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Refund Policy

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Running every Wednesday for 8-weeks from 2nd May - all dates should be attended, please select Wednesday 2nd May from date selection section when making your booking.

I understand digital project managers can often feel:

  • Pressured by time, budget, and quality
  • Challenged by different and ever-changing personalities
  • The continual need to justify your role as a project manager
  • A struggle to manage yourself, as well as managing others
  • Relationships within your team are breaking down
  • A constant need to negotiate a compromise between conflicting demands
  • Fragmented, misunderstood and unappreciated

So you react by:

  • Working more hours
  • Taking shortcuts on time, budget, and quality
  • Doing the work yourself and stop delegating
  • Going with it even though you know it’s the wrong approach or solution
  • Losing focus, stop caring and check out When none of this works, typically you:
  • Are unable to deliver the project and are held accountable for the failures
  • Lose the confidence and trust of your team and your client
  • Become stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out I imagine this sounds familiar!

Do you question your self-belief in your role?

  • Consider switching to a new company, hoping for a better outcome?
  • Worry about losing your job and reputation?
  • Think that leaving project management all together is the only solution?

Start to think differently! The Advantage can help you to:

  • Embrace change and readily adjust to reassess priorities
  • Create meaningful relationships built on respect, support, and mutual understanding
  • Gain focus and perspective
  • Make effective and informed decisions
  • Increase productivity
  • Adopt a positive, solutions-based approach

The Advantage

There are seven soft skills that are vital today. This is not about communication and presentation skills but about going deeper, driving behaviour change that will positively impact approaches to work and life. The Advantage is an experiential learning, high-impact two-day workshop based on the book by Emma Sue Prince and published by Pearson Business.

Advantage workshop in principal:

  • A two-day experiential learning workshop designed specifically to raise self-awareness
  • Based on the internationally selling book: The Advantage, the 7 soft skills you need to stay one step ahead by, Emma-Sue Prince
  • Focuses on 7 core skills crucial for today: adaptability, critical thinking, empathy, integrity, optimism, being proactive, and resilience
  • These skills are vital in gaining and improving personal and professional success.
  • This workshop has been tailored for digital project managers - providing you with the skills you need to get ahead in digital project management

How does it work:

Experiential learning activities are real-life experiences conducted with effective debrief and reflection. They are high-impact because the learning focuses on the individual and group in the moment.

Most off-the-shelf training (role-plays, discussions, techniques etc.) is ineffective because participants don’t retain the learning and are unable to apply it in their day-to-day work. The Advantage is a proven concept that works every time because the facilitator works with real issues emerging from the workshop. The Advantage accelerates learning, provides a safe environment to take risks and take on challenges, bridges the gap between theory and practice, produces demonstrable mindset changes, increases engagement levels, enables personalized learning and delivers exceptional return on investment. The Advantage is a simple model that can be rolled out widely without a compromise on quality.

During the workshops, participants will start to absorb the 7 key skills that underpin everything else they do in terms of effectiveness and impact. 97% of participants express a positive outcome.

Who it has worked for:

The Advantage is currently being run with a number of different target groups in the UK, Hungary, and India, ranging from senior managers (Nestle and Starbucks) to people returning to employment (Affinity Sutton Housing Association) and young people not in education or training (NEET) to open workshops (held at Southbank Centre London). It works with such diverse groups because the facilitator works only with what emerges from that group during that particular session.


“I’ve learned about myself, my strengths and weaknesses from these 2 days. I am going to apply [what I have learned] whenever I’m lacking confidence. I would recommend this training to others.”

“I would recommend [The Advantage] to others because after this training session I met with a new person… a person who is confident, who knows how to adapt to difficult situations and knows how to say YES.” Nestle Bangladesh


Over the 8 evening sessions we will cover all of the 7 soft skills needed to get ahead in DPM:

02/05/18 - Empathy - The ability to focus and give the gift of attention is one of the skills we are in danger of losing. Empathy is about listening and being present in order to do this well. If we could put our empathy skills into action every day, we’d notice a massive surge in understanding, productivity, and effectiveness.

09/05/18 - Adaptability - We all like to think we are adaptable but the reality is that we like to stay in our comfort zones where it’s safe and just easier. Our fast-paced work and lives require us to be more adaptable than ever. The only way that’s going to happen is by placing ourselves more in “stretch”

16/05/18 - Critical Thinking - How often do we question our assumptions, judgments, and thinking skills? Not often enough. True critical thinking means less justifying of our actions and acceptance of information at face value and more curiosity and getting in the habit of asking far more questions than we do.

23/05/18 - Integrity - Practise integrity and you will have great relationships, make decisions much more easily and sleep well at night! Living your values day-to-day is what integrity is all about. It’s so easy to break promises, tell white lies and hide behind technology. You could even say integrity is a fast-route to happiness.

30/05/18 - Resilience - Do you stand or do you fall when setbacks and disappointments strike? Do you need to go through adversity to be resilient? That will depend on your unique genetics and life experiences. Build resilience by embracing failure and rejection and building strong networks. In a world of uncertainty, your ability to be resilient is crucial.

06/06/18 - Being Proactive - When something is bugging us we’ll naturally put our energy on all of the things we can’t control. Being proactive and placing energy onto our attitudes and actions will influence the outcome though. As 98% of us are natural procrastinators the only way forward is to take action – even the tiniest step forward has an impact.

13/06/18 - Optimism - Glass half full or half empty? Actually, that does not matter. Optimism is less about positive thinking and much more about positive action. From finding reasons to be grateful for getting outside for a walk there are a hundred ways to build your happiness levels every day. Research shows that optimism has a strong connection with being proactive and resilient. Focus on just one of these three will lead to strength in the others.

20/06/18 - Consolidation and Graduation Celebration!


Learn all 7 skills and get The Advantage over 8 Night Schools sessions for an investment of £347.00

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United Kingdom

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