The democratization of analytics with blockchain

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Will SME access analytics at affordable costs thanks to blockchain solutions?

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Data is currency and data analytics is at the root of this shift. Which company doesn't need to predict the future?

Unfortunately, using data in such a way to extract trends and actionable information comes with high entry barriers. Beside the lack of trained resources and their cost, another big problem is the volume of data necessary to train the algorithms. Great models which are well calibrated can only be created after training the neural network using thousands or even millions of recordings. Access to such large volumes of data is not always feasible, especially for smaller companies which don’t have the necessary size of operations. A potential solution would be aggregating data from a large number of similar companies and creating an average model for these. Most of the times this is not possible or requires additional data processing. Will ongoing developments in the blockchain space succeed in making analytics available to every company regardless their size?

We will be discussing the topic with stakeholders from the science and from the blockchain space hands on experience in the field.


  • 6:00 Welcome
  • 6:10 Talks
  • 7:00 Panel discussion
  • 7:45 Closing

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Events are designed to facilitate knowledge sharing in the blockchain space and foster the adoption of blockchain-based systems within the real world.

The format turns around panel discussions focused on specific topics. Panellists from the start up ecosystem and from relevant industries are invited to share their knowledge and direct experiences in a combination of friendly panel discussions and short talks, the audience is a mix of techies/blockchain entrepreneurs/experts/learners.


The event is supported by TIIQU , due to the current health emergency, events take place online via Zoom

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