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The Blue Cow Summit 2017

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London, UK - Hotel TBC

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Welcome to The Blue Cow Summit 2017. We look forward to welcoming you to this 2 DAY EVENT! As one of the premier events in business, health and lifestyle in the UK, this year’s Blue Cow Summit will sell out, and we invite you to be part of an event that will undoubtedly benefit your business and help you create your dream life.

The Blue Cow Summit is hosted by Jo and Steve Davison, This event is unique. It is about business, health and lifestyle, and it is also about self development and personal growth.

What will you learn?

Well, we went through a very tough time in our business and in our life a few years ago. We had all sorts of challenges- we were not as busy as we would have liked, we were struggling financially, we had every 'staff' issue you could image- including people off sick, turning up late, stealing money, making up time sheets and one wanted to take us to tribunal. We attracted the wrong customers who were skeptical of us and our service and didn't follow our advice. We were burnt out, miserable. We felt trapped on an emotional rollacoster, one minute feeling able to cope, then next out of control and living a life of quiet desperation. We hardly saw our kids, friends or family and constantly felt stressed. To the rest of the world, we looked successful, however, we were like swans- calm on the surface yet paddling like mad underneath to stay afloat! When the final straw came, Jo realised that if she had had time (which she didn't), she would have had a breakdown and Steve wasn't in a much better place!!! We decided we had to change EVERYTHING! So we sought the advice of mentors all over the world who would help us transform ourselves and our life. We wanted to TRANSFORM our business, our lifestyle, our finances, our relationship, our family life, our health and design our Dream life. We studied successful people - those that took action and in a couple of years EVERYTHING had transformed. We ended up with more money, more time, more fun, a brilliant work life balance, a property portfolio, a business that could run with or without us. We were able to travel the world and have fun together and with our amazing 3 kids.

We believe that you can do this too! So we have bought together some of the mentors who helped us to achieve our Dream life- to share their message with you. If you take the action we did- we know this event can transform your life! We know our amazing speakers will give tons of VALUABLE insights, knowledge and inspiration as well as action steps that you can implemente to help you change your life.

So what is a BLUE COW?

We were told by lots of people that we couldn't change things- they would say 'everyone knows you cannot change your life'... however we knew we could. We were inspired by the kids story BLUE COW (see Blue Cow story explanation on the Blue Cow Summit webpage and decided to become blue cows! A BLUE COW is someone who is inspired, positive, optimistic, interested in self development and learning from successful mentors and NEVER settling!

If you know you are a Blue Cow- do not miss this event! Come and connect with like minded Blue Cows.

This year we expect a full house of attendees and our goal is to inspire each person to go out and create a business/ career and a life they LOVE.

We know you will have a great time.

See you soon!

Love Jo and Steve

Date and Time


London, UK - Hotel TBC

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