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The Official Things Network On Tour Conference - Norwich, UK

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St Andrews Hall

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United Kingdom

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The Things Network On Tour Official Conference Norwich, UK.

The Things Network is the UK's largest free to use network for the internet of things and it is truly a story of inspiration. What started as a kickstarter with a mission to crowd source an open, decentralised network in 2015 has rapidly gained traction and it's here in the UK.

We invite Local Authorities, Innovative Businesses and Business Professionals, Technology Professionals, Renewable/Energy Sector Professionals, Transcontinental Logistics/Logistics Sector Members, Housing Associations, Architects, Scientists, Researchers, Network Operators and any business/individual with an interested in Smart Technology to join us at St Andrews Hall on October 15th - 16th for The Things Conference to learn about The Things Network, LoRaWAN, Digital Transformation, Smart Cities, IoT and to be inspired by its ability to solve real problems and to create smarter services for all.

At The Things Conference On Tour, UK you will hear all about LoRa, it's applications and how to get involved and start leveraging this technology for yourself.

The UK's Things Connected combined forces with The Things Network creating the UK's largest LoRaWAN network and it's here and it's free for you to use. Cities such as Norwich, Manchester, Hull & York are getting onboard with big aspirations to give you a publicly accessible network enabling them to offer better and more cost effective services. Businesses have been leveraging LoRa for a few years now with leading names such as Google getting involved recently joining ranks with IBM, Orange, ARM, Cisco & more, the LoRa Alliance list is becoming extensive.

What is The Things Network?

The Things Network started off with a Kickstarter in 2015 when founder Weinke set out determined to create a decentralised, crowd-sourced network for the internet of things based on LoRa. The kickstarter was a success and in early 2017 The Things Network realised it's goal of creating an affordable gateway and a supporting platform for creating a global network with the release of its own gateway and the launch of its platform.

Today The Things Network operates in 84 countries and has over 45,000 active users and that community has deployed almost 5,000 gateways. This is a rapidly growing community with hundreds of market ready devices available to buy. The Things Network is operating in the UK in partnership with Digital Catapult - this means that over 400 gateways across the England are live right now. There are more in Wales and are starting to spring up in Scotland too. The Things Network is already being used in the UK to monitor water quality on site in medical facilities and research laboratories. It's being used to track water levels to create a warning system in Oxford. It's tracking lorries across Europe.

Join us at St Andrews Hall on October 15th - 16th for The Things Conference to learn about LoRa, to be inspired by its ability to solve real problems. Meet businesses offering a wide variety of LoRa enabled LoRa Alliance certified devices that you can start using to solve your real problems. Learn how your business can get involved in using or offering LoRaWAN based services. Learn about Open Data, Ethical Data Collection with GDPR in mind and Context Analysis.

Hear from businesses and local authorities who are using this technology to solve their problems. Get hands on in our workshops and learn skills required to start developing your own LoRaWAN based solutions. Find out more about low powered devices and hear directly from The Things Network.

The Things Network community is on a mission to crowdsource a global open and independent Internet Of Things network

For those of you who are new to LoRa and The Things Network, LoRaWAN is a Low Power, Low Bandwidth data network that uses Radio Frequencies (RF technology) to transfer data and provide communication between devices, typically sensors, that require only a small amount of bandwidth - this means we can collect data in real time from some very sophisticated devices that are utilizing AI, Machine Learning, LiDAR and other sensor based technologies.

LoRaWAN gateways, such as those The Things Network, MultiTech, Pi Supply & others manufacture provide coverage of upto 15km if properly placed - The Things Network East Coast Initiator, Ryan holds the record of 235km for a land to land LoRa Transmission.

This has applications relevant to Social Care, Agriculture, Transport, Retail, Tracking & Logistics, Air Quality Monitoring, Health Tech, EdTech, Space, Estate Management & so much more. At this event we will explore these applications, you will learn about different market ready options and find out what is coming out of the R&D community.

It's Uses Include

Supply Chain Management


Smart Meters

Renewable Energy

Transcontinental Logistics

Air Quality

Footfall counting

Traffic Monitoring

Parking Monitoring

Desk Occupancy

Car Park Occupancy

Quality Assurance Systems

Flood Monitoring

River Monitoring

Water Quality

Environmental Water Quality

You can participate in workshops on Ethical Data Collection & GDPR, Make Your Own Node and learn how to get the data out of The Things Network and how to do something meaningful with it. You Will learn about new ultra low power solutions from IDEETRON and hear more about LoRaWAN in space from Lacuna Space's Rob Spurrett.

Take A Peek At Our Agenda

We will be announcing more sessions over August which will be announced on Social Media and then Via the Emailing list which you will need to subscribe too in order to receive them.

See the Agenda Here.

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Join Us Now - You Are The Network - Let's Build This Thing Together!

At The Things Network On Tour Official Conference you will hear about how Technology is being applied to create Connected Communities and Smart Data, the latest technology updates from The Things Network and its partners and more. Be inspired by real world applications explained by their inventors, and the opportunities this technology offers to solve societal challenges from leading business professionals.

The Things Network is building a network for the Internet of Things by creating abundant data connectivity, so applications and businesses can flourish. The technology we use is called LoRaWAN and it allows for things to talk to the internet without 3G or WiFi. So no WiFi codes and no mobile subscriptions.

It is a key ingredient to the realisation of Smart Cities and is already being adopted by many UK cities. Now is the time to join this trending technology to participate in the building of a future which supports all levels of society, in life and in commerce.

The conference welcomes business and technical professionals at all levels to join The Things Network global community in the sharing of knowledge and skills.

Find Out More: https://youtu.be/OAq0dem1ZKU

The Things Network has 67 UK communities. Over 45,000 active members globally and a growing eco-system of hardware and solutions driven by the LoRa Alliance.

The Things Network is an open source global enterprise that started on kickstarter in 2015 which has successfully built a global community that builds hardware and software solutions that utilize LoRaWAN.

This is the leading edge in Smart City Telecoms Internet of Things (IoT) - at this conference we will be showcasing international LoRa Alliance partner technology businesses, talking about applications, identifying challenges and taking the opportunity to showcase and start conversations around solutions.

This technology is already extensively used on mainland Europe to cleverly solve all sorts of tricky problems providing the foundations of Smart City technology solutions, cutting costs and providing efficiencies.

This bootstrapping technology is a gateway to building evermore complex and innovative solutions in a brand new area for the tech sector and its community - this conference is the perfect way to find out more and #GetInvolved.

The Things Network Norfolk and it's sister groups TTN Suffolk & TTN Great Yarmouth have been industrially working away to raise funds and deploy LoRaWAN gateways across the region and we invite you to join us as we showcase smart technology and software solutions from the LoRa Alliance affiliate businesses, UK community and local community projects that are using LoRa to do more.

This is a not-for-profit event and any leftover proceeds will be used to fund community groups The Things Network Norfolk, Great Yarmouth & Suffolk Community Activities, Step Into Tech and CCCF.

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Date and Time


St Andrews Hall

The Halls

St Andrews Plain



United Kingdom

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