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[Valencia] K-POP Europe Tour with JAY KIM

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Dance Center Valencia

Calle Totana, 12 bajo

46018 Valencia


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K-POP Choreography Workshop by Jay Kim

About this Event

Taller de coreografía K-POP por Jay KimK-POP Choreography Workshop by Jay Kim

Date: Wednesday 6th Nov

1st Session

Time: 17:00 - 18:30

Q&A Sessions (1st & 2nd Session attendees)

18:35 - 18:50

2nd Session

Time: 19:00 - 20:30

Me gustaría informarles a todos que Jay Kim hará una gira por Europa esta vez. Traerá excelentes coreografías, útiles consejos de baile y también divertidas sesiones de preguntas y respuestas. Por favor, esperamos el taller :)

I would like to inform you all that Jay Kim will tour around Europe this time. He will bring great choreography, useful dance tips, and also fun Q&A sessions. Please look forward to the workshop :)

Jay Kim(https://www.instagram.com/jaykiman/)

Jay Kim ha trabajado como un instructor increíble, un coreógrafo de 1 Million Dance Studio, Seúl. También fue el entrenador de baile de Loen Ent. en Corea del Sur desde 2016 hasta 2017. Después de dejar 1 Million Dance Studio, Jay ha estado enseñando en todo el mundo, como Estados Unidos, Francia, Alemania, Japón, Singapur, Australia, Filipinas y muchos otros países. Además de ser instructor, también había trabajado en estrecha colaboración con artistas como Luhan y Jay Park, también fue el director de coreografía de M / V para Luhan.

Jay Kim has worked as an amazing instructor, a choreographer from 1 Million Dance Studio, Seoul. He was also the dance trainer for Loen Ent. in South Korea from 2016 till 2017. After leaving 1 Million Dance Studio, Jay has been teaching around the world, such as USA, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Philippine and many other countries. Apart from being an instructor, he had also worked closely with artists such as Luhan and Jay Park, he was also the M/V choreography director for Luhan.

2015 - 2017 1 Million Dance Studio in South Korea instructor

2016 - 2017 Loen Ent. in South Korea Dance Trainer


2017.11.25 : ‘KBASE Festival K-Pop Dance Contest in Frankfurt'

2018.04.08 : 'Battlegrounds Philippines Qualifier in Manila‘

2018.11.03-04 : 'UDO Asia-Pacific Championships in Chongzuo'

2018.12.08 : ‘KBASE Festival K-Pop Dance Contest in Berlin'

2019.02.10 : ‘Niko Niko Fest K-Pop Dance Contest in Merida’


2017.07.04-05 : O School Studio, Singapore

2017.07.12-13 : Sunshine Studio, Beijing

2017.07.18-19 : STEP Studio, Singapore

2017.10.28 : Workshop Korea-Mexcio, Mexcio City

2017.11.19 : Taylor's University Dance Club, Kuala Lumpur

2017.11.26 : KBASE, Frankfurt

2017.12.02 : Lemon Universe Vibe, Paris

2017.12.03 : Lemon Universe Vibe, Berlin

2017.12.09 : Lemon Universe Vibe, St. Petersburg

2017.12.10 : Lemon Universe Vibe, Moscow

2018.01.13-14 : Sunshine Studio, Phuket

2018.01.27-28 : 1Dance Studio, Kuala Lumpur

2018.02.03-04 : Stroyvent, São Paulo

2018.04.07 : Groove Central Dance Studio, Manila

2018.04.30-05.01 : STEP Studio, Singapore

2018.05.06 : Studio ZINX, Fukuoka

2018:05.21 : Stroyvent, Fortaleza

2018.05.23 : Storyvent, Campinas

2018.05.26 : Stroyvent, São Paulo

2018.06.19-07.13 : Millennium Dance Complex, Singapore

2018.09.08 : Neverland Dance House, Hong Kong

2018.09.23 : Studio I AM, Izumo

2018.09.29 : STRDC. Studio, Jakarta

2018.09.30 : Malaysia Dance Scene, Kuala Lumpur

2018.09.29 : STRDC Studio, Jakarta, Indonesia

2018.10.07 : On One Studios, San Jose, U.S.A

2018.10.07 : Lisa Perfoming Arts, Fremont, U.S.A

2018.10.08-09 : Full Out Studios, Oakland, U.S.A

2018.10.11 : Snowglobe Perspective, Whittier, U.S.A

2018.11.03 : UDO Asia-Pacific Championships, Chongzuo, China

2018.11.17 : D Dance Studio, Bangkok, Thailand

2018.11.20 : South Timez Academy, Phuket, Thailand

2018.11.22 : Life Dance Studio, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

2018.12.09 : KBASE, Berlin, Germany

2018.12.13 : KBASE, Frankfurt, Germany

2018.12.14 : KBASE, Frankfurt, Germany

2018.12.15 : KBASE, Munich, Germany

2019.01.12-13 : OA Dance Studio, Tainan, Taiwan

2019.01.27 : TOP Dancer Studio, Jinan, China

2019.02.10 : Niko Niko Fest, Merida, Mexico

2019.05.19 : Kpop Stars, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2019.05.21 : Kpop Chile, Santiago, Chile

2019.05.25 : Kpop Colombia, Baranquilla, Colombia

2019.05.26 : Kpop Colombia, Bogota, Colombia

2019.07.14 : TOP Dancer Studio, Jinan, China

2019.08.23 : The Academy, Sydney, Australia

2019.08.24 : The Academy, Brisbane, Australia

2019.08.26-28 : The Academy, Melbourne, Australia

Workshop(South Korea)

2017.10.19 : Tune Dance Company, Seoul, South Korea

2018.03.23 : Soo Dance Studio, Seoul, South Korea

2018.07.28 : Nataraja Academy, Busan, South Korea

with Airtist

2016.10.20 : K-Pop Star 'Jay Park' M/V Dancer

2016.11.21-12.07 : K-Pop Star Exo 'Luhan' , , choreographer

2016.12.20-12.21 : K-Pop Star Exo 'Luhan' M/V choreography director

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Date and Time


Dance Center Valencia

Calle Totana, 12 bajo

46018 Valencia


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