Transformation Decoded - Heal Your Deepest Wounds

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United Kingdom

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Breathwork, Kambo and Shamanic Healing

About this Event

When and where 👇

Our weekend deep healing retreat in Urmston, Manchester will be from 8:30pm on Friday 25th of October until the Sunday evening with the option of staying until Monday morning.

Cost 👇

The cost is donation only, with the exception of Kambo which is £55. Recommended donation is £100-£150 with the option to contribute more afterwards if you feel you'd like to, but you won't be asked to.

Format 👇

The format of the weekend is fully guided by the energy of the group as we dive in deep. We have many healing modalities available between us to effectively work with whatever comes up.

What you will be experiencing 👇

We will meet and dissolve our fear based patterns of the mind with the truly profound healing powers of forgiveness, acceptance, love and gratitude... from the heart.

Why 👇

As you transmute the lower energies within you, you will bring new levels of awareness into your life, shifting vibrationally. As you shift, so will your experience of yourself, the world and the people in it. Essentially your life. This offers new levels of opportunity and freedom which continue to grow for you over time.

How 👇

To achieve this, we will work very specifically with what you are experiencing in the moment and assist you in stripping back the layers of conditioning, questioning your self-limiting stories to expose your liberating inner truths and gifts.

What can you expect from the retreat 👇

Expect a supportive and perfectly conducive space to be you and deeply accept yourself. Expect deep dives and long, fruitful days of inner exploration and deep releases. Expect scary (to your old story) and exciting (to your true self) epiphanies. Expect meaningful reflection time for integration. Expect playful fun and relaxation. Expect meaningful connection to yourself and others. Expect a renewed and more fulfilling life trajectory.

Our mission for you 👇

The whole retreat revolves around transcending the conscious mind and reprogramming the nervous system and your automatic, default belief systems, stories and behaviours which hold you back in life.

As we transcend the heavily limited conscious mind, we move into the next step of our evolution and begin to listen to and live from the heart. Moving towards love and positivity, rather than escapism and living in reaction to fear.

The least you can expect in terms of what you'll actually be doing and receiving 👇

• Powerful trauma releasing breathwork sessions

• Integration of rejected parts of the self, bring you into more wholeness

• Guided meditations for deep connection with your unconscious where the real deep healing begins

• Guided meditation for connection to the present moment

• Bioenergetics and shaking to break down resistance in the body for repressed and suppressed emotion and trauma release

• Some light exercise to energise the body system and ease the flow of energies throughout the body

• Cacao ceremony for deep connection to your heart. Also has many health benefits

• Kambo (optional) to cleanse the lymphatic system and enhance courage. Kambo is a powerful natural medicine. More details of this to follow.

• Healing sounds and energies from four facilitators with profound healing gifts acquired via activated kundalini

• Shamanic Healing for deep soul level retrieval, healing and restoration.

You will take home 👇

• Powerful methods for dealing with emotions

• Every day 'emotional hygiene' practices

• Methods for tapping into the power of your intuition

• An upgraded perspective on life and reality shaping

• A renewed vitality and approach to life

• An extended circle of friends in the area you're heading

These are the benefits we know you'll take away. There will be many benefits that are valuable to you personally which come directly from your own inner journey with us that we cannot predict. These will be your greatest gifts in terms of your precise current situation in life.

About us 👇

We are creating this experience with nothing but pure love for the cause and every beautiful soul who comes and gives us the honour of guiding them through this transformative process. And all are contributing to our mission to have a positive impact in the world.


Final word 👇

These are extremely powerful and transformative tools and some can be shared with anyone including children. We urge everyone to spread the word about the practices they learn and share their refreshed vibration with the world by living it thoroughly.


You can see what we're about by checking out our Facebook Group 'Reality Decoded - Release Yourself', here...

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Date and Time






United Kingdom

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