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The Monster Club "The Old Church"

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Inkspot Cardiff

The Old Church Upper, Clifton St



United Kingdom

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Punk Circus is an artist network born between Italy and Berlin in 2013 but arrived just now in England full of hilarious surprise. We are getting ready fo you to start the year in the best of the way.
With our tour of events of a freak theme which is different every year, always exclusive and surprising locations. This will be the time of "The old Church" in Cardiff. We cannot wait to see you in 2 of February for the most amazing party of the year called "the Monster Club". The location is an amazing old church exactly in the centre of Cardiff. The party is created for you to have an immersive feeling with the place and best connection with the people being cooperative and having fun.


We like start the party slowly and warm up the environment slowly...

- 5 pm - Punk Art Flea Market / Art Exhibition... soon artist and stall updates... the market close when Pierrot The Clown will start his live set, after 23... For any info or application for a market stall or art exhibition please contact me on info@punkcircus.net


- 6 pm - Intuitive Performance and Primal Release Workshop from the artist ALICE KARVELI.



Facebook artist page:


YouTube Channel:


the workshop will take part just if we achieve enough participants, so please book yourself if you are interested. The workshop has a different fee. Please contact info@punkcircus.net if you are interested or for more informations.


- 8.50 pm - International Burlesque Showgirl:

Burlesque Dancer from Cardiff but moved in New Zealand from several years.


Instagram: @oblivionwestwoodnz


- 9 pm - DADI ETRO

Dadi Etro are a Theater and music group formed in Milano, born of strange and bizarre insipirations. Two aliens belonging to some unknown place but surely far away try to communicate through music, using instruments such as Cavaquinho, Musical saw (Sonorous Blade) Synthesizer, Sampler.
The show was born as a real concert seasoned with theatrical sketches and performances of alien and nonsense gags. The musical genre passes from electronic beats, from dark / new wave to rhythmic trip-hop up to light sounds almost pop and sometimes tropical.




- 10 pm - DOGHOUSE

Back in 2008, whilst singing for cult techno-punk band SICKNOTE, Doghouse packed in his day job and declared, ‘Death Before Employment’. This was to become his modus operandi; not some lazy, empty, slacker manifesto, but a truly dedicated, focused intention to never work for ‘The Man’ ever again. He decided it was time to stop pussyfooting around and became determined to survive off his wits, his skills and his creativity... and if this was to prove an ultimate impossiblity then he decided he might as well be dead. This may sound all very dramatic, but Doghouse couldn’t see himself not being an artist after successfully surfing the SICKNOTE tsunami for nine years and the idea of going backwards and being a part-time hobbyist was now inconceivable.
In 2013 things took an unexpected turn for the worst when the SICKNOTE wave smashed into the metaphorical dam that was the death of their dancer, the shamanic Dr. Conker. Band members fled, scared and confused in different directions and suddenly Doghouse was left alone, with no music to accompany his words. If he was to survive he would have to learn to produce music... and fast. Within two years he was back, gigging with a solo album, ‘Idiot Savant’, engineered and produced by himself. Completely self-taught; he then became his own booking agent and promoter, arranging gigs and producing promotional graphics for t-shirts, posters and CD covers. Three years later and we find Doghouse is still alive and well, he is periodically releasing new music ; working with new producers to develop the sounds and is now producing his own videos. He has performed at festivals and venues across the UK, and in Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Switzerland and Holland. The future will see an all encompassing live show with video projections and theatrical asides; a mixture of tragedy, comedy and existential theatre.
Long live DOGHOUSE.!!!

- Link:



"I was born to make music. I've always been into music. I started playing bass when I was about 14 and moved onto guitar at about 17 and was in a band who were heavily influenced by Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, NIN, Faith No More, Beastie Boys & Primus etc.. We probably only had a handful of gigs, but there was lots and lots of practice... Lots of smoke... Lots of drink... More about the attitude and the music than actually playing gigs at that time.
After that I started to discover the underground scene in Bristol, Mainly techno & breakbeat and I became a DJ at 21. After DJing for years, it wasn't enough anymore and I became a producer at about 30... Then I locked myself away in a dark and horrible cave for around 10 years... Out of which popped Pierrot the Acid Clown.
I love making music that is hardware based. Computers frustrate and annoy me, so I can't use them. I'm the sequencer in essence. I'm making everything happen live. Every tweak to the music you hear is me. That's the whole ethos behind my shows.
Kurt Cobain said something along the lines of, "Play whatever you want. As sloppy as you want. As long as it's good and it has passion" and yeah, that's me..."

- Link:


- 12 pm - ED COX

(Life4land, Frogs Records,Kaotik Kartel)
Ed Cox is an accordion player/musician/producer based in Bristol, UK. His love of traditional music inspired him to use folky melodies when writing jungle and techno. The result was called CLOWNCORE. He is a founding member of the Life4Land Collective, known for their boundry pushing music, art and antics from within the european free party scene. He is usually most recognisable by his skills on the accordian, which he uses in his production, and also plays live.





Since 1991 Crystal Distortion has been at the forefront of live musical experimentation. With seminal releases under a variety of aliases, he was signed to Rising High records in his teens. As a member of Earth Leakage Trip, he made the first Moving Shadow record: Psychotronic EP (cat# SHADOW 1) on which is the all time classic: No Idea.
On joining the Spiral Tribe Sound System, he played a key role in defining its musical direction. Pushing the envelopes of production and performance alike, he rapidly became one of the most acclaimed live acts in Europe. He has put a highly individual stamp on almost every electronic style of the last twenty years, and his extraordinary ability to bend technology into new spheres has made him an iconic figure.
With over 80 single releases, 4 albums, numerous sample packs and custom sound design projects behind him, Crystal Distortion is perhaps best known for his improvised live sets. Systematically sidestepping categorisation with flashes of controlled chaos and alchemical spins on stylistic orthodoxy, his sets balance pulsating energy with the surreal.
Today, Crystal Distortion’s liveset is a unique experience. His trademark moments of mayhem and infectious grooves propel dancefloors past the frontiers of regimented normality to explore the sonic spaces beyond.

- Link:




For the whole event we will have the company of a gangrenous estranged family of ratbags, dedicated to serving up misfortune with a dollop of mischief.



The party finish at 4.00 am


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Date and Time


Inkspot Cardiff

The Old Church Upper, Clifton St



United Kingdom

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