The London Lectures on Psychoanalysis

The London Lectures on Psychoanalysis

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Renowned psychoanalyst Dr David Bell provides weekly lectures and discussion on the origins of psychoanalysis in his three-month course.

About this event

This online course offers a systematic introduction and overview of the development of psychoanalytic theory from Freud to the present day, always keeping in mind its contemporary relevance. Dr Bell offers a chronological overview of the development of psychoanalytic theory, beginning with two introductory lectures that situate psychoanalysis within a broad cultural and epistemological context. This is followed by a systematic overview of key concepts in the development of Freud’s theory and then moves on to discuss the work of Melanie Klein. The course also examines the relation of psychoanalysis to culture, literature and socio-political theory.

Is this for me?

It is aimed at two kinds of student: those who have little prior knowledge of psychoanalysis and also those who are already have familiarity with psychoanalytic ideas (such as psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists) but would like to revisit theory in a structured and systematic way.

When will it be?

The series consists of 13 lectures held weekly over Zoom on Thursdays at 6:00pm (GMT) from 28th April 2022 until 28th July 2022.

Each lecture will be 50 min followed by a 30 min discussion.

I would like to participate, but I can't attend at that time!

After each lecture, anyone who has purchased a ticket will have access to an online audio recording of the session for one week.

How much does it cost?

Entire course: £200 (approx. €240 or $270)

Individual lectures: £20 (approx. €24 or $27)

Applications are invited for subsidised places (e.g. for students or those faced with limited financial resources). For more information, please feel free to contact Dr Bell by clicking "Contact" at the bottom of this page.

Weekly Themes

Lectures 1 & 2 (28 April & 5 May): Introduction to the course. What is Psychoanalysis? What kind of knowledge is it and what is its relation to other disciplines such as science and humanities? How is it situated in the History of Ideas?

Lecture 3 (12 May): Dreams and Symptoms

Lecture 4 (19 May): Psychoanalysis and sexuality. This lecture will discuss the seduction theory and its abandonment, Freud's Three Essays on Sexuality

Lecture 5 (26 May): Freud’s theory of Narcissism and its contemporary relevance

(no lecture on 2 June)

Lecture 6 (9 June): The Death Drive

Lecture 7 (16 June): Freud's introduction of the Structural Model (The Ego and the Id)

Lecture 8 (23 June): Introduction to the work of Melanie Klein

Lecture 9 (30 June): The Paranoid Schizoid Position

Lecture 10 (7 July): The Depressive Position

Lecture 11 (14 July): Culture and Psychoanalysis

Lecture 12 (21 July): Psychoanalytic reflections on Hamlet

Lecture 13 (28 July): General Discussion

Dr David Bell has taught courses on psychoanalysis for many years, and this series of online lectures now allows his teaching to reach a wider audience.

Reviews from a similar course by David Bell:

"The quality of this course was consistently high. I would say this is an essential course for the field internationally. I know of no other course this thorough, accessible and condensed in psychoanalysis. This course could breath new life and respect for the discipline."

"This course for me was a long overdue revisit to theory which I studied many years ago. Now with the benefit of many years of clinical work I was able to understand the theory in a different way."

"(He) has brought psychoanalytic thinking alive like no other course has."

"I was often left feeling nourished, stimulated and touched after the lectures."

"I enjoyed David Bell's style which included examples of client work to illustrate concepts and always took account of psychoanalysis within the social and political and cultural context. It has opened up my practice to new ways of working and thinking and was deeply engaging."

"I most enjoyed Dr. David Bell's personal reflections and lived experiences shared with the class. He is poetic and adds elements of passion and subtle humor, which created a more dynamic learning environment."

"I found it very interesting to hear about psychoanalytic theory used in social and political application/critique, and also brought to bear on the current pandemic."

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