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Purple Square HQ

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A dynamic new business development group in Bridgwater

Are you ready for your business to benefit from the energy and momentum anticipated by other organisations in and around Bridgwater? Then you're ready to 'Thrive'.

The group doesn't offer a prescribed series of talks telling you what you should be doing in your business. Times are challenging and uncertain. Here at The Business Greenhouse, we believe there is a need to think, and do things, differently and better.

A collective of solution-generators, impetus-givers, skill-sharers, and more, this group will enable you to achieve your business ambitions. Want to pro-actively develop your business? Join us at this inaugural meeting and find out more!

Your business' development ecosystem

In the company of like-minded small business owners and leaders, the aim of this group is to encourage a micro-culture amongst you of entrepreneurial mindset. Collaboration, learning and innovation will enable you to realise your business ambitions.

Providing a collective solution-generating, impetus-giving, sounding board, the group is invested in you and your business’ success. We envisage the advantage and future opportunities for your business as you profit from shared skills, know-how, resources and the benefit of hindsight.

Being part of the group will mean a ‘time and effort investment’ from you, too. Other participants will expect and value your input and support. You will also remain responsible for the development of your own business in real-time. You’ll be accountable to the group as well – for their investment in you and your business, they’ll want to see you make progress!

However, with the group’s support, you will unlock confidence, capability and capacity that enables you to make things happen for your business.

If you want the time to pro-actively develop your business, this is that time! Book to attend the intro session on 25th September and find out more.


Who’s the group for?

Our intention is that you will benefit whether you’re an owner-manager, have one or a handful of employees, or are tipping the balance into becoming a medium enterprise. Typically, you might describe your business as a micro or small enterprise. (If your business is larger than this, and you feel that you would benefit from being a member of the group or contributing, please let us know.)

The wider the sector representation, and the larger the breadth of experience, the better we anticipate the opportunity for cross-fertilisation of ideas.

How do I know this group will work?

This dynamic business development model has been developed as a result of the work The Business Greenhouse has done with Bristol Business School and the Faculty of Business and Law at the University of the West of England (UWE) to deliver the benefits of their Team Entrepreneur business development support model to businesses. There the students learn business skills, how to manage the personal development of themselves and their team, and put this into action running real companies in which the University has no stake.

How many people can join the group?

To maximise the benefit to your business, we want to keep group numbers to around 6. Our experience shows that smaller groups are more productive than larger groups and develop better relationships.

Who will run the Bridgwater-based group?

It will be facilitated by me! I'm Lynda Wookey, local owner-manager of The Business Greenhouse. I am a qualified executive coach of business owners and leaders in their field. As such I enable my clients to unlock confidence, capacity and capability that means they achieve many times over their anticipated returm on their investment. My business development and marketing background underpins my work as does the range of experience I've gained working across industrial, public, not-for-profit and small business sectors. I will work to enable collaboration, creativity and the development of skills amongst the group members.

How often will the group meet?

We’re setting out with the understanding that this group will meet at least once a month for three months in the first instance.

The initial, free, introductory session on 25th September is designed to help you decide if this way of working is for you. If you decide you'd like to join the group, the first three meetings will take place on Monday 16th October, Monday 20th November and Monday 18th December.

What happens if I want to leave the group?

We anticipate the group agreeing to meet regularly over a set number of months (we’re thinking once a month for three months) at the end of which they can agree to meet again, or not. Members should commit to meeting for the duration of each block of months. This will allow an opportunity for ideas and ambitions to be realised. However, the group could agree to overrule this.

Can I join the group at a later date?

Our experience suggests that the benefit to the group members increases as the relationships between them develops. As such, it’s hard for new group members to join at a later date. The existing group members would have to be consulted.

When is the first meeting?

The first official meeting will be on Monday 16th October 2017 (followed by meetings on Monday 20th November and Monday 18th December). This is preceded by the free introductory session on Monday 25th September (as promoted on this event page). The introductory session is to help you find out more before you commit.

This is preceded by the free introductory session on Monday 25th September (as promoted on this event page). The introductory session is to help you find out more before you commit.

What are we likely to cover in the introductory session on 25th September?

At this initial meeting, I’ll run a sample a group session and answer any questions you might have about the way this group will support your business' development. It’s also a chance to meet your potential fellow group members, and look at what you'd like to get out of the group.

How much will it cost?

We know cost can be a prohibitive factor for many micro and small business owners. Therefore, we want to offer membership of this group on a Pay What You Wish basis. This does not mean it’s free. It means you can pay what you feel the group is worth to you. We can talk more about this at the introductory session.

Travelling to the event and parking

Bridgwater is served by many bus routes and has a train station. Google Maps estimates the bus station is a 7-minute walk away from the event venue, and the train station roughly 14 minutes.

If driving, the venue is close to a number of car parks. provides searchable information about car parks and pricing, although if you're considering Morrisons car park do confirm parking restrictions displayed on the signage in the car park itself.

Cyclists can find racks outside NatWest (9 York Buildings, Cornhill) and Lloyds bank (25 Cornhill, opposite Prezzo).

How do I find the Purple Square HQ venue?

The group will meet at Purple Square HQ, 32a St Mary Street, Bridgwater TA6 3LY. It's above Wilkie May Tuckwood Estate Agents. You'll find the door on the side of the building next to the car parking spaces (the spaces aren't ours, I'm afraid, so please don't park there).

Access to Purple Square HQ

Purple Square HQ is housed in a listed building, and as such, you may want to consider the access. There is a step up through the 'front' door, and the venue is accessed via stairs (one flight to the break out/tea and coffee/landing area, and another to the meeting room). If this is an issue and you want to attend the group, please let me know.

How do I confirm I want to join the group?

You may confirm that you want to join the group at the 25th September session or by emailing me by Friday 29th September at with 'Thrive Bridgwater' in the subject heading.

I'm interested, but I can't make the proposed group meetings on 16th October, 20th November and 18th December

Register your interest by emailing me at Please include your preferred contact details and I will get back to you when I have enough people registered to run another group.

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Date and Time


Purple Square HQ

32A St Mary Street



United Kingdom

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