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The Sound of Your Sacred Heart

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Highbury Hill

Space to love, heal & chill

Exact address will be sent to you after ticket purchase



United Kingdom

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you will

learn / experience/ experiment/. heal/ connect/ meditate / expand / help raise vibration of planet earth / have fun

Finding your unique sound frequency - key to your healing

exploring your personal frequency through your voice

discoverung powerful healing tool whitin you / your healing gift of sound

forgiveness exercise

energy clearing

heart healing & activation

sacred mantras

openinhg your heaert for more love abnd joy & your soul essence

raising your vibration - raising vibration of plabet eaerth

Greetings beautiful beings <3

We would like to wholeheartedly invite you to a powerful evening, just before the Leo New Moon, during which we will be tapping into the infinite potential, love and bliss that is treasured in our hearts.

We will bring to you a harmonious combination of guided meditation, energy clearing session, fire ceremony and Sacred Cacao Ceremony entertwined with a powerful Sound Bath. Combination of these high and fun :-) vibrations will take you on an adventurous, magical and healing journey, through which you'll be able to easily connect with your heart, your higher self and higher states of consciousness. ... experience love flowing through every cell in your body, caressing your soul, awakening your spirit... :-) and also probably most likely having some new beautiful connections with some members of your soul family! Nyyeeah! So very excited about this event!!

We will come together in a safe, intimate space to heal our hearts, to release any hurts and sadness that is being an unnecessary veil over our beutiful gateway to our highest bliss and soul purpose ( our heart ) so we can love more, be more, experience more and feel happier in our life.

Our heart gateway and our heart field are incredibly powerful broadcasters and receivers. The heart field on a quantum level is infinite and therefore is not only influencing our personal day to day reality, but also impacting the entire universe. As we heal ourselves, we heal the world. As we end "the wars within ourselves" ( in the universe in our heart ) we end the wars in the external world.

No matter where we are on our journey, our heart being open and loving is always our best protection and tool to stay healthy, centred, connected to the source within and without, joyful and vibrant on all other words... love is all we need :-)

Evening will include:

Guided meditation and group energy clearing-healing session

Heart song

Fire ceremony

Sound Bath

Layla Kamlani - Gong, Crystal bowls, Drums, Voice

Armiami - Voice, Flute

You - maybe chanting with us :-)

We are truly excited to take you on this journey to your highest bliss and experience it with you. !!!

What to bring:

Please bring your lovely self and maybe a friend or more... pillow, blanket and LOTS of water. ..

Ceremony will be held in an intimate setting, therefore spaces/tickets are limited.

We are looking forward to welcome you to our event with open arms and hearts! ☺️

Limitless oceans of Love n Light

Armiami Arais

* * *

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Date and Time


Highbury Hill

Space to love, heal & chill

Exact address will be sent to you after ticket purchase



United Kingdom

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