Thrive with Pat, Change Your Life in 6 weeks (Early Bird Offer)
£478.49 – £686.94
Thrive with Pat, Change Your Life in 6 weeks (Early Bird Offer)

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Thrive with Pat, Change Your Life in 6 weeks (Early Bird Offer)

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Fleur Ashley

258 Wallasey Village


CH45 3HB

United Kingdom

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Have you ever wondered what is holding you back from living the life you want and deserve?  Are you a victim of stress,depression, anxiety, fear, panic?  Do you have unwanted habits or difficulties getting a good nights sleep? Are there times when you actually hate yourself? Is living with chronic illness a big problem for you. Why do other people seem to be able to achieve much more than you feel you can?  Is your business suffering the effects of you not being at your best? Is your past defining your present and future?

The benefits of attending this course are learning how to create resilience, good self esteem, positive thinking, positive outlooks and strong psychological foundations. 

The workshops (in conjunction with KMW Training) will be facilitated by Pat Harland, Licensed Thrive Consultant and Thrive Consultant Mentor, 'Thrive Consultant of the year 2014'

NB we are not including Halloween evening so although the event shows 7 dates it is 6. In addition package will also include 2 individual sessions, dates to be mutually agreed.

What people say :-
'5* review 2015 - Pat is fantastic! She really helped me learn how to restructure my thought process and change little aspects that had a massive impact on my life. Thank you pat!  Sarah''
'The Thrive programme litterally turned my life around. After hitting an all time low and not knowing where to turn. Thrive popped up on my facebook page. I contacted Pat and decided to go through the Thrive program with her I learnt so much about myself and how to use the Thrive stratagies to turn things round. I have stopped my negative thoughts, developed a postive outlook on life and love myself and my life. I cant thank Pat enough If I get Chance Pat I will pop down to your event and catch up with you properly'  Helen xx'

Previous 2016 workshop delegates said:

' Very clear and easy to follow in particular learning that stress and anxiety are not done TO me'
'I have much reduced social anxiety, am managing my thinking styles and raised my self esteem' 'It was very interesting working through the programme as part of a group which introduced other peoples experiences and interpretations'- Ian

'Strategies, clear messages, I liked the group environment, it felt more real'
'I can rationalise the negatives and I now write a positivity journal'  'I was cynical at first but found myself using strategies and having mental resources I did not have before, I am looking forward to using the strategies to be more positive'- Michelle

'I enjoyed the quizzes which helped me to find out my thought patterns and liked the analogies used' 'The workshops have enabled me to feel better about myself and realise that the thoughts in my head and my feelings are removable and I can conquer and control them' 'I enjoyed that we were all asked about our personal experiences and ideas were brought forward to accommodate and help each individual' - Ed

Week 1 -  A Question of Belief - understand and identify which of your belief systems are holding you back. Discover how your your phsychological foundations affect you and how to strengthen them.
Week 2 - How Powerful do you Feel?  How do You Feel about Yourself? (how to raise your Self Esteem easily and permanently).
Week 3 - Social Pressures and their affect upon you. Unhelpful Thinking Styles and how to re-organise them to support you.
Week 4 - Mind Your Language! Learn how even the choice of words you use will influence the way you think and behave and how to change that.
Week 5 - Anxiety and Stress, how to overcome it and not create it in the future.
Week 6 - Thriving, the Thrive Journal and what to do from now on

Personal and private session 1  which will be arranged during the first group session will ensure that you know how to get the best out of the programme for you own individual needs and address any questions you have.

Personal and private session 2  will be arranged during your last group session will help us to check on your progress and make sure that you have covered all areas and are absolutely sure about how to take your new skills and knowledge further to create the future you want and deserve.

This comprehensive course is dependent upon you attending all 6 workshops plus the 2 private sessions and the cost of the Thrive Workbook (£24.99) will be included in the total fee)   It will be necessary for you to have at least read through or worked through the workbook once prior to attending. Pat will arrange to get the workbook to you once your payment has been lodged.

For more information

The early bird price (valid until 2nd October) £450.00, in certain circumstances it is possible to arrange a payment plan please enquire.
Bookings taken after 2nd October will be at full price of £650.00

This 6 week course of the Evidence Based Thrive Programme in workshop format will teach you how to become Healthy, Happy and Successful and make huge changes in your life, helping you also to learn how to overcome any obstacles, problems, fears, phobias, anxieties and worries which are getting in your way.




Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

No ID required, delegates must be over 18 and proof of that may be requested


What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Bus and train stops nearby, on street parking available not restricted after 6pm


Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

email or mobile 07984177527


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Fleur Ashley

258 Wallasey Village


CH45 3HB

United Kingdom

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