:45 - 15:00 Round 2
  • 15:30ish or sooner - 1745ish Round 3
  • Sunday
  • 9:30 - 11:45 Round 4
  • 12:45 - 15:00 Round 5
  • Prizes and packing away

If we find that all games in any round are concluded within the time limit we will try and crack on and start the subsequent rounds a bit earlier so we can all get away sooner.

If you have a playing mat of the correct dimensions please bring it along!

Venue – The Scala Hall, Brixham, Devon, TQ5 8TA.

Brixham is a picturesque seaside town on the south coast of Devon, home to England's busiest fishing port as well as a host of great pubs and restaurants. It's about 45 minutes south of Exeter, so both the M5 and A303 will take you pretty much straight there from most points in Britain (or the A38 from further West).

The Scala Hall is right next to the bus station at the end of both of Brixham's main streets (Fore Street and Middle Street). There is a large car park in the middle of Brixham which irritatingly has a 3 hour limit, so the best bet is to park up at your accommodation and walk to the hall if you can. There is free on-street parking on residential streets in Brixham, but they can be both steep and narrow and spaces can be hard to find and tricky to get into. The all-day paid car park in Brixham is the Breakwater, which is a 15 minute-or-so walk away along the harbourside.

The venue will be open from 8:30 am, and if you have a hefty 28mm army you should be able to pull up outside to unload (if you do so quickly!)

We will have tea and coffee making facilities at the venue, but there are also some fantastic cafe's and coffee takeaways only steps away from the venue - The Curious Kitchen, Port Expresso and The Larder to name but three.

Brixham has loads of great pubs and restaurants for the evenings, and if there is suffisient interest we may even organise a "team meal" at a local seafood + steak restaurant - just let us know in the booking form if you are interested.

For accommodation there are a good number of hotels and B&B's in Brixham so off-season availability and prices should be good, which you can find online here.

Self catering is also a good option, with a huge number of holiday let properties available right in the centre of town for as short as 2 or 3 nights - ideal if a few of you are travelling down together.

Some of the local letting agencies that offer short stays are:

The rates on self catering accommodation work out much better if you stay an extra night or so (cleaning is a fixed price cost for the owners) - there is plenty to do around the area if you do want to add a day or so, or if you and your clubmates just want to sit in a cottage living room playing some board games and going to the pub for a few days!

For queries contact

We're looking forward seeing you at the table!

The Devonian Classic is a BHGS affiliated event

The 2nd Devonian Seaside Classic ADLG Competition image
The 2nd Devonian Seaside Classic ADLG Competition image
The 2nd Devonian Seaside Classic ADLG Competition image

So... The themes are announced, and are in keeping with our almost-traditional "pretty broad, and different to what will be at Warfare"

15mm - Far East, Far West: 200 points of any of these beauties;

  • 34 Indus Valley
  • 35 Vedic Indian
  • 36 Erlitou Shang Chinese
  • 37 Zhou and Spring and Autumn Chinese
  • 78 Vietnamese
  • 79 Classical Indian
  • 80 Warring States
  • 81 Qiang and Di
  • 82 Yayoi Japanese
  • 107 Kushan
  • 111 Hephthalite Huns
  • 115 Xiongnu
  • 116 Han Chinese
  • 117 Xianbei
  • 118 Three Kingdoms Chinese
  • 119 Chinese Northern and Southern Dynasties
  • 120 Tamil Indian
  • 121 Three Kingdoms Korean
  • 122 Kofun-Nara Japanese
  • 123 Emishi
  • 135 Arab Indian
  • 139 Sogdian and Central Asia City States
  • 140 Central Asian Turkish
  • 168 Burmese
  • 169 Rebel Vietnamese
  • 170 Hindu Indian
  • 171 Sui and Tang Chinese
  • 172 Tibetan
  • 173 Khmer Empire and Cham
  • 174 Nanzhao and Dali
  • 175 Tang and Five Dynasties Chinese
  • 176 Heian Japanese
  • 177 Shatuo Turkish
  • 178 Tribal Mongol
  • 201 Ghaznavid
  • 221 Samurai
  • 222 Khitan-Liao
  • 223 Goryeo Korean
  • 224 Medieval Vietnamese
  • 225 Song Chinese
  • 226 Xi Xia
  • 227 Jurchen-Jin
  • 228 Qara-Khitan
  • 229 Mongol Empire
  • 270 Ilkhanid Mongol
  • 271 Steppe Mongol
  • 272 Jalayirid
  • 273 Timurid
  • 275 Delhi Sultanate
  • 276 Vijayanagar Kingdom
  • 277 Indonesian and Malay
  • 278 Siam
  • 279 Yuan Chinese
  • 280 Later Samurai
  • 281 Ming Chinese
  • 282 Yi Korean
  • 283 Olmec
  • 284 Maya
  • 285 Zapotec and Mixtec
  • 286 Toltec
  • 287 Chinantec
  • 288 Tarascan
  • 289 Aztec
  • 290 Texcala
  • 291 Inca
  • 292 Chanca
  • 293 Mochica and Chimu
  • 294 Tupi
  • 295 Mapuche
  • 296 Chichimec
  • 297 Pueblos
  • 298 North American Tribes
  • 299 Mound Builder Tribes
  • 300 Polynesian and Melanesian

25mm :

  • 200 points from the Feudal & Medieval Lists

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