Transformation Hour:Fragility of being human-healing shame & unworthiness.

Transformation Hour:Fragility of being human-healing shame & unworthiness.

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Welcome to October' s Transformation Hour!

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Let's face it, being human is hard work.

Few of us rarely slow down and take in how being part of the human race is equivalent to a juggler juggling many balls and keeping them all moving up in the air all the time.

Humans are born brimming over with primitive, uncivilized animalistic instincts. What awaits them are parents who want a respectful, hard-working, and well-behaved child. If all goes well in the ensuing two-decade battle, a child’s primitive narcissistic instincts will gradually be shaped into healthy self-esteem. If things don’t go well, a child can enter adolescence with a profound sense of core shame.

Socialization involves lots of no’s, power struggles, and time outs. And although most children aren’t harmed in the process, we all have to learn to absorb plenty of negative feedback before we become independent adults. Problems in psychological and intellectual development do occur, however, when the normal egocentrism of childhood is met with prolonged and overwhelming experiences of worthlessness and rejection. This can occur due to harsh parenting, oversensitive temperament, or a variety of other factors that can overwhelm the child’s ability to maintain a core sense of self-esteem.

At its heart, core shame and unworthiness is the visceral experience of being disconnected, shunned, and expelled from self and social connectedness, stimulating the same brain regions activated during pain. It's a fundamental feeling of not being whole no matter what and it's something that needs to be resolved for anyone who wishes to have the tools to navigate this life of contrasts and uncertainty in a more empowered way.


As a Healer and a Life Coach I will be running this hour online workshop to explain the unspoken rules of being in our human bodies and navigating this human experience and how contrast is part of the kaleidoscope of living, whether we choose it or not. That being said, then how do we set a blueprint in our lives where we become equipped with the best foundations to deal with whatever life throws us instead of struggling many years later with past traumas and experiences in our childhood that leave us struggling to deal with the slings and arrows of life in the present? This shows up in so many ways: mental health problems, relationship problems and conflict, chronic pain etc... the examples are too many.

Attendees will be able to walk away having the basic know-how of how to start living a life of vitality, excitement and a feeling of deep self appreciation and esteem. This workshop will go some way towards showing that there is an easier/alternative way to learn our lessons other than through constant struggle, pain, strife, adversity and limitation that comes from unresolved shame and unworthiness.


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