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The Way Back To Love - Access To Real Power

'Nothing is ever in the way...'

The great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, 'mastering others is strength, but mastering yourself is true power'.

Are you looking for real answers to real questions...?

Understanding yourself is the most important part of being human while you're alive on this earth.

If you want more for yourself and more for your life, then understanding what makes you do the things you do, is the key. Understanding the complexity of your paradigm will provide the means to free yourself from false perceptions you carry.

Everything you experience in life is filtered through your mental paradigm. And everything you're experiencing currently is a direct result of your consciousness. Or lack of it...

The single biggest challenge people face in the pursuit of happiness and success is feeling worthy. This is because we learn very early on that we are not enough. Even the majority of very successful people are being driven unconsciously by the same premise - it's what drives them to be successful - the more successful they are, the more worthy they think they will be. They are operating from an identity that has been created from a false premise.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have people who want to be successful because they believe that being successful will make them even more worthy. But what's really driving them is the unconscious belief, 'I'm not worthy enough'. And when people believe they're not enough, their real fear is that they won't be loved...

If you take a look at your social media platforms, you'll probably notice that there are a lot of adverts selling courses that are offering the secrets to financial riches in record time.

It seems that every social media feed I have is populated by 'new experts' offering a new course or a new seminar that promises to teach people the shortcut to success.

No matter how you define success, there's no shortcut to riches. Succeeding at anything requires many variables - learning, developing skill, maximising effort and lots of patience among others. It also requires raising your self-worth. That's the real gold - your success will never rise higher than your self-concept - when you really learn to love yourself and accept yourself and forgive your past hurts and heal your wound, you'll begin to feel a freedom and a self-esteem that will fill you with joy and a sense of love.

No matter what a course promises, it will always introduce you to yourself at some level. At some point you're going to come up against your own resistance. We all have this in some degree and the challenge of our life is releasing ourselves from it. Our only goal in life is to realise love and when we realise that we are the source of the very thing we are craving, everything changes.

If you really want to succeed and achieve great things, then understanding the 'self' at the deepest level is critical - this means exploring what really makes you do the things you do on a daily basis, moment by moment.

It doesn't matter which course you take, if you don't master your psychology and your self-worth, you're going to have challenges because any course will trigger the root cause of your fear at some point.

What causes you to hesitate when you identify something you would love to do? Part of you really wants to do something and yet another part of you is hesistant and resistant to the idea... Why is that?

Where does the hesitation come from?

What's causing the resistance you feel?

What is the fear you're feeling and what triggers it?

What belief or perception are you holding in your unconscious that's causing you to resist taking a step forward?

In this training we look at your perceptions more deeply and we look at where those perceptions were conceived. Understanding why you believe the things you do about yourself is the first step to changing what you believe.

Understanding where they came from and how they were conceived gives you a deeper wisdom about yourself and creates the freedom to make new choices based on who you are now in the present.

Most people are walking around with the unconscious perception that something is 'in the way' of their success... but they're not sure what it is...?

These perceptions you carry were conceived at a very young age. they served you then. Now as an adult they're no longer serving you. It's time to let them go and choose empowering alternatives.

The Way Back To Love will set you free!

The most common benefits of attending this training:

> freedom of self-expression

> increased self-confidence

> higher levels of energy and vitality

> a deeper sense of love for self and others

> enhanced communication skills

> deeper and more fulfilling relationships

> enhanced joy and appreciation for life

> end to suffering and mood swings

My commitment to you - I promise to provide a safe environment where you can learn about yourself at the deepest level and have fun in the process. I promise an environment where you can heal your wound and learn to love yourself at a much deeper level.

I look forward to seeing you at The Way Back To Love.

With love,


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United Kingdom

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