Titan Trouble Shooting - Online Business Networking Event, Isle of Man

Titan Trouble Shooting - Online Business Networking Event, Isle of Man

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We are an Online Business Networking Group that meet every Thursday at 11:00am In The Cobra Club.

About this event

About our meeting

Got a business problem that has you scratching your head? Then bring it to Cobra TT! (Titan’s Troubleshooting) Cobra TT is a wonderful space to bring your business troubles and allow our fabulous members to directly or indirectly wave their magic wand and troubleshoot your problem.

Cobra TT is about taking some of the strain of self-employment away. As the adage old saying goes, “A problem shared is a problem halved”.

Virtual events have gone from strength to strength and are unlikely to go anywhere in the near future with our world remaining in a state of flux. The one certainty The Cobra Club and Cobra TT can maintain for you is the ease and regularity of being able to do business from the comfort of your own space and continue to connect with other business people in a relaxed, fun but productive way. How amazingly convenient is that!

The format of Cobra TT will be for everyone to do a brief intro on their business, then we will do quick show of hands of those who have problems they would like support with and spend the remainder of the session using our own businesses and connections to support the members who have asked for help. Solutions may come in many forms from software recommendations, business tools or an intro to another business person - the possibilities are infinite.

Cobra TT is a very supportive club where collaboration is at it’s core supporting you. Our Titan members show immense strength by refusing to wade through the sticky stuff and putting their hands up for support. One week you could be a giver of that support whilst another week you may be in the receiving end of Cobra TT support.

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