The healing power of the Quran
The healing power of the Quran

The healing power of the Quran

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197 Ealing Road,

Wembley, Middlesex,

London, United Kingdom

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Saturday 1st October 2016  

From 9am  till 5 pm                       

Location -The Clay Owen Wembley 

A One day seminar on :

The key distinguishing feature between medical illnesses and those caused by Evil Soul 
-Protection against all forms of evil including ill-intentioned people, trials, and family crises.
-The key distinguishing feature between "waswasa" is whisperings of shaitaan and Obsessive-compulsive disorder-
-How the evil eye, envy jinns, magic can effect your life 
-The illnesses caused by the evil eye ,jinns, magic
-Difference between punishments and trials
-The most powerful tool of Self healing and protection
* The cure for everything including soul, mental and physical ailments,
* How to distinguish between the True and the False ruqyah healers


Sunday 2nd October  2016-   (Optional )

10 am till 6 pm

A full day of  FREE private 15 min slot priviate consultations with Sheikh Othman 1 on 1 for all registered attendees (limitied slots avialable) These slots can be booked during the day of the event. 

                                     ABOUT SHEIKH OTHMAN NAZIH AL MAGHRIBI

Sheikh Othman Nazih Al-Maghribi has over twenty five years of

practice of Natural and soul healing with the Medicine of
The Prophet. He utilises Natural and soul holistic medicine
psychology. His Holistic treatment is fully based in accordance
with the healing power of the Noble Qur'an and the Sunnah.

Sheikh Othman’s practices are endorsed and recommended
by prominent scholars, imams of Islamic centres, Doctors and
other institutions including but not limited Canada public health
department, in USA ,Canada and Europe who have seen him
with the will of Allah and the healing power of the Noble
Qur'an heal many patients with resistant illnesses that
were deemed untreatable by Western traditional medicine.

Recognized as an Imam by the University of Imam Muhammad
Ibn Saud Islamic University Institute of Islamic and Arabic
Sciences where he attended Intensive Shari'ah courses in 1997

Has over 28 years of experience as an Imam serving
various Muslim communities in North America and UK
Religious advisor to the pilgrims for Dar el Salam

He was recognized by prominent scholars, and doctors
as a Soul Illnesses Doctor who recommended his
Islamic Holistic medicine practices that relies merely
on the Quran and the Sunnah for over 25 years


From Al Kauhtar institute,

Sheikh Alaa Elsayed, says
‘Thank you for your spiritual guidance, for the
prevention of mental and behaviours disorders,
spiritual illnesses, and your help tips for disease
prevention and better health’

Dar El Salam 

Dr. Salah As Sawy - Considered one the leading
scholars of his time, and the sheikh of the religious
advisors and Mufti of Dar El Salam says:
'I have witnessed a lot of goodness and blessings that
Allah puts on his hand healed many patients by
the Ruqyah Shariah

From Al Maghrib institute

Sheikh Riad Ouarzazi says

Sheikh othman was my mentor and private counselor.  Sheik Othman is well known specialist in the field of prophetic medicine and his Islamic Holistic medicine practices are recommended by prominent scholars, imams of Islamic centers, Doctors who have seen him healed many patients with resistant spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical illnesses that were not able to be treated with western traditional medicine., and other institutions

I have recommended Sheikh Othman’s services to several of my students and people who have attended my seminars and those who used his services have been extremely pleased and satisfied.



Closest Station -Alperton 

( 2 mins form venu / directly oppisitie station)


200 Spaces avaialable for attendees ( encoruaged to come early) 

Also encoruage attendees to come via public trasnpsort wher possibile as parking spaces are limited and we are expecting up to 750 attendees inshaAllah 

                                                            FOOD & LUNCH

Lunch will be avialable for sale within the venue by the clay owen 


Men and woman will be segrated to the right and left hand side of the hall 


If you require further information 


We will get back to you prompty InhsaAllah

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Date and Time


197 Ealing Road,

Wembley, Middlesex,

London, United Kingdom

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