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The #1 problem in procurement today – the one that nobody is talking about – has been identified through 25 years of research and practice by our instructor, THE Godfather of Negotiation Planning, Omid Ghamami. That problem is that our entire profession is buying Goods & Services Instead of PERFORMANCE RESULTS.

We have SOW and Specs for goods and services, then we solicit for goods & services, then we negotiate for goods and services, then we contract for goods and services. Then when we receive goods & services, the end user organization complains because what they actually wanted was PERFORMANCE RESULTS. Only by this time, it is too late, and the contract can’t help you either. The result? Aside from not getting performance results, procurement professionals spent 70-90% of every single day in UNPLANNED activities as a result of this problem above. These unplanned activities stifle career and income results. This time could have also been spent on far more value added activities that enhance individual and departmental results. The Supplier Performance and Contract Manager Certification – CSPCE™ - Certification Program solves this problem once and or all.

Attendees will learn supplier management practices that start from the purpose and business reason that drove the original demand, and using this as the driving force that defines everything else in the scope of supplier management, or else mediocrity will ensue. The fundamental shift will be made from buying resources to buying RESULTS. you want or deserve? Have you mastered procurement to the point that negotiations are exciting and rewarding? Do your peers seek you out and ask you how you keep getting incredible results? Have you reached a level of prestige in your company that you feel good about? Is purchasing the lucrative career for you that it can and should be? Are you admired by your friends and family as being highly successful?

All of these processes and methodologies will be shifted from the traditional design and focus to a new paradigm that ensures that the supplier is delivering and achieving RESULTS and not just providing goods or services and being measured to their effectiveness of such. The supplier will also be put in a position of greater accountability, whereby they are driving the bulk of the workload associated with indicator management, and purchasing is in a less time consuming reviewing and approving capacity. The assertion will be made that following the supplier management practices as outlined here will result in a roadmap for improved overall results, more strategic focus, reduced overall TCO, and as a consequence of these, a more successful and fulfilling career in purchasing. These leveraged methodologies should only be used with only the most strategic and high expenditure suppliers, which should represent 1 – 5% of the supply base, but should encapsulate 90 – 95% of total expenditures.

Lack of sufficient preparation for high stakes negotiations. Rogue customers that do what they want and get away with it by calling procurement a “road block”. Tough contracts and slow legal departments. Suppliers that can’t perform right to save their life. Thankless managers who burden you with administrative responsibilities and wonder why you don’t get strategic results. Internal Auditors that have to find something to report. 3% raises year after year. Hearing everyone talk about supply chain management but having no clue what to do about it. 80% or more of every day spent on unplanned activities (“fire fighting”) that don’t count as accomplishments on your status report or your performance review. No budget for training and lack of internal training resources. Less headcount but more expectations: small and diverse businesses, green business, and many flavor of the month programs that management dreams up or agrees to.


✔ Conquer your fear of contracts & make them your greatest ally.

✔ Select which contract templates to use and when.

✔Understand the meaning behind every major contract clause.

✔Predict what a supplier`s contract negotiation position will be for each clause, as well as what your desired position will be your desired position should be.

✔Never let a supplier redline a contract - ever again!

✔Engage the legal department and how to lessen your reliance.

✔Slash Contract Negotiation cycle time by 75% with better results

✔Prefer and respond to supplier performance issues through contract customisation

✔Why you can get in trouble when a contract clause is in capital letters and what you should do

✔Why it can be better to negotiate liquidated damages up front in a contract and how to do it

✔Which clauses you DON’T want in your agreement – silence can be a good thing!

✔Learn the critical hidden problem when assessing limitation of liability and insurance levels

✔Which contract clauses suppliers try to “slip-in” language that they don’t want you to notice

✔Which state’s laws you never want your goods contract governed by, and which you do

✔What the 4 corners rule is and how it can be your best friend or your worst enemy

✔How your supplier forecasts can create detrimental reliance or promissory estoppels

✔What one secret clause will save you 75% time in your negotiations, and how to include it

✔How to make sure suppliers almost NEVER ask to make changes to your contract terms

✔What you don’t know about warranties and why they are not always a good thing

✔What UCC implied warranties you need to know about that your suppliers want to disclaim

✔Which contract clauses must be written to survive the agreement, and how to word themea

✔How to PREVENT and respond to supplier breach of contract, saving you time!

✔Which 3 COMMON purchasing words you should never use in communications with suppliers

✔How a buyer signed a contract that turned into a lawsuit; we will review & fix that contract!

✔The biggest mistake that purchasing professionals make with supplier performance management expectation setting and how to avoid it

✔Why buying resources is a dead-end and how to shift your practices towards buying RESULTS.

✔Why the root cause of nearly all poorly performing suppliers is poor purchasing practices and not inept or incompetent suppliers, and what you need to do about it.

✔Why changing poorly performing suppliers is almost addressing the symptom & not root cause.

✔What the efficiencies gained are by driving continuous quality improvement measures with a rock solid supply base and what steps need to be taken to enable this.

✔How and when to determine what results the supplier is to achieve, and how to put measures in place that encourage and ensure these results are met – rather than waiting for excursions.

✔How to tier your supply base and maximize results using the Pareto principle and why you should never measure your supply base size again.

✔How to use advanced supplier management practices to accelerate supply base optimization strategies, reduce rogue customer excursions, reduce TCO, & create high performing suppliers.

✔How to take a few critical steps up front in the RFX process that will enable dramatic improvements in supplier performance post contract.

✔How to revamp your supplier management efforts so you are managing the results and the supplier is doing the bulk of the supplier management execution activities that you report out on.

✔What mission based purchasing is and how to get suppliers aligned with this approach

✔Why the worst situation is the supplier doing exactly what your contract says and you are still unhappy with the results, & how to put powerful supplier management systems in place to avoid.

✔How to develop world class score cards and the top 3 common mistakes that you must avoid

✔Why the contract you put in place can be your best friend or worst enemy in supplier management and the necessary steps to ensure your contract enables and accelerates your results.

✔How to drive world class supplier business reviews that wows customers and stakeholders.

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Holiday Inn

Delhi, DL 110030


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