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The Orgasmic Queen

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Dear Women,

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to make love for hours, to feel safe, vulnerable and yet empowered, to melt into your lover, to explode with full-body Orgasms, and experience so much pleasure that you lose track of time and space?!

Where you are able to trust your lover to let go, knowing that he can hold you, to take your hand and lead you into a world of pleasure?

A sexual union of two bodies where you feel so aroused and connected with your partner, where you know exactly what you want, what you desire, and yet, he knows how to serve that to you.

A Sacred and naked dance in which your bodies are synced, your energies are mixed and each breath takes you closer to your ecstasy. A type of orgasmic experience where your lover knows how to satisfy your inner Goddess, and is courages enough to face the powerful lioness within you. 

An authentic merging of two souls, where you don't have to pretend any more, you are not worried how you look, whether he is satisfied, or what is for dinner. In this highly pleasurable experience, you surrender to your feminine and you know that you deserve to receive, to be worshiped, to be admired…

Does this sound like something you would like to experience on continues basis?

If the answer is YES, I would like to invite you to:

The Orgasmic Queen

4 weeks live in-depth online training

With Masters in Pleasure, Love and Intimacy Eugina Oleinikova and Sia Di

Week 1

Anatomy of Pleasure for Women

Knowing Your Body is the most fundamental element of highly pleasurable love making. That is why in the first week we will discover and explore all the sacred and erogenous zones of female body.

Know thy self to honour thy pleasure …like the QUEEN..

Week 2

Pleasure on Your terms

In this week we explore what your boundaries are, how to communicate them and set healthy boundaries. Being able to say YES and NO is the key to safer and more intimate experience.

Build trust, feel safe in order to let go and amplify your sexual Pleasure

Week 3


In this session we explore importance of your desires, knowing what you want and expressing it can easily increase the quality of your love making.

Know what you want, ask for it and you shall receive.

Week 4

Multi- Orgasmic Queen

In this session you will learn everything you need to know about Orgasms! What’s stopping you from experiencing them and how to go from 0 to an Orgasmic Shero!

Bonus Q&A Session 2 weeks after the final session to answer all of your questions and resolve all of the potential challenges may arise when you go out in the world and practice your Orgasmic Queen

Bonus Orgasmic Queen FB Group for you to stay connected with your sisters and share your experiences!

We will be meeting online every Sunday starting from :

24th March 5pm GMT/ 9am PST/ 12pm EST

31st March 5pm GMT/ 9am PST/ 12pm EST

7th April 5pm GMT/ 9am PST/ 12pm EST

14th April 5pm GMT/ 9am PST/ 12pm EST

This course is suitable for single women and women in relationships, as it's ABOUT YOU, YOUR SEXUALITY not your partner.

Meet your hosts:

Sia Di

Is a Sacred Sexuality coach, Body Worker, Healer and Author.
He has written "7 Principles to Master the Art of Sex and he travels around the world and run workshops on Love, Intimacy and Pleasure.
Sia's mission is to raise sexual consciousness and help men and women to transform into superior lovers.

Eugina Oleinikova

She is an international Pleasure and Intimacy Coach, Speaker and Co-Founder of Academy of Conscious Sexuality.

Her aim to touch, move and inspire 5 million people by the end of 2020.

Her clients experience better quality of life, create new relationships, find love, overcome depression, improve their health, bring to life long lost desires, ask for what they want with intimate partners, receive what they truly desire and have fulfilling sex lives.

Healthier, happier people are able to create positive difference in the world and my work creates incredible ripple effect!

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