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Urban Kundalini Juice Fast Retreat Weekend

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East Dulwish Private Venue

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Experience the Bliss of a Kundalini Yoga Juice Retreat in a peaceful temple where to regenerate and detox in a cellular level.

Undertaking a short to medium length juice fast is one of the fastest and most powerful ways to heal the body of illness, lay a foundation for lifelong health and literally regenerate the body from the inside out.

Fasting allows the body to rest, to detoxify, and to heal. During this time, the body moves into the same kind of detoxification cycle that it normally enters during sleep.

It uses its energy during a fast not for digesting food but for cleansing the body of accumulated toxins and healing any parts of it that are ill.

As a juice fast progresses, the body consumes everything it can that is not essential to bodily functioning. This includes bacteria, viruses, fibroid tumors, waste products in the blood, any build up around the joints and stored fat.

How the body Detoxify?

The main natural pathways of detoxification include; liver, bowels, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymphatic system. The food and drinks you consume, chemicals you use on your body and the environment you live and breathe in, may result in these organs struggling to keep you healthy and vibrant.

What is the reason to join a Juice Fasting Retreat?

To give the digestive system a well-deserved rest, to increase mental clarity, energy level and vitality. Enhanced emotional, physical and spiritual sensitivity.

Live foods provide live energy that increases the neuro-transmission, thus enhancing the receptivity of the brain and nervous system.

Fresh juices have high content of potassium that helps cleanse out excess sodium that causes water retention. Along with loss of excess water, weight loss is often evident early on in the fast. Healing of chronic diseases caused by years of poor diet and lifestyle.

When your internal organs are healed, they begin to function like new and most of the symptoms you used to have will begin to disappear.

Reduced nasal stuffiness and congestion. Stuffiness is caused by toxins that cannot be expelled. The phytonutrients in juices are effective in cleaning these off the organ walls to be eliminated. Clearer/glowing complexion. When the liver and kidneys are cleansed, nutrients can be carried freely to the entire body for nourishing that give the skin the shiny glow.

Once your internal organs are brought to a homeostatic state, weight loss just follows and weight maintenance will be easier when you continue to eat healthy.

How Kundalini Yoga Support your System During a Juice Fasting?

Kundalini yoga is an ancient technology, comprising of specific physical movements, postures, pranayam, and mantras that produce positive effects on both your mind and body.

Practicing this type of yoga helps you releasing tension, deeply detoxify the body and re-balance the nervous system inducing a sense of deep relaxation. It helps you strengthen your body, especially your core resulting in better stress management.

The meditative space it creates helps you to achieve a state of Harmony between body, mind and spirit that genuinely facilities to develop a strong and reliable sense of intuition. Pranayam - breath work - helps slowing down feeling more balanced and relaxed which enhance creativity, optimism, a sense of connection within yourself and inner peace.

What to expect from the retreat

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Sound Healing, Digital Detoxification, Castor Oil Pack, Inner Harmony, Laughter, Lightness, Joy, Deep Relaxation, Human Connection.

8 Spaces are avaiable for this deep healing weekend Give to yourself the opportunity to regenerate, clear the mind, rest and feel good in your body!

Please Contact Maitri for full program at

Early Bird Price £225 Book Before September 7th!

Sahred Room Accommodation £250

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Date and Time


East Dulwish Private Venue

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