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The Lifting Depression Summit

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A one-day online event for anyone working with depression, experiencing depression or wanting help for someone else who is depressed.

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Discover why understanding depression is key to recovery

Depression blights millions of lives worldwide – even more so as we struggle with the heightened anxiety and havoc caused by Covid-19 – but the good news is that, unlike the pandemic, most depression can usually be lifted quickly and effectively, in any circumstances.

Join us for this absorbing one-day online conference, where the expert speakers will explain – and demonstrate – exactly how this can be done, answer all your questions about depression, and signpost you to where you can find help or learn the methods covered. Brought to you by the Human Givens Institute, the day also includes sessions containing important information about antidepressants and the latest neuroscientific perspectives on serotonin and inflammation in relation to depression.

The good news is that most cases of depression can be lifted quickly and effectively – without drugs.

The Speakers

  • Ivan Tyrrell – Co-founder of the human givens approach
  • Joe Griffin – Co-founder of the human givens approach
  • Jo Baker – HG College tutor and HG practitioner
  • Ezra Hewing – Head of Mental Health Education, Suffolk Mind
  • Marion Brown – Campaigner and retired HG practitioner
  • Fiona Sheldon – HG practitioner

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10.45 – 11.00

Welcome and introduction to the day

11.00 – 12.00

The truth about depression - Speaker: Ivan Tyrrell

All too commonly people think depression is an illness, perhaps even an inescapable inherited one. It is not. When people’s lives are not working for them because essential emotional needs are unmet, leading to escalating worry, that is when depression can set in. Ivan Tyrrell introduces the powerful human givens understandings about depression, showing what can embed it more deeply – and what can lift it, enabling depressed people to regain control over, and joy in, their lives. He explores the many kinds of difficulties people may face which can induce depressed states and how the ‘worry load’ inflicted on populations by lockdown and heightened fears over covid-19 have exacerbated mental suffering. He also explains why dreaming is pronounced in depression, leading to exhaustion and loss of motivation which keeps the cycle of depression going, and why meaning in life is key to a healthy mind and body. The human givens model for structuring an effective therapy session, as he shows, is what sets the ground for hope.

12.00 – 13.00

The biology of depression – Speaker: Ezra Hewing

It is increasingly recognised that scientists reached premature conclusions about the biological underpinnings of depression. Unfortunately, this hasn’t trickled down to most mental health professionals, including psychiatrists and general practitioners, and so, on mistaken premises, so-called antidepressant drugs continue to be promoted as the solution to depression and prescribed widely to sufferers from this condition. Meanwhile, ‘inflammation’ has become the latest buzzword for explaining depression, with the search on to find drugs that can reverse it. However, this may lead down a blind alley, too. Ezra Hewing explains how all the wrong thinking has come about, describes the current state of scientific knowledge and shows how latest scientific understandings fit entirely with the human givens explanation for depression and how to lift it.

13.45 – 14.30

Lifting depression quickly – Speaker: Fiona Sheldon

Highly experienced human givens practitioner Fiona Sheldon has helped innumerable people overcome depression, using the skills, techniques and understandings integral to this empowering approach. She has worked over the years with a wide variety of clients, including older people, children, mothers experiencing postnatal depression and people who have been suicidal, as well as paramedics and military deeply depressed and traumatised as a result horrific circumstances they have had to deal with in their work. In this inspirational talk she tells the stories of a number of people she has worked with, sharing the skills with which she helped them to get their lives back and move forward again with confidence and hope.

14.30 – 15.30

Antidepressants: what people need to know – Speaker: Marion Brown

Marion Brown outlines important information that anyone thinking of starting, or prescribing, an antidepressant needs to consider and, for those already taking them, ways to recognise what may be unrealised, unwanted antidepressant effects. Because of misunderstandings to date about how antidepressants affect whole body systems, many people have found themselves unable to stop taking these drugs, even when they would have liked to do so. The 2019 Public Health England review of prescribed medicines recognised that antidepressants do cause physiological adaptations and dependence, so that ‘coming off’ is, for many people, quite a tricky process requiring a careful approach and knowledgeable support. For people who have benefited and been well on antidepressants for many years, ‘staying on’ may indeed be the best option. Marion shares the latest findings with a view to helping people acquire a better understanding of what they can do to inform and optimise their own choices.

16.00 – 16.45

Learning to be resilient – Speaker: Jo Baker

Preparing for university always involves a degree of uncertainty but even more so in this past year, with covid-19 taking its toll. There are 2.4 million students studying in UK universities alone, very many of whom, under normal circumstances, experience academic, social and financial pressures, with around a third reporting clinical levels of psychological distress. The pandemic has exacerbated this, across the globe, with many feeling increasingly lonely and isolated, experiencing understandable health concerns and struggling to work in unsuitable conditions. In this talk, human givens practitioner Jo Baker, expert in working with students, shares what she has learned about the diverse challenges they face and describes how she has helped many cope in circumstances which, for some, have triggered a downward spiral into dangerous depression.

16.45 – 18.00

Depression in the workplace: treatment – and prevention

Speaker: Joe Griffin

Joe Griffin has a wealth of experience in working with organisations to help them function in a way that meets employees’ emotional needs, which inevitably leads to increased motivation and productivity as well. He will focus in this talk on depression at work (including the impact of working remotely because of covid-19); describe his work with employees suffering from depression; and demonstrate how he has helped initially sceptical business leaders and managers turn around their organisations to create environments where individual and group emotional needs are routinely addressed and healthily met. Finally, Joe will teach a new powerful three-step process which can help us as individuals resolve conflicts, negotiate more effectively and problem solve more creatively, thereby helping to create a healthy work environment that prevents depression.


Closing remarks. Day ends

Please note the conference programme may be subject to change.

To find out more about The Lifting Depression Summit, please visit: www.liftdepressionsummit.com

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Date and Time


Online Event

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