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The Art of Meaning: Learn 3 Uncommon Skills That Make Your Life Matter

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United Kingdom

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The Art of Meaning Workshop: Make Your Life Matter

Learn the 3 Uncommon Skills That Make Everyday Life Magical, Meaningful & Fulfilling, Regardless of Your Circumstances

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."
David Viscott

Happiness is overrated.

For one thing, it doesn’t last. It passes. Often within seconds, usually within minutes and almost always by tomorrow morning. And inevitably, it’s replaced by its non-identical twin, sadness…or if you’re lucky by its second cousins boredom and ennui.

The tragicomic paradox of the human condition is that the universally lauded “pursuit of happiness” is the single greatest cause of human suffering.

Whether you realise it or not, you don’t really want happiness.

You want fulfilment. And meaning. And purpose.

The What

The so called “curse of the lottery” - where 70% of winners lose their windfall within a few years and many others commit suicide, go through divorce and/or become depressed - does not prove that “money can’t buy you happiness.”

Money did buy these people happiness. It’s just that (as always) their happiness didn’t last.

And in a process as predictable and inexorable as the sun setting, their happiness was replaced by the very same hollow, empty sense of unfulfillment that they erroneously believed winning the lottery would fill.

The real reason for the curse of the lottery is that although money can buy you happiness, it can’t buy you what you really want.

Money can’t buy you fulfillment. Money can’t buy you meaning. Money can’t buy you purpose. And money can't buy the magical experience of joyful childlike wonder at the awesome mystery and beauty of life.

Now don’t get me wrong, fulfillment, purpose and meaning don’t last any more than happiness does – “this too shall pass” is indeed true of everything that exists in our universe – but they do tend to last a great deal longer than the superficial emotion of happiness.

A sense of purpose can last for decades. Your life can feel meaningful for years on end. The feeling of fulfillment can comfort you through the cold dark months of winter, right through to the dawn of spring.

And just as important, when these deepest of human needs ebb away like the tide, they are replaced not by the inevitable dualistic low of sadness that mirrors the polarizing high of happiness, but by the creative engine of desire. They are replaced by the burning motivation to do what needs to be done to recreate them again…and again…and again.

But all that begs the question…how do you create magic and purpose and meaning and fulfilment in the first place?

This workshop is designed to give you a clear, practical, step-by-step answer to that question.

And to teach you the 3 Uncommon Skills needed to create the magic of purpose and meaning and fulfillment in your everyday life again…and again…and again.

The Why

Ultimately I created The Art of Meaning because neither the people of this planet, nor the planet itself will be able to survive much more of the American Dream.

With billions of people tearing each other (and our planet) apart in our maniacal headlong pursuit of happiness (i.e. profit, comfort, convenience, security, fame & celebrity) it won’t be long until both nature and humanity are ripped to dystopian shreds and lying in extinction-level tatters.

So this workshop was created to help you to pursue your purpose, rather than the fleeting dopamine fix of happiness with its addictive dependency and diminishing returns.

It was designed to empower you to embark upon the life transforming journey of (wo)man’s search for meaning. A journey whose precious alchemy can reveal priceless gifts of growth and grace in the most testing of circumstances

In short, this workshop offers you the fabulous sense of fulfillment that comes only from living out your greatest destiny on a daily basis and thus playing your part in creating the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Reviews & Ratings of The Art of Meaning

"I attended a workshop led by Chris Paradox expecting to be entertained and leave having spent a pleasant few hours with some nice folk and one of my favourite performance poets. I was mistaken. What I experienced on that day has proved to be one of the most profound, intimate, challenging and transformational experiences I have had.

Chris leads by example and his openness and love for life is infectious.... I felt safe at every stage to step into a new way of interpreting my story and drawing from it strengths and positives whilst being in touch with pain and sadness at the same time. He skilfully mixes practical exercises with broad and well-researched theory and all the time his unshakeable enthusiasm for people and his steadfast belief that we are all living a legendary life gave me complete confidence to embrace everything we were asked to do.

The culmination was to have my story witnessed and to witness the stories of the other participants.... it is something I will always treasure, the honesty and simplicity of that process.

I cannot recommend highly enough, if you get the chance, do some work with Chris Paradox. I wasn't healed or enlightened or ascended but definitely empowered, given some tangible tools to reframe tough times and use them as fuel for expansion and positive steps forward in my life."

Mark Fisher - Teacher & Musician

"Chris is a shining light, an amazing talent to be seen and experienced."

Deri Llewellyn-Davies - CEO and Founder of Business Growth International

"I have known Chris some ten years or more, and am still inspired by him every time I meet him or see him perform! If you meet him as Headmaster of Hero School, I'd recommend enrolling in any course or mode of self empowerment he is offering you...I look forward to working with him again and again and again!"

