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The Springboard Women's Development Programme Wigan

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United Kingdom

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The Springboard Women's Development Programme

Springboard is a 3 month personal development programme specifically developed and written for women.

The phenomenally successful, award-winning development programme for women. This enables women to identify the clear, practical and realistic steps that they want to take to make a better world for themselves at work and home, whilst building the practical skills and confidence to take these steps. It is delivered through an extensive network of licensed trainers and has been used by over 230,000 women in over 40 countries.

The main purpose of the Springboard programme is to build individuals’ self-confidence and provide them with the tools to identify what’s important to them and set goals to achieve their real aspirations.

Some people want to do more but don’t believe they can. Some live their lives for others, sacrificing their own dreams or beliefs under the impression that they have no other choice. Some simply don’t realise their own potential. The programme really works. Springboard’s founding principle is that we have much more freedom than we think to “change what we want to change and be what we want to be”.

As well as a rewarding journey for the individual, they and their company will ultimately see the benefits through employees being able to demonstrate their ability to:

  • Set and monitor their own goals

  • Face perceived problems head on with a more positive approach

  • Identify what they can improve on about themselves and how

  • Practice assertive behaviours for the best results

  • Appreciate the differences in other people

  • Build their self-confidence and self-belief

  • Communicate with, negotiate and influence others effectively

The Springboard programme

  • 4 x 1 day workshops (over 3 months) dates below

  • Each participant receives a comprehensive workbook with over 100 exercises and real life stores, heres a link to the book

  • Aimed at women of all levels

  • Discussions take place mainly in small groups

  • Discussions centred around group needs (work or home life)

  • A guest speaker invited to each workshop to share their story and give inspiration

  • Focus on real-life examples, particularly from the trainer

  • Challenge participants to step out of their comfort zone in a safe environment

  • Set ground rules to ensure the programme meets the participants’ needs and confidentiality

  • Springboard consultancy requests that only licensed trainers deliver their programme, read our trainers profiles here:

  • Becky

  • Gemma

Workshop dates for Wigan (all are attended as part of the programme):

Workshop 1 - 02/06/17

Workshop 2 - 30/06/17

Workshop 3 - 28/07/17

Workshop 4 - 18/08/17

Who is it suitable for?

The Springboard Women’s Development Programme is designed for women from all backgrounds, ages and stages of their lives. Although the programme was initially written and developed for women in non-management grades, women from all levels, including management, have participated in the programme to the benefit of their personal and career development.

For employers, the Springboard programme enables them to develop staff to their fullest potential, is quick and easy to implement and is often a key component in any Diversity and/or gender initiatives. For even greater impact, run the Springboard and Navigator programmes in parallel.

Why women only?

As with other minority groups (such as gender, age, religion, faith race, disability and sexuality) women have many issues in common. They get a huge boost by discovering they are ‘not the only one’.

The programme deals with sensitive issues, being women-only this makes it easier to talk about issues in a safe environment.

Mainstream programmes do not address specific issues for women – this does.

Gives your organisation an EO/Diversity boost to be doing something for women, in tune with gender equality legislation.

Researched, designed and written by the Springboard Consultancy – Quality assurance, award-winning consultancy, reputable, recognises diversity in UK workplace.

What does the programme consist of?

The Springboard Women’s Development Programme has a tried and tested format that is frequently updated, grounded in reality and has an impeccable track record. Delivered over the duration of three months, it consists of five simple yet powerful ingredients:

A superb best-selling workbook, regularly up-dated and embracing all the material for the entire programme.

  1. Four action-packed one-day workshops spread over three months.
  2. The provision of real, relevant and inspiring role models.
  3. The encouragement of effective networks within the group.
  4. A local support system to enable sustainable progress.

Overall, the Springboard programme tackles issues such as:

  • Career development
  • Building confidence
  • Realistic self-assessment
  • Aspects of being a woman
  • Identifying priorities
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Setting practical yet stretching goals
  • Improving your health
  • Stress management
  • Presenting a positive image
  • Improved communication skills
  • Building better relationships
  • Building networks

What results can I expect?

The results relate to the individual aims and objectives that each woman sets herself on the first workshop. Many women use the programme for career development, to get results at work, such as new qualifications, promotions, new skills, a new attitude to change and a massive boost in confidence.

Other women focus on results in their personal life, such as sorting out difficult relationships, improving health, dealing with stress and gaining a work/life balance.

Some women improve their career development after attending the Springboard Women’s Development Programme, whilst others stay in the same job but with a new sense of purpose and a more positive attitude.

84% of Springboard participants say they are ‘more open to change’ since attending the Springboard Women’s Development Programme.

83% say they have ‘a more positive attitude’.

80% say they have ‘increased confidence/self-esteem’.

79% say they are ‘better at managing change’.

78% have ‘taken on more responsibility’.

75% say they can provide evidence that they are ‘better at problem solving’.

67% say they can provide evidence that they are making a ‘better use of resources’.

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Office Bay

Unity House, Westwood Park



United Kingdom

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