TIAMSA Conference: The Art Market and The Museum

TIAMSA Conference: The Art Market and The Museum

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    Online event

    TIAMSA Conference 2021: Online Workshop Series ‘The Art Market and The Museum'

    About this event

    The theme of the TIAMSA 2021 conference is the historic and contemporary intersections of the art market and museums. The conference will consider how art market stakeholders, including art dealers, collectors and patrons have, both historically and in more recent years, shaped museum collections and influenced exhibition practices.

    This conference seeks to bridge the gap between academic study, the global art market, and professional museum practice, while providing inspiration for attendees to explore new research pathways. The interdisciplinary approach of the program encourages creative, cross-network conversations and the development of new approaches and actionable practices surrounding the intersection of the art market, the museums and academia. The conference will offer a unique opportunity for scholars, students, institutional professionals and commercial contributors from around the world to meet and tackle some of the most pressing questions facing the art and cultural sectors today.

    We have put together a phased programme which will now take place virtually (via Zoom) over 5 half-days on Thursday/Friday 6 - 7 May; Thursday 3 June; and Thursday/Friday 15 - 16 July 2021.

    The workshop series is open to all, and registration here via this Eventbrite page is required. For those with existing TIAMSA memberships, attendance is free. Non-members are kindly asked to proceed to the TIAMSA site to join the organisation (regular £20 / concessions £10 per annum) via the following link: https://www.artmarketstudies.org/join/register/

    If you have not signed up, we will remind you to take up TIAMSA membership at the appropriate level before the start of the conference. It would reduce our workload if you sign up via TIAMSA's website immediately after completing this registration. With your TIAMSA membership you help us to give art market studies a platform!



    Thursday 6 May 2021 – 14:00–17:30 BST

    Sessions 1 & 2

    14:00 – Welcome and Introductions

    Professor Frances Fowle (University of Edinburgh and National Galleries of Scotland)

    Dr Veronika Korbei (TIAMSA) and Dr Johannes Nathan (TIAMSA/Technische Universität Berlin)

    Professor Juan Cruz (Principal, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh)

    Christopher Baker (Director of European and Scottish Art and Portraiture, National Galleries of Scotland)

    Session 1: Museums and Art Dealers (Part I)

    Chair: Professor Nick Pearce (University of Glasgow)

    14:20 - Dr Diana Davis (Independent, UK): ‘The New Race of Connoisseurs’: Nineteenth Century Dealers and the Museum’

    14:40 - Professor Tsukasa Kodera (Osaka University): ‘Siegfried Bing as a global art dealer and promoter of Japonisme and Art Nouveau: His Activities in Japan’

    15:00 - Dr Christian Huemer (Belvedere Research Center): ‘Vienna 1900 – Building a Museum of Modern Art’

    15:20 – Discussion

    15:40 – Break

    Session 2: Museums and Art Dealers (Part II)

    Chair: Dr Johannes Nathan (TIAMSA/Technische Universität Berlin)

    16:00 - Dr Christel Force (Metropolitan Museum of Art/Independent, France): ‘Etienne Bignou: The Gallery as Antechamber of the Museum’

    16:20 - Dr Anne Helmreich, Dr Sanda van Ginhoven and DiAndra Reyes (Getty Research Institute): ‘The Middle Men of Art: Knoedlers and the building of the great American collections’

    16:40 – Discussion

    17:00 – Networking / Small group discussion sessions

    17:25 – Brief conclusions


    Friday 7 May 2021 – 14:00–18:00 BST

    Sessions 3 & 4

    14:00 – Welcome

    Session 3: Museums and Collector/Patrons

    Chair: Dr Mark Westgarth (University of Leeds)

    14:05 - Morgane Weinling (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne): ‘Trade, art market and museum: Alfred Chauchard’s legacy to the Louvre’

    14:25 - Simon Spier (University of Leeds): ‘Creating the Bowes Museum: Collectors, museums and the market for decorative arts in the 1860s and 1870s’

