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Learn How to Access and Develop Your Courage Muscle Using my Unique Transformational Dance Process

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Join my Pay What You Can (PWYC) “Develop Your Courage” Dance Journey, running from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd July 2021.

This is for you if you:

  • Want to be able to act with courage and confidence more quickly or more often
  • Feel a constant pressure for more or better, and this makes you feel less courageous than others
  • Feel particularly vulnerable or less brave than you used to be
  • Recognise you're not prioritising yourself or 'putting yourself out there'
  • Know you're stopping yourself doing or saying what you really want because you're fearful
  • Want to understand yourself better so that you can get out of your own way
  • Love to dance, yet don’t
  • Aren’t where you thought you’d be at this stage in your life or work
  • Are curious about how dance can help you explore/improve your courage
  • Want things to change and you're ready for a different approach - to be guided to create space to start to uncover and develop your courage muscle (in a creative and fun way) rather than trying to force change

Hosted by Julie Johnson. In these 5 days…

✨ You’ll start to become consciously aware of who and how you’re being, and why

✨ You’ll uncover where and when you’re currently getting in your own way

✨ I’ll reveal how using the simple process of dance can help you understand yourself better

✨ You’ll identify your biggest challenges in relation to being and acting courageously

✨ You will identify your own personal practice to help you start to feel braver

✨ You’ll be given exclusive access to my private journey “Members Only Facebook Group” along with your fellow journeywomen

✨ Throughout the journey I’ll invite you to dance and to reflect on different aspects of courage and the impact your (perceived) lack of or low courage levels have on you and your life/work. You can choose to simply dance or you can explore and journal, and then post how you got on in the comments

✨ Each invitation can take as little or as much time as you like, as you decide how you want to move through the journey and how much attention you give to each invitation and task

✨ I’ll be on hand throughout the whole of the journey to answer your questions, to support you as you uncover more, to guide you, honour you, and celebrate your learning and progress

✨ You’ll meet other like-minded seekers. Women willing to go inside in order to understand how and where their courage goes, and how to rediscover it

This journey requires work, but not ‘work’ in the traditional sense of the word!

It’s more creative and playful, if you allow it. And definitely more fun!

How? By using my process of dance to get out of your head, and connect into your body, enabling you quickly and easily to connect to your heart and soul.

It can be easy to lose yourself in the demands of everyday life and work; looking around you and believing that everyone else has it sussed or is at least being brave....that you need to be less scared or act with more courage and conviction. On the other hand, you might telling yourself it really doesn't matter - you're fine the way you are - yet not fully believing it!?

When you’re in your body and connecting into your heart, you allow yourself to reconnect to your core, to your inner wisdom; where your courage is, always waiting. It’s a truly transformational process.

Because the truth, for most women, is that we don’t realise how much we've strayed from who we truly are. And how, when we can take a little time and create some space for ourselves in a journey like this, we can tap into our courage and power, and bring it to the fore much more easily. We can develop and strengthen our courage muscle.

So if you recognise you're not where you'd like to be in terms of your self-belief, confidence or courage, I invite you to join me on this Dance of Courage Journey. We start Monday 19th and run to Friday 23rd July.

What’s a Dance Journey?

You dance. As a previous journey woman noted "dancing alone and like no-one's watching is totally liberating". And it takes courage.

We'll probably also have a celebratory dance and reflection together at the end, if you're up for that? (A bonus Zoom session.)

It’s a journey because I don’t know where it will lead you. But I do know it will propel you forward, if you join in and commit to yourself, to the process, and to having fun with it - not making it hard.

Because true learning and transformation only happens when you bring lightness and curiosity.

So please don’t worry if you have “lots on” over those 5 days, and whether you're working or not. This needn’t take long.

In fact it can take as much or as little time as you wish throughout the journey. There are no scheduled sessions or times when you have to be available.

There is a structure, but there is flexibility in when and how you engage and feedback...

👉🏻 Day 1 is your opportunity to introduce yourself to me and your fellow journeywomen, and to contemplate (if you haven’t before then) where you are now and what you want from the journey.

