Tools for Personal Transformation: Life Talent Level 1, January 2022

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Learn tools to help you change your life over 8 weeks

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This profound and magical 8 evening workshop is designed to help you dive deep so you can transform your life and fulfil your potential.

Is any of this true for you?

  • Are you living with the knowledge that you haven’t fulfilled your potential yet?
  • Do you want to be more fulfilled, happy and successful?
  • Perhaps you sense that you’ve taken a wrong turning in your life and need to do a 3-point turn, or gradually loop back to get yourself on course again?
  • Are you aware that you’re actually doing really well and it’s time to focus more fully on what’s great in you?

Focusing on what is great about you puts your foot on the accelerator for achieving your potential in life. 

But you also need to take your foot off the brake, your psychological obstacles to change.

Personal transformation involves both.


Are you ready for this Personal Transformation Intensive?

This workshop is for people who know there is more to life than the way they are living at the moment. People who have big dreams or at least an inkling of a big dream and just at least a little belief that they could uncover it and make it happen. People who are committed to finding their life calling and living their purpose.

If you don’t have a vision or dream or any ideas at all that you’d like to bring into reality, then what you'll experience at this workshop will most likely not be meaningful for you.

This is an intensive experience, so if you’re not ready to dive deep, get real clarity on what you want, to heal what holds you back and commit to taking the action you need to get there, then this is definitely not for you.


If your answer is YES, then read on...

Four whole days to focus on YOU

When you attend the Personal Transformation Intensive you get four whole days to focus on YOU. You have time to nourish your dreams, your strengths and what is great about you - to mobilise your psychological resources and see yourself in a new light.

Together we will:

  • Enhance what is great about you
  • Reduce anything that disempowers you
  • Plan and prepare to take practical steps in changing your life
  • Feel inspired about what is possible for you and be optimistic about the changes you want to make
  • Improve what doesn’t work
  • Move away from your dark-side – your secret disempowered self
  • Create more opportunity for luck to happen (luck happens to those who take action)

 As part of the process we will be uncovering what holds you back – your “foot on the brake”. This can include a feeling that you can’t make it happen, a lack of self-belief and self-confidence, a sense that you may fail or are unlovable, and fear or other emotions that get in your way. The key is to bring understanding, acceptance and loving kindness to your difficulties so they start to transform as you draw out what is best in you.

Make sustainable and positive changes in your life 

It’s really important that you are able to go back out into your life after the workshop and make the changes you have identified and committed to. So we will also give you some tools that will help you increase your ability to keep resourceful and nourished after the workshop.

I’m here to support you

My passion is helping people blossom.

I have been on my own path of personal exploration for 40 years and leading others on theirs since the 1980s. Today I offer open workshops, on-going groups, and am an executive coach to leaders in global organizations in Europe, USA and Asia.

I have been a UKCP registered psychotherapist, hold a 2nd dan black-belt in Aikido, practise yoga and Five Rhythms dance and am a long-term heart student of a great Buddhist Master. I have been a volunteer at my local hospital as part of the Chaplaincy Spiritual Care Team. I am a regional representative for the International Association of Generative Change.

So I really am here to support you on this journey. It’s what I love to do and have been practising for many years. As you blossom, so do I.

This is the plan

⭐️ We spend 4 sessions developing and clarifying what is great about you: your Life-Calling, your Strengths, your Vision, your psychological resources.

⭐️ We spend 4 sessions on reducing, reframing and healing what holds you back so you feel confident, optimistic and empowered. 

⭐️ We spend the last half day on your action steps and creating new habits that will increase your well-being and ability to change.

⭐️ You will receive a one-to-one 1-hour coaching session with Julian Russell during the programe.

⭐️ You receive a workbook and follow-up emails to support you on the journey of changing your life after the workshop itself has come to a close.

How we work together

The classes will be conducted on Zoom with presentations, demonstrations of exercises, group sharing, meditations, small group exercises in break-out rooms and personal coaching from Julian. You will need to use a device, ideally a computer, with video and audio and be undisturbed in a quiet location.

In addition to attending the weekly class, we will participate in peer coaching sessions with another participant each week. There will be an email group to share your daily experience with each other.

We use group meditations, body-mind exercises and sharing, to support the unfolding personal and group potential.

We work with our own personal experience and also with how this reflects the collective experience of being human. In facing our own personal challenges, we act as a representative for all of humanity in facing these challenges – by facing our own difficulties we are pioneers for a psychological evolution of humanity.


Tuesdays, online, (Times to be confirmed, probably 4pm-7pm GMT)

Here’s what some previous participants have said...

“Through all of it I felt wonderfully held to go to places that would allow me to be more of myself and really connect with what is right for me at this time. Julian’s practical and healing presence supported all uniquely to find out what it is in this life that makes them scream YES!” Hema Hirani

“A rare opportunity to renew and strengthen my heart and soul, I am bringing more passion into my work in a way that I used to and haven’t been able to for several years”.Jo Mills

“Julian’s work has helped me to recognise and move past what has kept me small while expanding into a fuller and more effective version of who I have always wanted to be. His compassion and unstinting clarity make him a brilliant coach. I truly believe that working with him will help anyone expand and improve their life.”Imogen

“I found the mix of active learning, reflection, group work and the sheer fun Julian encourages in the group an ideal environment for me to explore. I left the workshop with a very clear sense of what my life calling is, how I had been resisting it, and a renewed trust in my ability to live my life calling more fully.”Steven D’Souza


This is Level 1 of the Life Talent Programme

The 4 principles of Life Talent are

1: Make the Most of Yourself. 

2: Transform Your Difficulties into Gifts. 

3: Take Action. 

4: Feel the Support of Life Itself.

This Personal Transformation Intensive forms the first 9 sessions of the full 41 session Life Talent Programme - my world-class personal transformation programme. The Life Talent Programme: Level 2 takes place over 32 more evenings over the course of the year.

To participate in the Life Talent Programme: Level 2, you must first attend this Level 1 Tools for Personal Transformation.

What’s the fee?

In this time of COVID 19, I want to enable most people, whatever their personal circumstances, to participate. I will therefore run this course on a donation basis. To help you consider the value of my time and my own income needs, I am suggesting 3 possible levels of donation:

Standard donation: £495

Low income minimum donation: £195

Professional donation: £693

These are suggestions – please pay what you feel is right between the lower and the upper figures.

Are you ready to take action?

I wonder…What could your future be like if you take action now and attend this workshop? What will it be like if you don’t? Feel the energy of change within you

		Tools for Personal Transformation: Life Talent Level 1,  January 2022 image

		Tools for Personal Transformation: Life Talent Level 1,  January 2022 image

		Tools for Personal Transformation: Life Talent Level 1,  January 2022 image
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