Unhurried Leadership Webinar March 2019

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Unhurried leadership is serendipitous and surprising, leading to better communications, more creativity and unexpected connections. It's also a practice of making choices that make those outcomes more likely. There are no guarantees, it's more about building capacity through a spirit of experimentation.

We'll share our experiences using this approach and you'll be able to reflect on how it could work for you.

Some of the principles of an unhurried approach:

Using time differently

Unhurried is the pace we set when we’re in tune with what we’re doing. It’s not necessarily going slowly. It’s about finding a way to create resonance between us as we work.

Difference and difficulty as a source of creativity

Unhurried teams find ways to use - rather than suppress - their differences, so they are a source of new thinking. It's possible to keep companionship even in adversity.


To be creative, we need to move between intense concentration and relaxed reflection. A kind of flexible attentiveness is an antidote to the many things in life that can fracture our attention.

The wisdom of uncertainty

Working creatively means being wary of formulaic solutions and models. These offer the comfort of certainty but often at the expense of aliveness.

Being human

With the rise of artificial intelligence and the growing digitisation of work, we need to allow people to do what humans uniquely can do.


Rather than aiming for perfection, unhurried is a practice. According to legend, at the age of 95, the cellist Pablo Casals was asked why he continued to practise on the cello. He replied, "because I'm beginning to notice some improvement."


We learn by performing into new roles. There's an element of risk and a willingness to accept the attention of others. If it feels safe, it isn’t leadership.

This webinar is also a preview for our two day workshop in Cambridge on 3/4 April: The Practice of Unhurried Leadership

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