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Understanding & Treating Complex PTSD

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Please note that this course runs for one day only (10 am to 4:30 pm). Please choose your preferred date from the available dates.

About this event

Everyone interested in the subject is welcome. Certificate of attendance will be issued (up to 6 CPD hours)

Your learning outcomes for this training:

    • An in-depth understanding on how c-PTSD affects brain function and ways to rebalance the brain for calm
    • The biochemistry of c-PTSD and recovery
    • The regions of the brain involved in c-PTSD and how to calm them down
    • Why a c-PTSD brain can be reluctant to seek help and move on (especially in trauma connected to domestic violence and abuse)
    • The links between c-PTSD and anxiety-related disorders such as OCD, and social anxiety and how to achieve transformation
    • Indentifying and coping with CPTSD flashbacks
    • Meditations for healing the fragmented self
    • The A.S.I.E.C.C. framework for Healing c-PTSD: A Step-By-Step Guide for Recovery
    • Understand the links between c-PTSD, stress and inflammation-based conditions such as fibromyalgia,lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Additional materials to have access to:

  • Healthy Self-Concept Meditation for Complex PTSD Survivors

  • Strengthening Self-Compassion and Exposing the Inner Critics Exercise & Meditation

  • Healing Toxic Shame and Strengthening Self-Compassion: Mirror Exercise, Retrospective Self-Awareness Exercise & Meditation

  • Exposing and Renegotiating Trans-Generational Trauma Exercise (Family History Work) & Visualisation

  • Toxic shame Reduction Meditation 

  • Healing the Inner Child Meditation

Other focuses:

  • How to avoid the typical mistakes made in treating c-PTSD

  • Tips for minimising major relapses

What Recent Attendees Are Saying

"It was such an amazing course and I feel I’ve learnt a lot. I hope to apply it to my own counselling work as a therapist. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for passing on your wonderful wisdom." Claire B. Therapist 13/11/21

"Very good course content, delivered beautifully by Wale, whose voice had an immediate calming effect and broke down any perceived barriers between trainer and trainee. Fascinating insight into how the brain’s response to trauma impacts on the body." Emma C. Counsellor (13/11/21)

"The C-PTSD course clarified why I have been feeling the way I do. It helped me make sense of physical symptoms and emotional overwhelm through recognising C-PTSD as an issue with the brain and that my emotional and physical recovery & healing cannot be forced. I have gained awareness to be patient and compassionate with myself in taking time to recover. I appreciated being able to ask questions that were relevant to me and to hear responses from other attendees. It was valuable to learn about the impact of C-PTSD on their lives and their physical experiences too." Wendy F. Coach & Author (2/11/21)

"Overall feedback is the training was excellent. I particularly liked that it wasn’t purely ‘academic’ and ‘theoretical’, it felt holistic and therefore highly understandable and applicable. Wale was approachable, warm, knowledgeable, boundaries and interesting. I sometimes find myself zoning out during training, and yet the whole of the day I felt interested and alert." Many thanks. Jayne M. Psychotherapist/EFT Practitioner (16/9/21)

"Content, presentation and attitude of the facilitator couldn’t have been better." Victoria W., Forensic Mental Health Practitioner (11/9/21)

"Excellent course. It was in-depth but easy enough to follow. Presented by someone who really knows the subject matter. I have gone on to book on two more courses after this. Thank you." Louise B., Mental Health Support Worker (5/2/21)

"The day was amazing and so educational." Sally L. (5/2/21)

Many thanks, the course was extremely informative and thorough. Jenifer S. (5/2/21)

"The training was brilliant, very detailed and informative. I’ve already booked onto some more course." Louise B., Counsellor (5/2/21 )

"Great webinar and good communication. I will come back for more webinars and CPD courses." Gabi M., Clinical Hypnotherapist and Registered Nurse (31/1/21)

"I have C-PTSD and wanted to understand more the neuroscience and treatment approaches – I have yet to find a therapist who properly appeared to understand it. I am also training to be a hypnotherapist and wanted to understand more to be able to learn to provide therapy to people with C-PTSD. I loved how the course was made available and relevant to both professionals and people with C-PTSD – it is healing and empowering to understand the neuroscience and helps survivors feel like they are in control of their journey rather than being passive recipients. I also liked how a high level of detail was given and explained, with references to further research and details for those who wished it." Anonymous (17/12/20)

"Great training, well-presented and extremely informative. Will use material with clients and to bring awareness to staff and management I support. Massive thank you!!" Vera L., Integrative Play and Family Therapist (17/12/10)

"I just wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful workshop. I'm currently finishing a thesis on 'The benefits of EFT on Anxiety and PTSD', and I was having difficulty understanding the science behind what happens in trauma. This workshop has now filled in the gaps that I was missing and I now feel more confident in finishing my thesis and finally graduating. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher. Wale was absolutely fabulous in explaining difficult concepts in a simple and engaging manner. His sunny disposition and energetic delivery made the 5.5 hours Treating Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder workshop fly by. By far the best teacher I’ve had in years." Andrea L., Student (17/12/20)

"Wale created a very comprehensive course on C-PTSD and how to recover from C-PTSD. The course resources to the latest science and therapeutic research. A great course for anyone who works with people!" Claire G., Counsellor (17/12/20)

"Symptom list was very good, good to learn about hyper-amnesia. Good to go very in-depth into neurobiology / brain regions and neurochemicals. Good to see very in-depth framework for healing, including Ego defences that hinder adequate grief work. Good to have section on managing flashbacks and managing criticism to avoid being triggered. Great additional resources. I am extremely grateful to Wale Oladipo for these workshops and resources." Alex W., (17/12/20)

"Thank you for an amazing presentation - so enlightening and I can use this with so many clients on all levels." Viki M., Counsellor (7/11/20)

"Last time I had this detailed and such ‘not easy to forget’ training was about 15 years ago. I can not find anything that I did not enjoy about this course, instead I feel I need more training like this." Pumuzile N. CCS Counsellor (10/9/20)

"I absolutely loved this course! I highly recommend to those who are looking for a detailed scientific way of doing personal development around trauma of if you are going to use the knowledge gained in a professional way." Amanda B., Transitional Coach (10/9/20)

"This is the third time I have attended an event hosted by Wale. He is one of the most amazing speakers I have ever seen." Donna L. (10/9/20)

"This course is very relevant to both clinicians and individuals who work in mental health settings. Excellent teaching style." Christer M., CCS Counsellor (10/9/20)

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Online event

Refund policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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