The Cheshire Cat Brexit Deal, by Brendan Donnelly (former MEP)

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Brendan Donnelly of the Federal Trust discusses "The Cheshire Cat Brexit Deal" on 4th March 2021

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Brendan Donnelly is a retired MEP (1994-1999) and Director of the Federal Trust, with decades of wisdom regarding the EU and Brexit process.

He was a political adviser to Lord Cockfield, and then worked as an independent consultant on the European Community.

Join us to discover the meaning of the "Cheshire Cat Brexit Deal" - is there more to it than just a lingering smirk? Are some people stuck in Wonderland?

In Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" the Cheshire Cat personality is sly, tricky, deceitful, manipulative and mischievous. He does not practise his evil-doings out of ill-intent per se, but rather just to amuse himself. He's vastly unpredictable, treacherous and whimsical, and is always changing between a supportive ally and a devious foe. He has the ability to become invisible and intangible. His famous quote is "Everyone's mad here".

Brexit was a project based on fanaticism. Rejoining the EU would be taking back control from the fanatics.

Political opinion in the UK can shift very quickly and much is currently happening to promote such a shift. Would the EU want the UK back? Perhaps not the UK in its present form. But the UK may well look very different in ten years time, with more formal constitutional arrangements, a new electoral system and a more decentralised form of local and national government. This would be a UK much more likely to be a stable partner within the EU.

The article, 'Brexit: The “Deal” is less than it seems' (published by the Federal Trust on 4th January 2021), gives good insight and is worth dipping into for informed background reading. Follow the link below to read the article:

The Federal Trust is a research institute studying the interactions between regional, national, European and global levels of government. Founded in 1945 on the initiative of Sir William Beveridge, it has long made a powerful contribution to the study of federalism and federal systems. It has always had a particular interest in the European Union and Britain’s place in it. The Federal Trust has no allegiance to any political party. It is registered as a charity for the purposes of education and research.

We look forward to an interesting talk with Q&A via Zoom Chat.

North East Surrey for Europe are organising a series of Zoom talks together with the local action group MoVEM (Mole Valley European Movement).

All those curious about European politics are welcome to join in and learn more about Europe and the Brexit process.

Further details on:

Do email "" with your questions for Brendan Donnelly. There will also be a chance to type them into Chat.

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Please also note the Zoom meeting is open from 7.15pm, but Brendan Donnelly's talk is due to start at 7.30pm.

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