    14:45 - Alicia Hughes (Independent, UK): ‘Rosalind Birnie Philip: How one woman shaped the legacy of James McNeill Whistler’

    15:05 - Dr Isobel MacDonald (British Museum): ‘Filling in the gaps of his collection?: A reassessment of Sir William Burrell’s (1861-1958) late collecting practice, 1944-1958’

    15:25 – Discussion

    15:50 – Break

    Session 4: Women Collectors and Museums

    Chair: Professor Frances Fowle (University of Edinburgh and National Galleries Scotland)

    16:00 - Dr Rebecca Tilles (Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens): ‘The Art Market and Museum Collecting: Marjorie Merriweather Post’s Hillwood and the vision from a private collection to public museum’

    16:20 - Mackenzie Mallon (Nelson-Atkins Museum): ‘A Seed of Desire: Effie Seachrest and Women Collectors in Kansas City and Beyond’

    16:40 - Dr Gloria Köpnick (Lyonel-Feininger-Gallery): The "Princess of the Hohenhof": Gertrud Osthaus: A forgotten female collector

    17:00 – Discussion

    17:20 – Networking / Small group discussion sessions

    17:50 – Brief conclusions

    Workshop 3

    Thursday 3 June – 14:00–18:30 BST

    Sessions 5 & 6; Keynote Lecture

    14:00 – Welcome

    Session 5: Museums and Art Market Agents

    Chair: Dr Susanna Avery-Quash (National Gallery London)

    14:05 - Odile Boubakeur (École du Louvre and Université de Paris-Saclay): ‘Being a consul-archaeologist: a unique art dealer category through the example of Charles Thomas Newton (1816-1894)’

    14:25 - Dalila Meenen (Université Paris-Sorbonne): ‘Creating American taste: How art agents Samuel P. Avery and George A. Lucas influenced the creation of American private collections and the first public museums’

    14:45 - Dr Imogen Tedbury (National Gallery, London): ‘Lucy Olcott Perkins as Agent for Cleveland Museum’

    15:05 – Discussion

    15:25 – Break

    Session 6: The Art Market and the Museum in the Nazi Era

    Chair: Dr Christel Force (The Metropolitan Museum of Art / Independent, France)

    15:40 - Dr Anne Rothfeld (Independent, USA): ‘The Art Dealer as Intermediary: Maria Almas Dietrich and the Führermuseum’

    16:00 - Mattes Lammert (Technische Universität, Berlin): ‘The forgotten acquisitions made by the Berlin Museums on the Parisian art market during the German occupation 1940-1944’

    16:20 - Dr Caroline Flick (Independent, Germany): ‘City museums go shopping: Wants and Wishes, Berlin, 1937-1943, Auktionshaus Hans W. Lange’

    16:40 – Discussion

    17:00 – Networking / Small group discussion sessions

    17:30 – Keynote Lecture

    Professor Chris Stolwjik (RKD Netherlands Institute for Art History / Utrecht University): 'Private collectors building a national collection: the Dutch example'

    18:25 – Brief conclusions

    Workshop 4

    Thursday 15 July – 14:00–18:00 BST

    Sessions 7 & 8

    14:00 – Welcome

    Session 7: Museum Practices: Donations

    Chair: Lucy Askew (National Galleries, Scotland)

    14:05 - Julie Verlaine (University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne/ Institut Universitaire de France): ‘Hunting for Art Treasures. ‘Friends of Museums’ Associations and the art market (1900-1914)’

    14:25 - Dr Amy Whitaker (New York University) & Professor Roman Kräussel (University of Luxembourg): ‘Museum Donation and Portfolio Strategy: Low and High Value Donations, Diversification and Fractional Equity in the Burton and Emily Hall Tremaine Collection’

    14:45 - Kari Tuovinen (Independent, Finland): ‘An Art Collection Born through Division Process ─ Case study on interaction between a private collector, museum and art markets: The Kouri Collection and mid-20th American art in Finland in the 1990s’

