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Ladies do you want to be more entrepreneurial and earn more money?

Amazing Women Global have teamed up with the amazing musician Tsivi Sharett to create this unique & fabulous workshop for women just like you, who know there is much more to life than what you are currently getting.

Maybe you are an artist, musician, light worker or creative and not getting the income you deserve

Maybe you are sick of your stressful 9-5 and not sure which direction to take next?

Maybe you are at a life/career crossroads, need to make some tough decisions and need a little support.

Maybe you just want to find a place you can sit, reflect and think about yourself, your life and your future – take time out of your busy schedule.

Living in any big city, especially London can be hectic, exhausting and lead to social isolation & health problems

As a Life Coach I meet many women who are often looking after everyone else, which means they think about themselves last and are often running on empty.

As well as creating a vision board, you will be:

  • guided through any blockages or limiting beliefs to moving forward

  • learn to manage your energy & maintain your power

  • understand how to improve your life & financial situation, whilst remaining grounded

  • using tried and tested tools that have worked for many women all over the world.

  • given the opportunity to hear some soul nurturing music and even try out some musical instruments (if you are so inclined) as a way of connecting with your creativity.

Come and join like minded women in a safe, nurturing, creative and fun environment to de-stress, re-ignite your passion and gain clarity on your life and career. Put yourself first for a change.

The workshop will take place in the artistic, calm and tranquil home of Tsivi Sharett close to Selhurst south London affectionately known as the NEST.

If any of this resonates with you, I would love to see you there and look forward to welcoming you. Book soon as spaces are limited and the workshop is subject to price changes after the 16th March!

What is a vision board Party?

This is a fun workshop which has been specifically created for 12 Amazing women to take time out for themselves (for a change) and work on creating a visual representation of what they want for their life & career in the future.

I myself have always used vision boards which have helped me to create a property portfolio, whilst being a broke single mum, find my soul-mate and build my purpose filled home business, whilst being there for my children & remaining active in my community.

I now live life on my terms, doing the job I love, working with clients I love even more! I am currently coaching women from all over the world to create the life and career changes they want.

I meet so many amazing women and I am constantly surprised as to why most do not consider themselves AMAZING !! We women are truly amazing the way we juggle everything and do it all with grace and style! (well most of the time).

Where did the concept come from?

The idea of a vision board became mainstream helped by the DVD and book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne which came out in 2006.

Since then people all over the world have been talking about the Law of Attraction and creating vision boards with some astonishing results. The board itself is just a different way of goal setting in a fun and visual way.

Who will be hosting

I will be jointly hosting this exclusive, fun and intimate workshop with the AMAZING Musician and Vocal Coach Tsivi sharett

Who should attend?

The workshop has been specifically designed for 12 Amazing Women just like you. You may be an entrepreneur, self-employed, changing career, a creative, a lightworker, artist, musician or just simply looking for a boost – now is the right time to take action.

What if I have never done one before?

If you have not done one before this is a great opportunity to do one in a safe and fun environment. I find ideas and creativity are increased when a group bounces ideas off each other.

What If I already have one?
If you have done a vision board before and you have achieved some success then you understand the importance of creating a board – maybe its time for a re-vamp as this should be revisited EVERY year! – Feel free to bring your old board.

I have done one before, but it didn’t work?

If you have done one before but it has not worked for you then the chances are the right environment or vibrational energy was not created when the board was set up. Also it is important that you are guided and supported by someone who has had some success vision boards before.

Remember creating the board is just the start of the process, then you have to start taking ACTION. As an experienced life coach, I can help release some of the things that may be stopping you from taking action.

Previous participants went on to achieve some BIG and I mean BIG things including myself! with the majority of things that I wanted to happen have actually, scarily come true!!

I know the power of vision boards so be careful what you wish for. Warning: Previous participants have been known to manifest EXACTLY what they have put on their vision boards so please think carefully about what you would like to create.

I am excited to welcome you to this FANTASTIC opportunity. As spaces are limited preference will be given to previous clients, students and collaborators of Amazing Women Global & Tsivi Sharrett

Do I need to bring anything?

Lunch, a glass of Prosecco and all the materials will be provided.

You can bring your own snacks, images and a notebook and pen.

Payment options

The workshop costs £35 until the 16th March after that the price increases to £55 you can e mail or message me to pay direct roz@amazingwomenglobal.com. Please note if you chose to use Paypal the costs of the workshop will be £37 until the 16th March increasing to £57 thereafter. Use this link paypal.me/rozthornton

If you choose to use Eventbrite there will be additional fees.

Where will it be held?

It will be held in the wonderful, tranquil, peaceful home of Tsivi Sharett, affectionately known as the NEST an inspiring, creative, nurturing space for like minded individuals to connect Address details will be released once payment has been made (it is a 2 minute walk from Selhurst Station SE25)

Cancellation/ Refund policy – As you can appreciate we only have 12 spaces once you book you are taking a space which could have gone to someone else. We therefore cannot offer you a refund. If you cannot make it GIFT your space to friend, they will thank you forever!

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United Kingdom

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