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We are pleased to confirm that the 2021 UK Cellular Microbiology Network meeting will take place as an online event. #UKcellmicro2021

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Event timings: 1st March 14:00-17:30, 2nd March 09:00-12:30

The event takes place across two consecutive days and both sessions are a must-attend for anyone working on bacterial host/pathogen interactions. With an emphasis on interactions at or within the host cell, we will be focused specifically on how pathogens subvert host cellular processes and how the cell responds.

Everyone registered will receive their zoom invitation in advance of the event, with joining links for all activities.

Monday 1st March

14:00 Welcome remarks

14:15 Jakson Luk :Francis Crick Institute, UK "Salmonella adopts a dormant lifestyle in human enterocytes"

14:35 Arda Balci :University of Aberdeen, UK. "Sequestosome-1 and Rab32: Interacting partners that restrict Salmonella in macrophages"

14:55 Miriam Kutsch : Duke University, US. "Human guanylate binding protein 1 acts as surfactant and breaks down the LPS barrier"

15:15 Lee Dolat :Duke University, US ."The C. trachomatis effector TepP reprograms the F-actin regulator EPS8 to mediate the disassembly of epithelial cell-cell junctions and promote invasion"

15:35 Flash talks

1 Ana Teresa López Jiménez : LSHTM, UK." Mapping Shigella septin cage entrapment with proximity biotinylation"

2 Cameron Roberts :Oregon Health and Science University, US. "Biochemical identification of novel ubiquitin ligases from diverse bacterial pathogens "

3 Andrew Olive :Michigan State University, US. "Mycobacterium tuberculosis evasion of Guanylate Binding Protein-mediated host defense in mice requires the ESX1 secretion system "

4 Manon Mottet: University of Geneva, CH."Single cell analysis unravels a perturbation of the cell cycle of the host Dictyostelium discoideum during infection by Mycobacterium marinum "

16:00 Plenary speaker: Matthew Welch, UC Berkeley, US “Mobilization of the cytoskeleton by microbial pathogens”

16:40 End of day networking.

Tuesday 2nd March

09:00 Plenary speaker: Liz Hartland, Hudson Institute of Medical Research, Australia “Intracellular surprises from Legionella pneumophila”

09:40 Flavia Viana: Queen’s University, Belfast "Dissecting the molecular pathogenesis of Legionella spp. in human lung models "

10:00 Caroline Barisch :University of Osnabrueck, Germany "Lipid Trafficking at Membrane Contact Sites During Mycobacteria Infection"

10:20 Flash talks

1 Elliott Bernard :The Francis Crick Institute, UK." Roles of Autophagy Proteins During Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection of Human Macrophages"

2 Margarida Ruivo: Université de Montpellier, " Modulation of host cell responses and virulence by Toxoplasma gondii's ROP55"

3 Emily E. Rosowski : Clemson University, US." Prostaglandin signalling promotes macrophage- and neutrophil-mediated control of invasive hyphal growth in larval zebrafish "

4 Xing Zhang :Centre d’Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy, France," Antagonistic fungal enterotoxins intersect at multiple levels with host innate immune defences"

5 Shivangi Rastogi :University of Maryland, US," Mycobacterium tuberculosis inhibits the NLRP3 inflammasome activation via its phosphokinase PknF"

10:50 Cassandra Vondrak :Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US "Rickettsia effector Sca4 may promote cell-to-cell spread through dual interactions with host vinculin and endocytic machinery"

11:10 Pierre Santucci :The Francis Crick Institute, UK. " Intracellular localisation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis affects antibiotic efficacy"

11:30 End of session coffee and catch up.

Organising commitee: Jennifer Rohn (UCL),Max Gutierrez (The Francis Crick Institute),Serge Mostowy (The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine),Jason King (University of Sheffield),Daniel Humphreys (University of Sheffield),Meera Unnikrishnan (University of Warwick)

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