    15:05 – Discussion

    15:25 – Break

    Session 8 / TIAMSA Legal Panel: Museum Practices: Deaccessioning (Part 1)

    Chair: MaryKate Cleary (University of Edinburgh)

    15:40 - Irene Walsh (University of Edinburgh): ‘Impermanent Bliss: Deaccessioning and its Consequences’

    16:00 - Dr Andrej Srakar (Institute for Economic Research/ University of Ljubljana), with Marilena Vecco (Burgundy School of Business) and Miroslav Verbič (Institute for Economic Research / University of Ljubljana): ‘Modelling and Measuring Deaccessioning in American Museums’

    16:20 - Break

    Session 9 / TIAMSA Legal Panel: Museum Practices: Deaccessioning (Part 2)

    Chair: Philipp Nuernberger (Attorney at law (NY), UK)

    16:25 - Dr Alicja Jagielska-Burduk (University of Opole), Claudia Quiñones Vilá (Amineddoleh & Associates, New York) and Till Vere Hodge (Constantine Cannon Law Firm, London): ‘Deaccession: A Case Study of the Baltimore Museum’

    16:45 - Professor Patty Gerstenblith (DePaul University): ‘Deaccessioning Practices in American Museums: What Changes in AAM and AAMD Policies on Deaccessioning in Response to Covid Can Tell Us about Their Policies.'

    17:05 – Discussion

    17:25 – Networking / Small group discussion sessions

    17:55 – Brief conclusions

    Workshop 5

    Friday 16 July 14:00–18:00 BST

    Sessions 9 & 10

    14:00 – Welcome

    SESSION 10 – Contemporary Institutional Collecting and Commissioning

    Chair: Tessa Giblin (Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh)

    14:05 - Dr Marta Pérez Ibáñez (Independent, Spain): ‘From The Art Fair to the Art Centre: Institutional Collecting and Contemporary Art Museums in Spain: The Case Study of ARCO Collection in CA2M’

    14:25 - Dr Amélia Siegel Corrêa (University of Copenhagen): 'Creating a Distinctive Museum: Inhotim and Bernardo Paz’s Collecting Practices’

    14:45 - Dr Franziska Wilmsen (Independent, Germany): ‘The Economics of Art Commissioning: On Demand Artworks and the New Museum Patronage’

    15:05 – Discussion

    15:25 – Break

    SESSION 11: The Emergence of the Private Museum

    Chair: Dr Kathryn Brown (Loughborough University)

    15:40 - Dr Georgina Walker (University of Melbourne): ‘The Private Museum: Evolving Models of Collecting and the Interplay between Collectors and the Art Market’

    16:00 - Dr Laurie Kalb Cosmo (Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS)): 'Collectors and the Emergence of Private Art Museums in 21st Century Europe'

    16:20 – Discussion

    16:40 - Break

    Reflections on the Conference

    17:00 - Dr Iain Robertson (Head of Art Business Studies, Sotheby’s Institute of Art)

    17:20 - Networking Session (All attendees placed in groups of 4-5 for 20-minute session)

    Thanks and Farewell

    17:50 – Professor Frances Fowle and Dr Johannes Nathan


    Conference Conveners

    Prof Frances Fowle (University of Edinburgh, National Galleries Scotland)

    MaryKate Cleary (University of Edinburgh)

    Scientific Committee

    Dr Susanna Avery-Quash (Senior Research Curator, The National Gallery London)

    Dr Kathryn Brown (University of Loughborough)

    Dr Christel Force (Senior Consultant, The Metropolitan Museum of Art/ Independent Researcher, France)

    Prof Frances Fowle (University of Edinburgh/National Galleries Scotland)

    Dr Johannes Nathan (TIAMSA/Technische Universität, Berlin)

    Dr Nick Pearce (University of Glasgow)

    Dr Mark Westgarth (University of Leeds)