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The Essential Kangen Workshop in Kuala Lumpur - Thursday 17 November 2016

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Date and Time

Boulevard Hotel or Gardens Hotel

Mid Valley City

Kuala Lumpur


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THE ESSENTIAL KANGEN WORKSHOP by Fullhouse Power Group ( led by 6A7-5 Sam Sia ) is conducted on a regular basis in Kuala Lumpur, London, Manchester, Leeds, Dubai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Surat, Kolkatta, Bangkok, Singapore and Melbourne.

Seminars after seminars, consistently, more than 90% of past partipants report :

  • that they got immense value and clarity.
  • they want to reattend.
  • they want to bring others with them to attend future workshops.
  • they wished that they had brought others with them.

It is a  FUN-FILLED & MAGICAL workshop !

Don't come alone; bring at least 2 others !

( See Testimonials at the end ) 


The INTENDED OUTCOME of the workshop is that the participants :

1)     Will have cleared their doubts about the Kangen Machine and gain immense clarity on the Kangen Machine.

2)     Have an unshakable faith in the Kangen Product and understanding that no other ionisers even come close to Kangen.

3)     Will be able to avoid the Common Mistakes which new Distributors make.

4)     Master Key Strategies on how to do the Kangen Business successfully.

5)     Understand the Global Partnership Program with immense clarity.

6)     Be inspired to do the Kangen business

( See Testimonials at the end ) 


Who Should Attend :

  1. New and Senior Distributors
  2. Fence Sitters
  3. Prospects (  there will not be any Kangen Product Demo during the workshop. Prospects are encouraged to attend a product demo or watch before attending the workshop.


Please note the following :

  1.      For maximum value, it is important that participants be in the workshop from start to finish. 
  2.      Please bring a jacket as the room temperature may be set at a cold temperature.
  3.      Bring your own Kangen Water
  4.      Lunch is not included unless stated.
  5.      This is a private group workshop. Please DO NOT share this on social media.


Testimonials from participants at The Essential Kangen Workshop in Manchester on 7 May 2016


Motivating and instilled clarity - Gill, who will be bringing 20 people to the EKW in next 365 days.

Gives clarity and a map - Amjid, bringing 30 people to the EKW in next 365 days.

Excellent - it has lit a fire underneath me - Kevin, bringing 50 people

I am going to go crazy into this business  - Salma,  bringing 40 people

Given me clarity and confidence - Rannal, bringing 30 people

From zero desire to wanting to do the business, am now passionate  - Halina, bringing 150

Motivated to take massive action  - Tracey, bringing 100+

Awesome - Gary, bringing 36

Really great and good fun - Ray, bringing 60

Excellent - John, bringing 30

Excellent - Steve

Very good, Motivating and well paced - Safina, bringing 10

Excellent  -  Mike

Professional, would thoroughly recommend and bring people to future events - Michael 

Inspirational and will be passed on to future members - Nigel, bringing 30

Extremely valuable - Caroline, bringing 50

Excellent all round - Maure, bringing 150

Boosted my energy again to go crazy and with greater commitment to the business. I need to share this Training with my team members - Lalaine, bringing 70

I got clear that results can be achieved and it s not just wishful thinking - Barbara, bringing 100

Excellent, Exciting, can't wait for the next Workshop. - Rod, bringing 60

Brilliant training all round  - Shabir, bringing 30

I now see a big rewarding business - Eddie, bringing 30+

Extremely helpful and beneficial. Have more of these Workshops  - Aryan, bringing 1,000

Provided clarity to overcome challenges. I now understand the importance of attending EKW - Anthony, bringing 500

Excellent - Elizabeth 

Gave me massive clarity  - John, bringing 70+





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Date and Time

Boulevard Hotel or Gardens Hotel

Mid Valley City

Kuala Lumpur


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