Virtual Hoarding Awareness Training - STAGE 3

Virtual Hoarding Awareness Training - STAGE 3

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    Following on from Stage 1 and 2 we work through case studies, look at procedures and legislation, trauma and hear from someone who hoards

    About this event


    Delivered over 3 sessions virtually, this Stage 3 hoarding awareness training is intended to apply the knowledge gained through working on case studies and practical examples to help those affected by hoarding behaviour, chronic disorganisation and extreme clutter.

    Looking at risk management, hoarding procedures, application of legislation and more deeply into trauma informed approaches, we will see how each hoarding case is unique and the support that can be provided will be bespoke to the challenges of an individual situation. You will hear from a person affected by hoarding behaviours and will have the opportunity to get firsthand insight into how hoarding affects someone.

    NB: You need to have completed Stage 1 and 2 training to attend, or evidence that you have knowledge of the content covered in Stage 1 and 2. Learning outcomes for Stage 1 and 2 are available on request. Please email

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    Session 1 - Hoarding procedures

    • Summary of Stage 1 and 2 training
    • Risk assessment and management
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Self-neglect enquiries
    • Multi Disciplinary Teams (MDTs)
    • Hoarding Panels

    Session 2 - Application of legislation

    • Relevant legislation
    • Lessons learned
    • Case Study 1
    • Case Study 2
    • Case Study 3
    • Review

    Session 3 - Deeper understanding

    • Core beliefs
    • Attachment theory
    • Polyvagal Theory
    • Trauma informed approaches
    • The voice of someone with hoarding behaviours
    • Final summary
    • Recommended reading

    Who is this for:-

    • Practitioners, staff and volunteers on the front-line
    • Family/friends who support those who have hoarding behaviours
    • Those affected by hoarding behaviours


    1.5 hours x 3 sessions on one-day

    Session Times:-

    • Session 1 - 9.00am to 10.30am
    • Session 2 - 11.00am to 12.30pm
    • Session 3 - 1.30pm to 3.00pm

    NB: This and other workshops are available to be booked in-house at your organisation for up to 12 people to suit your requirements. Contact us at to enquire.

    Hoarding Disorders UK is a not for profit Community Interest Company. Our aim is to provide practical hands-on support as well as expert advice to those affected by the varying levels of hoarding disorder, ranging from the chronically disorganised to those with extreme clutter.

    We support both the individuals and their families throughout this process which helps them to reconnect with each other as a family unit and the wider local community.

    We have a responsible and unique person-centered approach using professional decluttering, life skills and home organisational skills. We provide an ethical, sustainable and quality approach throughout our work which includes the use of our 8-step plan, support groups, coaching, research, education and training.

    We also work collaboratively with other professionals and organisations in contact with these individuals and families.

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    Jo Cooke is a Director of ‘Hoarding Disorders UK – Community Interest Company’ and also runs her own business ‘Tapioca Tidy’. She is also the author of the book “Understanding Hoarding” which is fast becoming the “go to manual” for hoarders, their families and agencies that work with people exhibiting hoarding behaviours.

    She has appeared in the Guardian newspaper, Take a Break magazine and other publications. She has also appeared a number of times on BBC Radio and in a BBC documentary ‘Inside Out’. Jo was selected as a finalist for the Thames Valley Venus Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018.

    Jo is a professional declutterer and organiser who has a very professional, calm, non-judgemental and “makes sense” approach to helping you reclaim your space. Jo previously had a varied career in charitable organisations, human resources, project management, bookkeeping and the civil service, but realised she had a flair for decluttering and organising when she had to sell the family home that her father had lived in for more than 30 years. She has a wealth of experience and skills required when working in cluttered environments and takes a responsible and empathetic approach to the needs of people she works with.

    Jo runs three hoarding support groups in Bracknell, Newbury and Reading, Berkshire.

    You can contact Jo at

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    Jo Cavalot is also a Director of ‘Hoarding Disorders UK – Community Interest Company’ and also runs her own business ‘Dottymow’.

    Jo has been a declutterer and professional organiser since 2017 helping people to create, space, harmony and peace of mind by letting go of the things they no longer need. She is a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) and has quickly become a shining light in the world of decluttering in the South Yorkshire area.

    Jo has struggled with her own demons in life and when she began to learn more about people affected by hoarding behaviours she realised that this was an area she really wanted to specialise in and approached Jo Cooke to begin the exciting process of taking Hoarding Disorders UK to the north.

    Previously, Jo had a long career in the printing industry, working in a variety of roles from operations and production management to project director. She has a natural ability to create and implement systems and organise both people and their things. Through her own journey of recovery since 2012, Jo has found ways to overcome her own fears and emotional baggage from the past and has spent a great deal of time supporting others with their issues too. Jo understands that any problem with clutter tends to be about more than just the stuff and is empathetic and understanding in helping people to deal with this.

    She is very connected to the local community and has appeared a number of times on BBC Radio Sheffield.

    Jo runs Squirrel Support Squad, a hoarding support group in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

    You can contact Jo at

    Lynn Howells

    As someone who experiences hoarding behaviours Lynn deals with overwhelm and item overload on a daily basis in her home life. She is slowly managing to clear items from her home and has a mix of liveable rooms and inaccessible rooms.

    Lynn volunteered to help run and administrate the Hoarding Support Group that Silva Homes set up for the East Berkshire area. Her experience helps support those who attend the group, both practically and emotionally. She had a lightbulb moment early on at one of the meetings which has helped her understanding of why she experiences these hoarding behaviours. Lynn speaks clearly for people in her situation and featured in an item on The One Show aired by the BBC in May 2018.

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