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The Design Trust one-day online workshop: Costing & Pricing your creative p...

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Ticket sales have ended
Thank you for registering. We look forward to 'seeing' you on the 6th of November.

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Sales Have Ended

Ticket sales have ended
Thank you for registering. We look forward to 'seeing' you on the 6th of November.
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Are you …

  • Struggling with costing and pricing your craft or design products? Don’t really know where to start, because nobody showed you? You want learn how to calculate your cost price and retail price, and want to know how to include everything?
  • Finding it difficult to earn a decent living with your work? Want to earn more, make it more worthwhile?
  • Trying to sell to galleries and shops but find that with their commission your products have become too expensive? Want to learn how to price your work for wholesale and consumers?
  • Finding it hard to make your craft business profitable? You know that you probably need to charge more, but lack the confidence to increase your prices? And definately don’t want to lose any clients? How is it possible that others can charge twice as much as you do?

In this one-day online workshop we will work together on costing and pricing your creative products, how to avoid the most common pricing mistakes, pricing for wholesale (and what to do if you are too expensive), pricing your products to create a profitable business, and how to increase your price confidently (without losing clients).

We will be tackling your BIG costing & pricing questions:

  • How to calculate your cost price? Learn to cost your craft product covering all your costs, including time, materials, marketing, overheads and more.
  • How to calculate your hourly or daily freelance design rate?
  • What are the most common pricing mistakes? And how can YOU avoid them?
  • How do I price my craft product confidently? And my design or commissioning services?
  • How to raise your prices (without losing potential clients)?
  • What can I do when my prices are too high when I start selling to shops and galleries?
  • When do I start talking about pricing with my design or commissioning clients?
  • What to do if I am not making enough money?

This popular one-day online workshop is online, so you can join us from the comfort of your own computer at home or in your studio! Or you can watch the recordings at a later date if that's more suitable for you.And you have access to the workshop recordings for 6 months so you can watch them again and again.

Learn how to cost and price your work, find out exactly what to do if you are too cheap or too expensive, and become more confident about pricing and how to talk about money with your clients.

On Friday 24 February I will run 4 mini-workshops on:

  1. Costing your creative product and calculating your hourly/daily freelance design rate
  2. The art of pricing: the most common pricing mistakes and how to avoid them, and the main ways to price your crafts
  3. Pricing for wholesale: the key pricing issues when you start selling to retailers, and what to do if you become too expensive
  4. Do your numbers stack up? How to create a profitable business and increase your prices.

At the end of the day there will be a 30min Q&A call with Patricia to answer any questions you might have about costing and pricing your creative products.

You will get homework between these session to put your learning immediately into practice and to start using your know knowledge in your own situation or business!

All 4 sessions will be recorded and put onto our private online learning platform, where you can network with the other participants too.

You can watch the recordings again and again (the workshop recordings + presentations will be available for you for 6 months). You can also ask questions here after the event, and Patricia will answer them on the private forum.

If you are unable to join us for the entire day then you can catch up with the recordings, and ask questions via our private forum.

This workshop is especially aimed at professional creatives that produce creative products rather than services, especially designer makers, crafts people, and businesses in homewares and giftware. You might be thinking about starting a business soon, have started already or even have been going for a while but can't make your business sustainable or profitable. It's less useful for fine artists and for creative service providers (e.g. graphic designers, photographers etc) although parts of this day will still be very relevant to you.

Want personal advice from me on your pricing? Book a 121 session with me!

If you join this one day online workshop then you can also book a personal and confidential advice and feedback from myself in a 45min coaching/advice session on Skype or on the phone. For only £45 extra! Please note there are only 8 coaching sessions available till 31 March.

Join us today - only 30 places available

To make sure that I can answer your questions there is only a limited amount of places available.

You can cancel your place till Wednesday 22 February, for a full refund by contacting The Design Trust in writing.

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