👉🏻 You can choose to think of the journey as providing daily Time for You and simply dance and have fun as a way of improving your courage and confidence (No other agenda needed.) Or

👉🏻 You can take the opportunity to reflect and to connect into your heart each day as you dance then explore courage and your relationship to it more fully. And/or

👉🏻 You can journal and share in our private, members only group, where you’ll get support from myself and the other amazing women journeying with you.

It’s entirely your choice, and however you approach the journey you won’t be judged by me. Because you're unique, meaning the courageous and 'right' way to do this journey is Your way!

Why an Online Group?

First of all, I know from experience that a group of like-minded women, all focused on learning more about themselves, having some fun, and supporting and encouraging each other. Women willing to be vulnerable, courageous, and also compassionate. Discovering their own light, joy and inner self. A group such as this is POWERFUL.

And it’s very intentional on my part, to establish this community of women to journey with you (even on short journeys). Because I’ve learned the hard way that independence is not all it’s cracked up to be! It can feel hard and lonely.

Interdependence, community and collaboration on the other hand, are actually key to us dancing our own dance.

We have blindspots as individuals. And we each experience the world differently, viewing it through our own unique lens. Which means we need other people. Not to tell us the way. But to show us different perspectives, and to shine a light on our unknowns and unseens so that we can more consciously step into our authentic, healthy and courageous self.

And of course I’ll be part of the community - leading and guiding you on your own personal journey of discovery.

Because there’s magic and power in the unfolding. In real community. And in being gently guided on your own path.

My intention with this Dance Journey is to bypass your thinking mind and connect you more deeply to yourself. To who you are. And to who you still can Be.

Because it’s never too late…..

And now is your time….

If you want to move into the rest of 2021 in a position to joyfully FEEL and BE MORE YOURSELF, as the courageous being you naturally are, then I’d love you to join me on this latest adventure…

A journey into the unknown. A journey home to You.

Why Facebook?

We use a “private members-only” Facebook group to connect and engage, because it is still the most accessible, free tool for the majority of women I know. (Even if you dislike the platform and don’t use it, I can show you how to simply connect into the group, bypassing the rest of Facebook and its distractions.)

What Now?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve journeyed with me before, because no two journeys are the same. Each has its own magic and alchemy.

You decide how much or how little you dance, reflect, and engage in and with the group.

So what do you need and want right now? A safe space to explore courage and your relationship to it? A supportive and secure environment in which to practise being more courageous? Freedom, fun, lightness, playfulness, curiosity, connection?

When you create and state your intention, I can help you achieve it (or at least support you to move in the right direction for you!)

Will you join me to explore how to develop your courage muscle?

What does Pay What You Can (PWYC) mean?

I am committed to making my Dance Journeys available to every woman who is interested and can benefit from them, regardless of financial status.

I want my work to be accessible.  And my business priority, as I work towards the end of my professional life this year, is now wholly about people over profit.  In today’s volatile landscape, and with ever present pressures and external demands for more, better, or faster, I invite you to slow down for a moment, to connect in, and to pay an amount that feels right and feels good to you.

This Might Help?

To help you feel more comfortable and decide on the right amount for you, if I was offering this as a paid journey I’d charge £25. Please do remember, this is a suggested donation amount. A guide for those uncomfortable with setting your own figure. You can give less or more than this.

Please know that what is truly important to me is not the price you pay, but that you’re serious about the journey. About being and doing differently. About experiencing more courage and the benefits that brings.

Time to Act

Are you ready to join me?

If so, I suggest you click the button right now and decide on your donation.

Please don’t tell yourself you’ll “come back to it” or you’ll “need to think about what feels like the right amount.” Because if you do, I can almost guarantee it’ll get forgotten about…….swallowed up in the endless stream of information coming your way each and every day ;-).

Do yourself a favour and say “Yes” to Your Yes right now. Click the Donate button, pay what you can, and be happy with your decision.

When you do I’ll be in touch before the journey starts with further details, and advise when you'll be invited into our sacred online space .

I look forward to dancing with you and guiding you to Be More You….helping you come home to yourself in a way that sets you up for more courageous living, whatever that means to you.

To your success…


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