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High Wycombe Campus

Queen Alexandra Road

High Wycombe

HP11 2JZ

United Kingdom

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The CIL Youth Programme

Instructors: Shaykh Tanveer Hussain and Shaykh Shams Tameez
Course Format: 36 live sessions
Starts On: Sunday, 26th February 2016
Length: This course will follow along with the academic calendar of local schools. Cost: £120.00

The CIL Youth programme is a modular programme designed to give students - at keys stages 3 and 4 level - a basic foundation in far al-‘ayn knowledge, knowledge that is essential for every Muslim to learn. This unique one year programme will cover book 1 from the iSyllabus for Schools series. The iSyllabus book 1 is a fully-structured Islamic Studies course for 10 to 15 year olds.

Featuring 36 interactive lessons, this book provides a detailed introduction to the basics of Islam. Additional material will also be covered throughout the year; such as, the Shama’il, ‘Fiqh-Focus’ and ‘what every teenager should know’ (both Fiqh Focus and What every teenager should know are modules designed by the CIL team).

The course is based on a traditional understanding of Sunni doctrine and the Hanafi school of law, and is taught by traditionally trained and authorised teachers. Upon completing the programme, students will have acquired a good foundational knowledge in the core disciplines as well as an exposure to formal Islamic studies.

So what is unique about this course?

1. Shaykh Tanveer and Shaykh Shams will deliver the course over 36 weeks, 2 hours each week.
2. 36 different topics will be covered including the 5 pillars of Islam and the 6 pillars of faith in some detail.
3. Each class will be interactive; so as to maximise understanding.

4. There will be two educational and spiritual trips organised by Wycombe Mosque for the students.

Any questions email:

Is CIL 1 for my child?

CIL for adults has been running successfully for 4 years. This is the first time we will be launching such a unique programme. This will allow children, at this vulnerable and delicate period within their lives to not only have access to fundamental knowledge but more importantly to mentors who shall serve as role models and guides in this sensitive period of their lives. Safeguarding one’s faith and identity as a Muslim is of upmost importance; and it is hoped that this programme will facilitate this for our next generation.

Who should attend?

This programme is for all, boys and girls, but only serious students will be selected. There will be interviews and students shall be handpicked.

CIL Youth Content:

1.1 What is Islam?

1.2 The 5 Pillars

1.3 Shahadah

1.4 Wudu

1.5 Prayer

1.6 Review

1.7 Meaning of the prayer

1.8 How to pray

1.9 Dua

1.10 Zakat

1.11 Ramadan

1.12 Review

1.13 Hajj

1.14 Allah

1.15 Quran

1.16 Sunnah

1.17 Angels

1.18 Review

1.19 Books

1.20 Prophets

1.21 The Last Day

1.22 Qadar (divine decree)

1.23 Islamic Greetings

1.24 Review

1.25 Being Honest and Trustworthy

1.26 Halal and Haram

1.27 Maners of Eating and Drinking

1.28 Sacred Sports

1.29 Modesty

1.30 Review

1.31 Shariah

1.32 Parents and Family

1.33 The Life of the Prophet, upon him be blessings and peace

1.34 Masjid

1.35 Ummah

1.36 Review

*Additional material: A summary of the Shama’il by Imam ‘Abd al-Hay al-Kattani and CIL Fiqh Focus.

It clearly visible from the above wide selection of topics that that this is a unique programme; covering topics such as how to pray right the way to what a Muslim believes about God. A unique aspect of this course is that it hopes to deal with certain contemporary issues facing Muslims living within the UK; such as, identity, gender and being Muslim at school. It is hoped that this course will give our children a much needed framework of what it means to be a Muslim living in 21st Century Britain.

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Date and Time


High Wycombe Campus

Queen Alexandra Road

High Wycombe

HP11 2JZ

United Kingdom

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