Time Management For Business

Time Management For Business

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Discover the tried and tested time management techniques every business owner should know.

About this event

Calling all time poor busy business owners

My experience is that most, if not all business owners want to grow their business and most would like some help with that.

But because they are busy and therefore time poor, they can’t find the time to set aside to get the help they need. So here’s the rub, unless they find the time, nothing will change and they will never gain the extra time that they currently crave. Nor will the business grow as fast or as efficiently as it could.

IN Business from 23 degrees, has been specifically designed to give busy business owners the opportunity to work on their business at times that suit them and at pace that suits them too. They will gain more time and a more efficient business that is growing, but no longer demanding more and more of the business owners time and resources.

Free session

If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, why not come along to our FREE session to experience what many other business owners are already enjoying - a low cost, relaxed and effective way to develop your business whilst winning back precious time.

Since I know time is important to everyone, at the session I will be giving away tried and tested time management techniques that will give you back far more time in the weeks, month’s and years to come than the hour I am asking you to spend with me.

I will also be showing you what you could have if you choose to become a member of the 23 Degrees IN Business community.


Thanks again Kevin for the great session. Surprising what you can cover in an hour. I'm just wishing I’d have got stuck in from the start but we’re here now and that’s what matters. I've signed up immediately after the session.

Tony Merrick - Space Renovations


Thank you Kevin the support and advice you have given to me during our In Business sessions has been invaluable. Between January and April this year (2021) we were able to grow the value of our average client by 66%. Since then with the help from yourself we have seen our average client value increase again by another 234%.

Not only this but my work life balance is better than ever and I am even able to take time away from the business at weekends.

Blake Slater - Local Gardens Ltd.

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