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VIBE is designed to develop everyone from aspiring leaders to senior leaders, VIBE includes; workshops, coaching and Action Learn.

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1. a person’s emotional state or the character of a place as communicated to and felt by others.


2. transmit or give out (a feeling or atmosphere).


In partnership with you, our unrivalled passion for making a difference allows us to entertain, enlighten and educate, delivering a learning experience you’ll never forget.

“Genuinely brilliant. TOK have never let us down and after running three VIBE programmes for our aspiring leaders, every single piece of feedback has been first class.” Nichola Hewitt, Acting Group Head of HR, James Fisher & Sons PLC

Through unique learning experiences and coaching you will discover your VIBE. What elements of your leadership style can amplify your message?

This leadership development experience creates both instant and long-lasting impact. We draw together cutting-edge psychological research with practical examples, creating a relaxed, experiential and unconventional learning environment, to fearlessly challenge the mindsets that impact behaviour and culture. PROGRAMME LEARNING OUTCOMES

o Discover your VIBE

o Explore your leadership philosophy

o Understand situational leadership

o Develop an understanding of the concept of FLOW

o Recognise the impact of social and task cohesion

o Understanding the impact of PERMA on creating an environment where people can flourish.

o Recognise the impact of toxic behaviours on your culture and success

o Identify the difference between a fixed and growth mindset

o Understand the 4 key aspects of emotional intelligence: Self Awareness, Self-Regulation, Social Awareness and Relationship Management

o Increase your self-awareness as a leader

o Recognise your own and others’ ‘Chimp’ brains

o Understand what culture is and why it is important

o Recognise the difference between strategy and culture

o Understand how to use effective communication to influence behavioural change

o Building resilience and ability to adapt to change

o Recognition of their own needs and the needs of their colleagues to get the best out of any and every situation

o Develop a greater understanding of the role character strengths bravery and curiosity have in boosting resilience

The programme will include:-


1. ASPIRATIONAL LEADERSHIP (12th January 2021)

Discovering your WHY will help you find your VIBE. Your VIBE is your authentic leadership style. It is what you transmit to other people, it is what you give off. By exploring your leadership philosophy and how you hope to be remembered you will begin to define your authentic leadership style. To lead authentically however, we must understand that different people and different situations require a different style of leadership.

This workshop will help you to recognise and find your FLOW as a leader.

2. ASPIRATIONAL TEAM (26th January 2021)

High performing teams just click. Everything just falls into place. Call it singing from the same hymn sheet, or drumming to the same beat, they work towards a shared goal that means something, they seem to overcome their difference and find solutions to any challenges they face.

This workshop Will allow you to explore the characteristics of what makes a high performing team and reflect on where you and your team are right now and what action you need to take to improve.

3. FLOURISHING (23rd February 2021)

A VIBE is something you can feel, something you give off and something others pick up. So is culture. Good vibes lead to flourishing organisations. This workshop will help you to build an environment where people can flourish by focussing on the five key elements of the PERMA theory (Martin Seligman). Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishments, come together to help people thrive. There is no secret formula to getting it right, but increased awareness helps you to recognise when things aren’t going well, or if behaviours have turned toxic. Fearlessly challenging people’s mindsets is key to helping you find your VIBE.


Understanding your VIBE is one thing, but understanding other peoples’ is a real skill. Emotional Intelligence is repeatedly hailed as more important than IQ when it comes to leadership. Your ability not only to be self-aware but also aware of why others act or behave the way they do is key to being a great leader.

This workshop will explore the 4 aspects of emotional intelligence and explore the concept of the Chimp brain while helping you develop skills to regulate your emotions and manage stress.

1 X 1:1 COACHING SESSION (60 minutes) (9th & 10th February 2021)


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