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Trageschule babywearing advocacy/peer support

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Welcome! We are delighted that you are interested in this Trageschule Babywearing Advocacy/Peer Support training. Designed for individuals that want to formalise their passion for enabling safe, confident sling use. This training will provide the perfect toolkit for starting and/or continuing to run your sling library.

Here's what our Graduates say about the course,

"I am so keen to try at the new way I have learnt to do a FWCC… I found the whole course supportive, knowledgeable and interesting. I learnt a lot. Thank you Olga! I would definitely recommend." (Beccy F, BWA Graduate, UK)

Please note that this course will be part online and part in person.

ONLINE: Sunday 8th Jan 9-10.30am, Sunday 15th Jan 9-10.30am, Thursday 26th Jan 9-10.30am & Sunday 5th Feb 9-10.30am

  • Have you ever seen someone at your sling library/meet completely “not getting it” (despite all help received) and ending up frustrated and upset? What makes support and learning for a parent/carer in a sling library/meet setting tricky? Here you will learn how to "proof” your library or meet environment from the common roadblocks.
  • Tools to boost your chances of success when helping others including tips, proven approaches and exercises for making your input and support count.
  • How to avoid common factors that put parents/carers off from so many parenting groups. Ensure your sling library and/or meet is welcoming for all.
  • Have you ever been bothered by comments such as, “This will really hurt your back!” or “This will make your baby clingy!” Have you ever delivered a snappy comeback to such comments, wishing that you could reply in a way that could get people to consider a sling vs. rejecting it outright? Perhaps, it is your nearest and dearest that make annoying comments, or strangers who perpetuate the myths? Some of these random thoughts and unjustified judgments can sometimes get in the way of people really “getting” the wonder and beauty of slings for the babies and parents. Learn how to transform these judgments through practical exercises, principles and practice.
  • Tools for answering those dreaded questions about babywearing (whatever these may be for you). For example, “Can you show me how to face my baby out in this (insert the brand) carrier? This is what my GP did.” To, “How can I get my partner to carry our baby? He refuses even the “manly” carriers I got especially for him… the baby hates the stroller”.).
  • Tools for dealing with those tricky situations at the meets or library sessions (whatever these may be for you). For example, from your overhearing someone sharing inaccurate information to your spotting someone trying a back carry for the first time in a really unsafe way.

This will be done through:

- Group work to cover theory, answer questions and demo what we are learning in role-plays and scenarios.

- Coursework to be started at the end of each online session and completed in your own time before the next session. The final piece must be submitted to Olga no later than Sunday 19th February, a late fee will be applied to those not received on time.

... with Olga from Trageschule UK. You can learn more about Olga's significant babywearing and CNVC experience here.

IN PERSON: Oxfordshire (Benson) - Saturday 18th February, 9.30am - 5pm


IN PERSON: Lancashire (Darwen) - Saturday 18th February, 9.30am - 5pm

VENUE: The New Methodist Church, Bright Street off Blackburn Road, BB3 1QL

  • Optimum positioning and the essentials of safe babywearing.
  • Busting common babywearing myths; linking this to handling related tricky situations in a sling library situation.
  • Re-cap exercise on the benefits of babywearing.
  • Practical step-by-step teaching of Front Wrap Cross Carry (woven wrap) and Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (stretchy wrap).
  • Sling library life (it may be possible to tailor this section depending on the needs of the group): a creative, practical exercise (or series of exercises) to consider and work on any of the “nuts and bolts” of running a sling library that would be helpful to you. This could include for example:
    • Considerations for setting up a sling library (i.e. budget, fundraising, choosing a venue, choosing your time slot, getting insurance, choosing which slings to buy, recruiting helpers/volunteers, creating marketing material, advertising and promoting your sling library, terms and conditions, deposits or no deposits, sling hire forms, sling health check list, tracking slings in and out, planning your first session, layout of the venue, health and safety considerations).
    • Working through possible sticking points in an existing sling library (i.e. problems with the venue, waiting times, seeing people in turn, terms and conditions not being adhered/enforced, blurred roles and responsibilities, communication/conflict issues between sling library helpers/volunteers, managing expectations of helpers/volunteers and of parents/carers attending the sling library).

This part of the course will be delivered by Emily from wearthemwithlove if you choose to train in Oxfordshire. Emily has volunteered at and run/coordinated 3 sling libraries, works 1-2-1 with families and also teaches Healthcare Professionals , you can read feedback on her training here. Alternatively if you train in Lancashire, the course leader will be Katrina from West Pennine Slings.

What will be provided?

- All slings and weighted dolls (you are welcome to bring your own if you wish).

- All teaching/group work resources.

- Handbooks.

- Hot/cold drinks and light snacks.

- Certificate of training.

More feedback from previous courses

"I found a way to get parents to find their own answers and empowerment really inspiring...not just to demo and go straight in and give advice, but to take a step back and ask questions and find out more." (Rebecca B, BWA Graduate, UK)

‘’We are doing really well, the meets are so successful, just written the evaluation for the funding we had and we have had approx 135 attendances over 6 months, double what we anticipated!” (Jo DR, Sling Library organiser, coordinator and volunteer)

** Deadline for booking is Tuesday 3rd January 2017 **

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