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100 De Beauvoir Rd, Unit 5


N1 4EN

United Kingdom

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Do you feel like you could be doing more with your life?

Do you feel lost?

Does the same stuff keep happening and you wish you could change it but feel you have no control?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own wellbeing and make positive changes in your life?

Every Tuesday from the 20th February - 10th April

This unique course aims to awaken and understand your inner self at a deeper level by using the chakra system to navigate our emotional, physical and energetic selves. You’ll leave with the confidence to live a happier and more balanced life.

Each event is organised as a stand-alone workshop, although coming to the whole series could seriously change your life. Just listen to these guys!

“Currently attending Rachael's Chakra course, it's awesome!- 5 Stars ***** ” Gina

“Such an amazing evening! I came with a lot of negativity on my mind and I left bouncing off the walls and with a mind that was completely at peace! Rachael was incredible. I'd love to do one of her workshops every morning. Strongly recommended. I can't wait for the next event! - 5 Stars *****” Alicia


Freedom from fear. An exploration of the Root Chakra.

Do you feel fearful? Sluggish? Restless? Undisciplined?

Do you have issues with your lower back, legs or feet?

Maybe you feel floaty and all over the place?

These are all signs of an imbalance in your root chakra.

The root chakra governs survival and your right to have and exist. Balance in this area is essential for physical and mental wellbeing. In order for anything to grow it needs sturdy roots. So why not join us to learn about grounding your energy, ask yourself questions to identify and release limiting fears and meditate to increase trust in yourself and abundance in your life. When we live in fear we tend to make bad decisions, so join us to help release the fear and live free.


Motivated by pleasure. An introduction to the Sacral Chakra.

Are you very serious? A bit of a control freak? Maybe you feel emotionally numb?

Do you feel stiff in your body? Maybe you’re a bit of a drama junkie?

All these are signs of an imbalance in your sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is your core of emotions, relationships, expression of sexuality and creativity. All elements which make for a happy life!

Learn and explore the inner and outer worlds of this energy centre during this workshop which will help you to attune your sacral energy through meditation and encourage you to find your balance in the areas of relationships, emotions and creativity.


The Power of Purpose - Discover your Solar Plexus Chakra

Do you struggle with low energy? Are you easily manipulated? Addicted to coffee and sugar? Maybe you’re the more dominating and controlling, manipulative and stubborn one?

These are all signs of an imbalance in your Solar Plexus Chakra.

Your third energy centre governs metabolism, will power, self-esteem which helps you take healthy responsibility of the direction of your life. Think goals, vitality and personal power. Finding and living your purpose comes with balance in the Solar Plexus Chakra. The third energy centre governs your metabolism, personal power, will, self-esteem and helps you take healthy responsibility of the direction of your life.

During this event, Rachael will encourage you to dive into the solar plexus, tuning into self and purpose and building self-esteem. Using sound and meditation we will release shame based fears to help drive you forward with purpose to reclaim your personal power!


Lean into Love - Awakening your Heart Chakra

Do you sometimes feel disconnected from yourself and others? Do you find it hard to open up to people? Maybe you have been hurt in the past and now find it hard to love, after all love can be a scary place sometimes. We often shut down our 4th energy centre due to betrayal, abandonment, relationship breakups, divorce or grief. Fear of intimacy, poor boundaries, conditional love and jealousy can be results of imbalance in this area. The Heart Chakra is an amazing place where the physical and spiritual meet, balance here brings unconditional love of self and others and compassion for all.

During this workshop you will learn to open your heart and lean into love. Using sound, Reiki energy and meditation Rachael will help you to heal your inner child, working gently through any stuck energy, grief & forgiveness to transform your heart to an open, peaceful, compassionate and loving space.


Trust in your truth - Opening the Throat Chakra

The 5th energy centre, the Throat Chakra, is often known as the seat of emotion and self-expression. Do you struggle to be heard or speak up for yourself? Maybe you find it hard putting your feelings into words? On the other hand maybe you tend to talk too much, interrupting people or get caught up in gossiping about others?

The Throat is seen as the gateway between the mind and body and without this connection, true self expression is difficult. Learn how to reclaim your right to speak and be heard, develop new ways of listening and navigate your communication centre using meditation, reiki and sound in order to access and trust in your personal truth. We will enable you to bring a renewed resonance to your truth, create clear channels of communication within yourself and with others and increase your creativity during this workshop.


Vibrant Vision Through Your Third Eye Chakra.

Do you struggle to remember things? When you wake up in the morning you can’t remember your dreams? Do you have difficulty visualising your future? Alternatively you may find yourself obsessing over things, you find it difficult to concentrate on one thing at a time and suffer with headaches.

All of these things can be symptoms of an imbalance in our 6th energy centre, which is located in between our eyebrows, the Third Eye. When balanced our third eye chakra brings us the amazing ability of foresight, intuition, dream clarity and the ability to remove illusion from our world. Would you like access to more worldly wisdom, increased imagination and a improve your memory?

Using the medium of sound and guided visualisations Rachael will guide you into the realm of the light and connect you to illuminate your intuition.


Cosmic Consciousness - Knowing Your Crown Chakra

The uppermost energy centre of the seven chakra systems sole purpose is understanding.

Do you over intellectualise your life? Maybe you feel disconnected from your body and suffer with confusion. Are you addicted to spiritual practise or on the other hand spiritually cynical? Maybe you follow a very rigid belief system and are apathetic to others. These are all signs of an imbalance in your Crown Chakra.

A developed crown provides the ability to live an intelligently open-minded spiritual existence. It helps you to move beyond materialism and release the need for attachment and greed. Rachael will guide you using meditation and a deep sound journey to access new levels of consciousness and broaden your understanding of self, spirit and soul during this event,


Cement your knowledge. Chakra confidence!

This event will comprise of a sharing circle for people to share their experiences of the Chakra Series, there will be a Q&A with Rachael to ask questions and improve your understanding and personal practise.

Rachael will also teach two different techniques to use at home in order to clear, connect and cleanse your chakra system as well as guiding you through a chakra cleansing gong bath to complete the evening. ***This event is only open to those who have completed the full course.

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Date and Time



100 De Beauvoir Rd, Unit 5


N1 4EN

United Kingdom

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