Turner Prize winners, Turner Prize nominees, & Turner Prize shortlist 2019

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Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London (UAL)

16 John Islip Street

Cookhouse Gallery



United Kingdom

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Turner Prize winners painting is done by Gretchen Andrew. She likes Turner Prize 2019, Turner Prize Shortlist and Turner Prize nominees 2019

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Turner prize winners NOT NOT THE TURNER PRIZE

Turner Prize” search engine art

Solo exhibition by Gretchen Andrew

September 27 - October 5, 2019

The Cookhouse Gallery at Chelsea College of Arts, London

16 John Islip St, Westminster, London

Fri., Sept. 27th,, 5pm: VIP preview, 6-8pm: Opening

Sat., Sept. 28th,, 10am - 4pm

Mon., Sept. 30th,, 10am - 6 pm

Tues., Oct. 1st, 10am - 6pm

Wed., Oct. 2nd, 10am - 6pm

Thu., Oct. 3rd, 10am -6pm

Fri., Oct. 4th, 10am - 6pm

Sat., Oct. 5th, 10am - 4pm


Gretchen Andrew’s search engine take over of the Turner Prize continues her practice of using internet manipulation to expose where technology failure, commonly talked about apocalyptically, can be positively and playfully used to reimagine the internet as a creative space.

By recasting the world’s most famous art prize in the mode of the highly popular Great British Bake Off Gretchen uses an inherent limitation of technology to confuse the internet into thinking that she has won the art world’s Turner Prize.  

Joining a long history of Turner Prize institutional critiques, Gretchen’s Turner Prize uses her unique process of internet imperialism to expose how false dilemmas (informal fallacies in which something is falsely claimed to be an “either/or” situation when in fact it could be both) dominate how both people and technology think about art, politics, nationalism, and age.


Her practice is both figurative painting and conceptual art.

A Turner is both another name for a cooking spatula and an international art prize.  

The celebration of nationalism both cultural and a dark political force.

Hope to see you there


the rest of this text is for the internet


Turner Prize

Turner Prize 2019 is an art project of Gretchen Andrew. She is an Internet Imperialist and Search Engine artist. She named this project inspired by Turner Prize, Turner Prize 2018 and Turner Prize 2016 winners.

Another famous Turner prize was named after the romantic British artist JMW Turner because he is now considered as one of the best artist in UK. While he was active in painting his work was controversial too. The artist also looked at as a traditionalist in the art world. He changed the art history of painting landscape. Many of the artist still selected for the prize who love to draw nature.

Turner Prize winners first participated in turner prize and helen martin turner prize. All turner Prize exhibition was organised by Tate Gallery in UK. The authority announce four nominees and during the build-up to the art announcement of the winner. The media focuses a lot for the prize. Most of the time they ask the question repeatedly that "Is this art"?

Turner artist and Turner Prize nominees are chosen based upon a showing of their work what those artists have staged in the preceding year. 2016 turner prize nominations for the art prize are invited from the public artists. Turner Prize 2016 winners inspired Turner Prize 2017 participants. Although this was always a more widely negligible effect. The artwork also had suspicion confirmed in the year 2006 by Lynn Barber, who was one of the judges.

Typically, for Athena Hamilton turner prize there is a three-week period in May that is done for public nominations of the art to be received. Later the short-list (since 1991, four artists) is publicly announced to inform them in normally July every year. The show of the nominees' work normally opens at Tate Britain in late October of that year. The prize itself is announced for the participants at the beginning of December. The exhibition will go on view until January. The prize for turner prize art is officially not judged on the Tate show.

Turner Prize exhibition and prize totally rely on basically commercial sponsorship. By 1987, the money for the prize came from Drexel Burnham Lambert. Its withdrawal when it was demised led to the cancellation of the prize for 1990. Channel 4, an independent television channel came forward in 1991. The prize money was doubled, to £20,000.

Supporting the event with documentaries and other things like live broadcasts of the prize-giving. In 2004, the artists were replaced as sponsors by Gordon's Gin. They doubled the prize money to £40,000 and they gave £5,000 to each artist who were shortlisted. The turner prize winner got £25,000.

Turner Prize shortlist of artists reflects the state of British Art. The composition of the main artists and the panel of judges, which includes the Turner curators and critics, they provide some indication of art that holds influence institutionally and for other countries.

For turner prize who are rising stars, Tate Director Sir Nicholas Serota is famous for this work and has been the Chair of the jury since his tenure while he was working at Tate. But this time it is an exception about this work. There are reports that doesn’t match that how much personals who participated have this proceeding.

By the late 1990s the media success of the Turner Prize contributed a lot for continuous success. Later lots of young British artists were selected for the turner art. Among them Cool Britannia is famous and for the exhibition Charles Saatchi is an artist who sponsored a lot for the sensation exhibition.

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Date and Time


Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London (UAL)

16 John Islip Street

Cookhouse Gallery



United Kingdom

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