the Elusive 4th Dimension - Mind ReMapping

the Elusive 4th Dimension - Mind ReMapping

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Mind ReMapping the 4th Dimension of Intuition

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Pay Attention: "we all know the sequence of what our lives are, but we don't always understand their Meaning. That meaning is found within our intuition."

Mind ReMapping is a duty of Knowledge, in that it is the next step to the many progressive evolutions in Human Consciousness..

It is entirely at your WILL to read and ACT on this information, or for you to ignore it, because it is of no consequence, other than to you.

Bear in Mind, that whichever choices you make, it is not actually your Mind, but an instinctive reaction to grab any consolations to Life, to the otherwise expectations of what you have now, that you are unable to Imagine GREATER than.

This is the inability to create Futures, that if your Mind were to make the choices in your Life, its first logical protocol, would be to SEE, CONCEIVE & PERCEIVE itself, and not your EGO.

Do you See your Mind, and if not, are you able to find it?

If you subscribe to the identity of a Subconscious, then the Mirror of your Imagination will cloud every perception to the Mind & Consciousness, that your Imagination as an Intellect will not be able to Create.

The Mind is Relentless to any Framework it is given, pitch it correctly and it will become unimaginable.

You can go to as many events, talks, watch videos, and read as many books as you want about the Mind, but it will NOT change a thing until you ACKNOWLEDGE your Intuition has the 4th Dimension of TIME.

Without ReMapping the Intuitive Mind, is like a lab mouse searching for cheese within an endless labyrinth of mazes.

To learn the fundamental Axis of your Knowledge, Register to Mind ReMapping.

And understand why, during the meeting of Minds how your Subconscious impacts every Relationship.



MPI Orientation only.

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MPI Tutorials - Meta - Coding

4th Dimension Illustration (Spherical Sese User Manual)

Please also visit: Mind ReMapping for more details.


Mind ReMapping

N.B. This event is ONLINE unless your ticket selection specifies a location.

the Elusive 4th Dimension - Mind ReMapping image
the Elusive 4th Dimension - Mind ReMapping image

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