The new workforce: how to manage and secure dispersed teams - November

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Do you have workforce strategies in place for post-COVID-19 recovery?

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When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the first priority had been crisis response and the virtualisation of the workforce. Business leaders are increasingly concerned about actively planning for continued disruption. Even with the most sophisticated protections in place, it’s near impossible to fully predict where disruption will originate. Technology is not infallible, people make mistakes, and bad actors will never stop looking for a way in.

The associated risks grow exponentially in the context of the digital world and with the ‘new normal’ of working from home. An irreversible dependence on technology and deeply connected supply chains add up to the potential for a true disruption domino effect, while growing regulatory requirements layer on even more complexity.

Attackers can bypass defences and operate inside an email network, using compromised accounts or social engineering to send bad things inside and out. Employees are also susceptible to opening attachments, clicking on links, and falling for scams. Unsurprisingly, human error is a factor in the overwhelming majority of successful attacks. How are we coping with all these challenges and how do we organise our IT defences in organisations where people are combining working from home as well as in the office, something that will be norm as we go into 2021.

Key drivers for attendance:

- Organisations see an increase in attacks spread from user to user and from employees to customers and partners

- Gain insight into how to manage a complex security ecosystem with disparate platforms and technologies

- How to optimise existing investments to create the best possible defence for office and remote workers

- Consequence of the IT and security new normal regarding the use of corporate laptops and phone as well as BYOD

Join Mimecast and other senior IT leaders and decision makers as we highlight the key challenges and preparations which need to be made for shaping the “new normal” way of working to ensure organisations are prepared to thrive.

This virtual boardroom will equip you with real-life case studies and insights, enabling you to unite with your peers to openly discuss the continued period of planning which will see your workforce return to the new ‘modified’ normal as a result of the long-lasting, changes to business that we have seen as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. By participating you will:

- Discover how long-term priorities or projects have changed given the events of the past few months – what is now at the top of the list?

- Understand how the pandemic may affect organisations operations, workforce models and security strategies in the long term

- Learn how to incorporate the right strategies and having the right skill set in place

- Gain insight into how to reduce added pressure on maintaining continuity no matter how Covid-19 plays out

- Join your senior peers to find more efficient ways to embrace a distributed and dynamic workforce

- Better understand the challenges faced and shared by your peers – a sharing of perspectives

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