UK International Veterans Film Festival 2016
£6.96 – £32.45
UK International Veterans Film Festival 2016

UK International Veterans Film Festival 2016

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The National Welsh Library



United Kingdom

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The annual UK International Veterans’ Film Festival is dedicated to raising awareness about our serving and ex serving Armed Forces community, their families, the unique set of difficulties they face and the impact war has on our society.

Arguably, Film is still the most powerful medium to create stories and put ideas out into the world. Now, more than ever before, it is possible for creativity to emerge and be shared through digital media.

Our aim is to bring to life veterans’ stories whilst showcasing talent through compelling, moving, sometimes disturbing and funny stories. We want to facilitate a greater opportunity to understand the lives of our veterans and their families, their struggles and successes.

We want to share their stories that are harrowing, disturbing or inspiring; stories that show us a side of the human condition that so many of us will never see or experience – all through the medium of film.

Whilst inviting our community to think about how film provokes them and how relevant a film’s message is to them.

On the opening night we have the film Kajacki followed by a Q&A session with Ex-para Stu Pearson and Scott Kyle the actor that played him in the film.

                                     Saturday 26th November 2016

Short Film Showcase 1 – AM

 Please Hold                                         Dir: Jonathon D. Mabee

 All’s Well                                            Dir: Christian Kinde

 Retreat Hell                                        Dir: Riley Robbins

 Hidden Heroes                                    Dir: House of Talent

 A Small Dot On the Western Front    Dir: A D Cooper

 The Forgotten Few                             Dir: Andy Turner

 Mi e Ti                                                 Dir: Samuele Gottardello

 The Strangeness of Coming Home    Dir: Alexander Michael Collins


Short Film Showcase 2 – PM

 The Province                                       Dir: Daniel Johnstone

 Semper Fidelis                                    Dir: Christopher Dinnan

 Ramble                                               Dir: Andreas Ramm

 Blasted                                                Dir: Elsa O’Toole

 At The End of the Road                      Dir: Chole Hetzel

 Love is in the Air                                 Dir: Joann Wong

 What We Are Left                              Dir: Mark Burriss

 The Veteran                                        Dir: Enrique Rico Diaz


                                      Sunday 27th November 2016

Short Film Showcase 3 – AM

 Battlescars                                         Dir: Robbie Buckley

 The Space                                          Dir: Edward Hicks

 Desertion                                            Dir: Ben Reid

 Deal                                                    Dir: Quinn Pohl

 Winged Warriors                                Dir: Evy Barry

 Wazir                                                  Dir: Jamie Christopher Boot

 At Dawn                                              Dir: Ollie Wolf

 The Letter                                           Dir: Yifan Xiao

 Too Many Ghosts                               Dir: Ian Woodward

                                  Saturday 26th November 2016

Documentary Showcase 1 – AM

 Lighter than Orange - The Legacy of Dioxin in Vietnam        Dir: Matthias Leupold

 Grado Mission             Dir: Carlo Christian Spano

 The Forging of Marston          Dir: Ryan Marston

Documentary Showcase 2 – PM

 For the kids of the fallen        Dir: Paul Hart

 Exit Wounds   Dir: Pattie Collins

 Striking a Chord: Instruments of Healing       Dir: Susan

 Our Soldier      Dir: Jotja Ingrid Bessems

 The Last Goodbye       Dir: Jary Nemo

                                  Sunday 27th November 2016

Documentary Showcase 3 – AM

 Operation Oman         Dir: Tristan Ofield

 My Father's Vietnam Dir: Soren Sorensen

 Medic  Dir: Janno Jürgens

 Fog of War      Dir: Viacheslau Makshun

Documentary Showcase 4 – PM

 City of Terror  Dir: Tamás Babos

 SWITCHBLADE - A Brazilian Battalion in the Gothic Line     Dir: Durval Lourenço Pereir

 Places Like This          Dir: Nicholas McNaughton, Christopher Lee Griffin

 36525 Days     Dir: Mick Whitty

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Date and Time

The National Welsh Library



United Kingdom

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