THE 4 STAGES OF GROWTH (or decline...)

THE 4 STAGES OF GROWTH (or decline...)

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There are three invisible forces that make or break a team, each of which is crucial to growth and performance.

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There 3 invisible forces that make or break a team:

Psychological safety - a shared belief held by members of a team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking, learning and contributing

Motivational Drive – the desire to learn, contribute and get things done

Cognitive Diversity – the ability to see a situation from different perspectives

The ability to measure, visualise and optimise all the 3 invisible forces is the key to creating high-performing, innovative and sustainable teams.

There are a lot of discussions about the importance of these topics, but..

How do you make these invisible forces visible?

How do they affect each other and the growth of your company?

What happens if you are missing one of them?

This article published in Forbes magazine sums it up and this live, interactive webinar is going to deep dive into the details.

The set up is very simple...30 minutes live presentation followed by Q&A where we can discuss anything. Usually this part is way longer than the first part. 

If you have any questions, just drop me an email to and we can catch up. 

I am looking forward to meeting you there!

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