THE WAY BACK TO LOVE - Full Immersion

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Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes Hotel

108 Baker Street



United Kingdom

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*This is a 3-DAY WORKSHOP - Friday 9am to Sunday 6pm*

The Way Back To Love - Access To Real Power

'Nothing is ever in the way...'

Why Attend?

Learn from high-end performance coach, Allan Kleynhans, how to increase your confidence and enhance your overall happiness by understanding the core principles of your psychology, your emotions and your unconscious decision-making process.

Do you find yourself hesitating when you identify something you would love to do? Is one part of you telling you to go for it and another part of you is hesitant and resistant to the idea?

Understanding what makes you do the things you do, is the key to increasing your self-belief. Discover your deepest perceptions and see where those perceptions were conceived. Free yourself from these false perceptions you carry by learning about the complexity of the paradigm you have developed since your earliest years.

Your achievements will never outreach your self-concept. Raise your self-worth and set yourself up for success and happiness in all areas of your life. Begin to feel freedom and enjoy self-expression that will fill you with joy and a deep and authentic feeling of happiness.

This event will change how you look at yourself and your life FOREVER!

The most common benefits of attending this training:

  • freedom of self-expression

  • increased self-confidence

  • higher levels of energy and vitality

  • a deeper sense of love for self and others

  • enhanced communication skills

  • deeper and more fulfilling relationships

  • enhanced joy and appreciation for life

  • end to suffering and mood swings

Programme Breakdown

Day 1 - Access to Awareness | 9am-8pm

We look at your current map of the world - how do you process and perceive the world around you. We look at the past events that have helped shape who you are and what you believe about yourself and your place in the world. Most importantly we look at how you've learned to be safe and protect yourself from life's challenges. We begin to notice patterns and recurring challenges and programmed reactions. We begin to explore the spiritual connection to everything around us and the possibility that attract everything we need to expand our consciousness.

Day 2 - Releasing the Past | 9am-9pm

We begin the second day looking at relationships and how they're constructed internally and externally. How's your relationship with yourself and how that manifests in your relationship with the world around you and the people in your life. What triggers you in relationships and why. We examine what causes suffering and specifically what causes you to suffer and in what context. How do you manage your suffering and which patterns have you adopted that you use to manage your stress and your fears. The afternoon will focus on freedom from suffering and releasing past trauma and other significant emotional events that have caused heartbreak or manifested stressful behaviour patterns.

Day 3 - Transformation Day | 9am-6pm

We create powerful new patterns to enjoy the present and manifest a new vision for the future. On this day we also condition the new patterns of reframing past experience and new challenges that may arise going forward. We create and develop a new identity linked to the spiritual awareness and understanding that we are connected and that there are no accidents. This third day is also packed with exercises and the time to practice the exercises learned the previous day to assist our inner healing process.

The weekend ends with a celebration between the attendees of the workshop and a guided group hypnotherapy session to lock in the learning and insights gained.


My commitment to you - I promise to provide a safe environment where you can learn about yourself at the deepest level and have fun in the process. I promise an environment where you can heal your wound and learn to love yourself at a much deeper level.

I look forward to seeing you at The Way Back To Love.

With love,


Allan Kleynhans

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Date and Time


Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes Hotel

108 Baker Street



United Kingdom

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