Village in the City - Krakow Newcomers Welcoming Club

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Zaraz Wracam

Zaraz Wracam (back room)

ul Miodowa 51a

31-047 Krakow


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Village in the City - Krakow Newcomers' Welcoming Club

About this event

This "Newcomers and Making Connections" gathering is for people who are new to Krakow or want to welcome them, and increase their number of connections.

Our events are open and welcoming to people from all backgrounds.

We will have a structured first ninety minutes with icebreakers aimed at making things easy for people who don't know lots of other people.

After the structured part of the meeting, guests will be free to mingle and socialise as they wish.

If you have a community initiative you want to share or announce, let us know in advance. We will have information stall for leaflets as well.

We need volunteers to help us develop the project. From Simple things like being early to welcome people, through to PR and graphic design and a website. Let us know in that sounds like you.

The Facebook page for the event is here

Our Facebook page is

If you want know more or to be part of this initiative, please join the Village in the City Krakow group

We are a local community of internationally minded people in the heart of Krakow. You are welcome to be a part of it.

The idea is to maintain and sustain the community spirit that sometimes emerged during Covid and help build back better and stronger than before.

If you want to get involved in Village in the City - Krakow please fill in this form.

The idea of Village in the City was described by Mark McKergow at a TEDxKazimierz talk here

and you can read more about the project here

Our goal is to simply come together, share ideas, and as a result be stronger together. It's not about superficial networking, it's about building a local community together.

At our event you will meet new people, share ideas, and hopefully have fun along the way.

Please fill in this form if you wish to be involved in helping with Village in the City - Krakow

Attendance is subject to the Berlin Code of Conduct use by TEDxKazimierz.

Since its launch in 2020 Village in the City has spread to many countries around the world. You can see them here

This pilot event will be a test of whether there is sufficient support and interest in Krakow. `

We launched our own private social network here

The people behind Village in the City - Krakow are Michał Kus from Yolk Co-Working supported by Richard Lucas who is on the Advisory Board of Village in the City worldwide.

About Village in the City


As the post-pandemic ‘new normal’ emerges and develops, the usefulness and resilience of very local connections has become increasingly clear. The levels of local can be seen as house; street; village; town; district; city. The potential for connection at the village level – even in much bigger settlements like towns and cities – is clear. Architect Richard Rogers (2017) identified over 620 ‘High Streets’ in London alone, each of which is central to its own village.

Village-level activity can:

Improve all our lives in the short term and long term. Both building an active community and being part of one are positive experiences

Build inclusive cross-generation and cross-demographic community, to expand our awareness of how the world is for those around us

Build resilience and mutual support with people right there on the doorstep, continuing and expanding the positive developments seen during the COVID pandemic

Connect businesses, support groups, families, churches, secular groups and everyone else with an identity and local participation

Act as a necessary counterbalance to the recent amazing developments in online communication; access to global communication produces a space for micro-local in-person interaction

Help citizens become more empowered and purposefully connected than they have been in recent years.

This manifesto sets out the village-in-the-city concept as a way of consciously building on this in ways which expand on the best of micro-local. Villages (in this sense) have:

A name – usually this already there

Recognisable, distinctive, widely known and used


Everyone who lives there is a ‘member’

Addressing multiple hopes, needs and interests

Drawing on the ‘treasure within’ – skills, resources, desire to participate

Meeting places (accessible to all and within walking distance)

Indoor – halls, pub rooms,

Outdoor – public spaces, green places

Places for chance encounters as well as planned events

Connection within the village

Papers, newsletters, emails, Facebook groups, Whatsapp available to all

News and updates which go to everyone

Fostering two-way communication (not just ‘us’ to ‘them’ or ‘hub’ to ‘rim’)/

Has a way to reach out to newcomers and engage them.


People who foster connection as part of their role (this used to be the pub landlord and the vicar, but can now be a more expanded concept)

This role should be shared around – multiple hosts make for wider participation and less burn-out

Can be an informal role (people just doing it) as well as more structured

Not just ‘organisers’ but also co-participants, joining in along with everyone else

Inclusive gatherings

Milestones in the year to bring people together – summer garden party, Hogmanay, Christmas Fayre, music weekend,

Regular inclusive opportunities to meet, build community and reflect – perhaps including churches, teas/coffees, drop-ins, perhaps a Sunday Assembly

Open community events like homeworker meetups, film club, play streets, quizzes etc etc

The more specific and locale-relevant the better

And… an ‘identity’

What makes this a special place?

Note that this is not:

A formal administrative unit

Somewhere with a formal leader/governance

A rules-enforcement body

Something with a budget or funding (when the funding stops, the activities stop)

2 June 2020: Draft 1, 4 June 2020 Draft 2 including more detail, Facebook group and worksheet, 12 June 2020: Draft 3 with expanded preamble 18 June Draft 3.1, expanded preamble.

14 July, Draft 4, expanded preamble and opening statements.

(This is a draft which I want to develop with your help – please leave comments below or contact me at Many thanks to Dr Wendy Ellyat (Flourish Project), Jim Mather (Heriott Watt University), Adrian Hodgson (Berlin) and Lara Celini (Willowbrae) for their initial support and ideas.)


Rogers, R., Brown, R. (2017). A Place For All People: Life, architecture and the fairer society. Edinburgh: Canongate Books

Richard Lucas

July 2021

GDPR and data protection

We will not abuse or sell your data. If you want to know what data we hold on you and/or request that it be deleted just ask.

*We require that all attendees be vaccinated for COVID-19.

** If you have medical reasons confirmed by a doctor why you cannot be vaccinated, contact us ahead of time to make arrangements.

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Date and time


Zaraz Wracam

Zaraz Wracam (back room)

ul Miodowa 51a

31-047 Krakow


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Organizer Richard Lucas

Organizer of Village in the City - Krakow Newcomers Welcoming Club

Richard Lucas is the curator of TEDxKazimierz. 

Krystian Aparta has had many roles both for TED and TEDx and is taking a leading role in organising this  TEDx organiser Workshop

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