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Newcastle Racecourse

Newcastle upon Tyne


United Kingdom

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success - [suhk-ses] (noun) the favourable termination of attempts or endeavours; the accomplishment of one's goals; achievement of a desired outcome.

We all want to be successful in life and in business, but have you defined what success looks like? Specifically what is the outcome you desire from starting, running and building your business?

By definition, success will allude you if you don’t know when to terminate your endeavours. Isn’t that interesting - success means stopping, as in cessation.

You cannot be successful in business unless you have a clear favourable outcome in mind so that you know when you have achieved it and you can stop.

Success in business isn’t about doing this marketing thing, that leadership thing or some financial thing. Success in business requires those things, but can only truly happen when you address the exit thing.

Good Business Strategy is Simply an Exit Strategy

To be successful in business then, don’t put off your exit strategy. If you want to be successful, it should be the first thing you address because all other decisions will be taken in light of that decision.

Instinctively, we know this. 92.6% of 176 business owners surveyed said that having an exit strategy was important for their future and for the future of their business and yet only 12% actually had a strategy.

If you’re one of the 88% that doesn’t, then this workshop is for you. The best time to develop your strategy, if you don’t have one, is now.

We’ve created this workshop based on 26 years of working with small and medium sized businesses to give you the opportunity to develop your exit strategy even if you haven't started your business yet.

This workshop is only for serious, success-oriented entrepreneurs. Most business owners won’t want to do the necessary work because they think it will take too long and distract them too much from the day to day work that needs to be done. However, in just two days you can develop your success strategy ready to implement and build a more valuable, more profitable business that’s easier to run and geared to your definition of success.

During the workshop you will develop your own success strategy to:

  • define what success means to you
  • de-risk your business and double your odds of success
  • close the gap between your current business’ and your definition of success
  • Accelerate value creation in your business for a more lucrative exit
  • Prioritise your transition options so that you’re in control when you achieve your hard-earned success

Success in business often has a monetary value associated with it, so you’ll also learn:

  • the **only** business valuation technique that matters
  • how to increase the value of your business _at least_ 10x over 5 years **and** make more money at the same time
  • how improving four key areas of your business could **triple** the value of your business
  • what all your transition options are, putting **you** in the driving seat: selling outright may not be the only option or even the best option.
  • how to create a marketing plan to earn more today **and** add value to your business

Why is this a 2-day workshop?

You’re going to leave the workshop with all the learning you need to be more successful as soon as you walk out the door **and** increase the value of your company over the coming months and years.

You’re going to walk away with a clear strategy and a concrete plan to achieve it.

You’ll walk away with absolute clarity about your vision and the confidence to realise it.

You’ll walk away with the knowledge and peace of mind that your dream life can be a reality.

We can’t do all of that in a couple of hours.

Who Should Attend?

These two days are a must if:

  • you’re just starting your business - start with the end in mind (Steven Covey)
  • you’re looking for fresh motivation to drive the growth of your business to achieve your dreams
  • you’re 5-10 years away from an exit and have the time and energy to add value for a successful exit
  • you’re almost ready to sell and want to be in control of the process and the outcome
  • you want to make sure your legacy is protected after you sell.

The workshop fee includes a copy of Built to Sell by John Warrilow, all workshop materials, lunch on both days as well as mid-morning and mid-afternoon refreshments.

Learn how to create a more successful business and address the “last great test of entrepreneurship”.

Registration Process

We are restricting the number of places to 12 so that every attendee gets optimum interaction with our presenters. We already have a number of expressions of interest. To register your interest, select an expression of interest ticket from this page. The process will be as follows:

  1. Express your interest in attending the workshop by registering a ticket on this page.

  2. Complete the questionnaire we will email you. This will help you focus on what you wish to get from the workshop and for us to ensure that you will benefit from it.
  3. Have a 20 minute call with one of our coaches to confirm the details.
  4. If accepted, attend the workshop.

If you are accepted onto this workshop, your investment is £595+VAT.

Note: You cannot buy tickets directly, you must go through this process or contact us for more information.

Success only happens at the end

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Date and Time


Newcastle Racecourse

Newcastle upon Tyne


United Kingdom

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