Titanic Works Crucible Cellars Public Tour
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Titanic Works Crucible Cellars Public Tour

Titanic Works Crucible Cellars Public Tour

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Derwent Students Sheffield 3, 80 Hoyle St, Sheffield S3 7LG

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The first public access open day to three nationally rare crucible furnace cellars at the Grade II listed former Titanic Works, Malinda Street/Hoyle Street, Sheffield. 

The open day will include a tour of the listed building and all three cellars on the site, with information about the steel making process, the history and development of the site and its significance within Sheffield.

About the works

The Titanic Works is Grade II listed, and located at 24 Malinda Street (near Hoyle Street). It comprised four buildings set around a central works yard. The works contained three crucible furnaces, of which one was a rare, double-stack furnace. Constructed in two phases between 1850 and 1890, it operated until 1950, producing high-quality crucible steel used for making the cutlery and tools for which Sheffield was world famous.

Its melting room had rows of six melting holes in front of each chimney stack. Vase-shaped crucibles, made of a clay able to withstand the furnace’s 1600º C temperature, were placed on iron grates in the base of the holes, and packed around with coke. When white-hot, the crucibles were filled with lumps of crude ‘blister steel’. After firing for up to six hours, to burn off the impurities, the crucibles were lifted out using tongs, and the molten steel poured into ingot moulds to cool.
Below the melting room was the cellar, which supplied the air for the furnace. It had rows of narrow brick ash-pits below each melting hole into which the coke ash fell. One room in the cellar was used for making the crucibles, each of which could only be used a maximum of three times before needing to be replaced.

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Only 6 members of the public per tour with a total of four tours. 

The tours will be on Friday 28th October, with four 1 hour tours. 

The tours will be: 
11:30am - 12:30pm
13:30pm - 14:30pm
15:00pm - 16:00pm

The project is to be undertaken by Wessex Archaeology on behalf of Derwent Students, Sheffield 3 and BSRE.

Notes on Access
There is no parking on site, but some on street parking close by. In addition the Shalesmoor tram stop is only a 2 min walk away from the site. Welfare facilities are available on site. Access into the main area of the listed building is not problematic, however, access into the three cellars is via steep and narrow steps, with no disabled access available.

This site is not suitable for anyone who finds stairs difficult or is claustrophobic, as the cellars are a confined space.

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Date and Time

Derwent Students Sheffield 3, 80 Hoyle St, Sheffield S3 7LG

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