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The UNBOUND Sessions - The Arrival

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An online New Moon ritual to help you feel more connected, present and powerful.

If you're anything like many of the women I work with as clients and within my online UNBOUND community then connection is one of your most important values.

But I’ve noticed that many of us can often feel detached from life in some way, isolated. It’s as if there’s a big party going on and we’re standing outside on tiptoes looking through the window, wondering how the hell everyone else seems to be having such a good time.

This is a lonely feeling. And when you value connection so highly, it can be deeply confusing to experience this profound sense of disconnection. It’s like being unable to stay fully plugged into the richness of life.

What I've come to realise is that for many of us this disconnection is because we haven't allowed ourselves to fully arrive here in our physical bodies, on this planet called Earth.

So, we're here but not here, living our lives in an in-between state; not fully present.

And this resistance to fully arriving here, this lack of prescence can have a huge impact on the way we experience our lives. Not only are you likely to feel a profound sense of disconnection, but it's likely you'll also:

  • Find it difficult to manifest your desires into reality.

  • Feel like you keep going over old ground, as you're unable to break out of unhelpful, limiting patterns.

  • Feel like an outsider in personal relationships and group situations, resulting in a reluctance to express yourself fully.

  • Find that you are often unable to complete projects that are important to you (the half-finished book that's been bubbling away for years, the creative business you've been longing to start, the group you're wanting to bring together).

These are just a few examples of how this resistance to fully being here can manifest.

That's why I've decided to create The Arrival, the first in a series of online sessions designed to help you experience your fullest, most expansive, UNBOUND life.

The purpose of The Arrival is to honour and send deep love to the part of you that has resisted being here, to let her know she is understood and to gently invite her to join you in making a decision to fully arrive.

During this session I'll share a ritual to help you claim your place on the Earth and in your body.

I'll invite you to choose to be here in a way that feels good for you. And to acknowledge that every experience you’ve had so far has led you to a place where you're able to make this conscious choice for yourself. Choosing to fully land here from an empowered place of knowing.

The very nature of The Arrival means that it's challenging to put into words. However, if something about this is calling to you, I'd love you to join us.

My intention is that the ritual will leave you feeling a new-found sense of connection, to yourself and others, an ability to fully experience and appreciate the richness of your life, and an increase in your personal power, so you're able to manifest your desires more easily.


How will we come together for the session?

The Arrival will be held online via Zoom (a video-conferencing service which is very similar to Skype). I'll send you a link to join the session beforehand and it's very easy to connect, either from your PC/laptop or smartphone. I will be on video, so you'll be able to see and hear me during the session, however, you are free to have your video off so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

Will I be able to ask questions?

There will be time for some questions and answers and sharing at the end of the session, however, you should know that there is no right or wrong way to take part in The Arrival. It will be a unique experience for everyone involved. If something comes up for you after the session which you wish to share or ask a question about, you will be able to contact me, either via email or in the UNBOUND Facebook Group.

I can't make the live session. Will there be a recording?

Yes. I've chosen the timing of The Arrival so that it coincides with the New Moon, a powerful time of new beginnings, however, if you're not able to join us live, then you will be able to access the recording so you can watch it back at any time. In my experience, you still benefit from the potent group energy via the recording.

For those who are joining us live, you will receive the recording afterwards so you can watch it again, as often as you like.

Do I need to bring anything in particular to the session?

The most important thing is that you are able to carve out this hour or so of time for yourself and find a place where you can be undisturbed whilst watching the session. I'll be sending out some preparatory guidelines beforehand and you might like to have a candle or some incense burning during the ritual, but it's not necessary.

If you have any other questions, please contact me by hitting the CONTACT button below.

For more information about why I've created The Arrival, click here to read: The Strange Reason You've Always Felt Like an Outsider

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