Gareth Strangemore-Jones - Founder & Group Editor Worldshift Media

"Chris Paradox is most definitely a living legend. With the presence of a warrior and the elegance of a jester king, he uses his sharpest of wits to slice through the veils separating humans, even spiritual ones, from the peace and joy that is our true nature. In courageous dedication to living his deeper purpose he helps those lucky enough to hear him listen a little more closely to the whisperings of their own soul."

Tallie Maughan -Social Entrepreneur Founder of Turning Earth Ceramics Members' Studio

"Chris has overcome enormous personal trauma in his life and puts his enormous creative abilities to use inspiring and helping us all to evolve. Chris is dedicated to improving his and our higher qualities, our enjoyment of life and connection to Spirit. A fun and friendly agent of personal growth. Good value ! All ages! He hasn't paid me to say this either!"

Mike Shreeve - Musician & Tai-chi teacher

"Honest, sincere, down-to-earth, and very profound. I really admire a person who is willing to lay it all down."
10/10 Gary Williams

"Humour, Wisdom and Truth: this course is a beautiful combination of all three. I'm feeling grateful to be on this transformational journey. Thank you!"
10/10 Helen Clear

"I enjoyed the honesty and compassion that this course offers about life and this journey."
10/10 Daniel Ferguson

"I like this course so far, I am probably 1/4 way through. Chris has an engaging, stimulating style; I enjoy following the course and am looking forward to the practical stuff.. with some slight trepidation! If you wish to begin the process of making some life changes you could deffo benefit from this material."
10/10 Stephanie Mills

"This was a very interesting program, covered in a massive amount of detail with story, examples, references and some dramatic presentations, including the author singing. It certainly gives you something to think about, esp. for the novice and intermediate searchers."
8/10 Marcus Chacos

"As an atheist and non woo type it can be difficult sifting through for the things which will be useful to me and discarding the guff and nonsense. I didn't have to do much sifting here there's no "namaste" there's no "amen" just very practical well thought-out ways of living life that brings philosophical meaning and joy. Without having to buy into or pretend to believe in woo of any kind."
10/10 Heloise Griffiths

"Have just embarked on Chris Paradox's exploration of meaning - so far, it is truly memorable. I love his low key, totally accessible and disarming presentation style for dealing with the biggest and most intimate of questions. Chris - I hope your course is a big success for you - your courage in putting it out there is something I'm already grateful for. Thank you and go well Nigel"
10/10 Nigel Banks

"I recommend this course to anyone who wants to experience the world in a new and different way. It snaps you out of the fog and helps you to remember how amazing it is that we are alive and living on this planet."
10/10 Suzanne Williams

"I have met Chris, listened to Chris, and been inspired by Chris on many occasions, and in many different ways. A truly exceptional person, and I am so very pleased to see that he is sharing his wisdom in this way."
10/10 Amerie Rose

"Chris Paradox has broken down a lifetime of seeking, experience and gnosis into a fun, palatable, step-by-step series of fascinating lectures, self-revealing practices, and exciting (if at times eccentric) exercises, in an attempt to help one break through that dense wall of conditioned response and consensus reality that prevents so many of us living our lives in a truly fulfilling way!"
10/10 Andrew Stout

"I have only just started this course but reading the course guide and seeing the information available I know that the course will skilfully guide me to find my own answers and look into myself rather than telling me what to think! I am 66 so it is never too late! And of course it is presented by the inspiring and playful Mr Paradox. Heartfelt thankyou Chris."
10/10 Bea Wheeler

"They should teach this stuff at school it would definitely speed up this whole shift in paradigm thing.. Loving the course thanks a lot Chris it is keeping me sane in New York."
10/10 Joanna Bevan

Spaces are limited, so reserve your place now!


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Children over 14 are welcome.

What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

There are three car parks within 10 mins walk of the venue (see map)

What can I bring into the event?

Please bring pen and paper/notebook/journal. If you play music bring your instrument. Lunch is between 1-2pm. You can grab a bite at the local eateries or bring a packed lunch if you prefer.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

email me at paradoxchris@gmail.com

What's the refund policy?

If you are not inspired and empowered by the workshop to live a richer more meaningful and fulfilling life, let me know and I'll arrange a full refund.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No just your full name and email address.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

You can give your place to someone else, provided you email me their full name and email address by March 30th at 9pm

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

See above

Really hope you can join us.

In a post Trump world gone mad, humanity needs as many people living meaningful, fulfilling and contributive lives as we can get.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

Onwards & Inwards


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Date and Time



Bogan House

43 High Street



United Kingdom

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