Walking Tour of Reading's Queer Past

Walking Tour of Reading's Queer Past

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Reading Crown Court

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Walk in the footsteps of hundreds of years of Reading's Queer Residents and the connections Reading holds to queer heritage.

About this event

Join a 'Walking Tour around Reading's Queer Past' to immerse yourself in the landscape of Reading Town and the connections it holds to queer heritage and past residents. Led by Amy, the Project Manager of the Broken Futures project, this tour will be about 2 hours long and will cover approximately 2.3 miles around the Town Centre.

Please bring suitable footwear and wear appropriate clothing that allows easy movement. More information is provided in the health and safety section.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of attendees on this tour is limited to 4 people to allow space for discussion and social distancing. Social Distancing must be observed at all times for the safety of tour attendees and Support U volunteers leading the tour.

About: The Broken Futures project was funded by the National lottery Heritage Fund and is delivered by the charity Support U. The project investigates the Berkshire Criminal Archives for instances of sex between men between 1861 to 1967 and has trained volunteers in archival, genealogical and newspaper based research to build the narratives of Berkshire's Queer residents!

----------------------------- PLEASE READ -------------------------------

This event does require all participants to sign a health and safety and first aid waiver as Support U is unable to provide health and safety support for members during the tour. This will be provided when the tour attendee completes the booking of their ticket through Eventbrite, where the terms and conditions are included to be read and confirmed agreement off before the purchase of the ticket. The below includes the safety guidelines for the tour.

Safety Guidelines and Instructions For Participation In Guided Walking Tours

We strongly encourage good decision-making and personal responsibility while on tour, as well as the importance of following all safety advice and instructions they receive. If a child (anyone under the age of 18) goes on a tour they must be accompanied by a parent, who is responsible for the safety of the child. Parents should talk to their child about conducting themselves responsibly. While your group’s Tour Guide will strive to provide an enjoyable and safe tour experience, everyone in the group must cooperate and demonstrate good common sense while traveling.

Be on time (at least 15 minutes before your tour begins) For group travel to go smoothly, each member of the group must be punctual and demonstrate respect to the Tour Guide and all travellers in the group. We don’t want you to be rushed or be in a hurry.

Stay close with the tour guide and group It is important to stay close to the tour. Not only will you be receiving information about the tour but it is much safer to be with the group. You could take a wrong tour or get lost and this could put you in an uncomfortable position and take away from the enjoyment of the other tour participants.

Phones should be turned to silent or vibrate Your head should be up so you don’t trip, fall, or find yourself in dangerous situations. Limiting the distractions aide in safer conditions for tours. Besides, the ringing of cell phones or conversations will take away from the enjoyment of the tour. Just like you shouldn’t drive and text, you shouldn’t walk and text as well. There will plenty of opportunities to take photos or cell phone videos, just not when you are walking.

Walking safety tips When walking you should be aware of your surroundings. There may be different terrains you may encounter including but not limited to: stairs, sidewalks, cobblestone, pavers, uneven grades, paths, grades, doorways, curbs and grass. Wear comfortable shoes. Stay with the group. If and when you cross the street, please cross safely. Even if you are obeying traffic signs and signals, remember that motorists and cyclists might not notice you. Always stay aware of your surroundings whenever you cross any street. Be aware of bikes, mopeds, scooters, motorcycles and cars. Just because you see them doesn’t mean they see you.

Don’t bring more than you have to Walking tours are supposed to be fun. Don’t load yourself down with too many bags or other items that could be cumbersome for you on the tour. You may want to get some souvenirs or purchase something and we want to make sure you can carry them. ID, some cash for any food or drink, a credit/debit card for purchases, proper attire for the weather.

Alcohol consumption If you decide to have alcohol or you consumed alcohol before you arrive at a tour be sure to use common sense and reasonable judgement. No alcohol should be consumed on the tour.

Personal Safety If you have valuables with you please keep track of them. If you brought a camera, cell phone, pad, car keys any other valuable items with you down make sure you don’t leave them anywhere. If you are not feeling well for any reason please let your tour guide know. If you believe you are having a medical emergency call 999 immediately, if the matter is urgent, but not an emergency, please call 111.

Have fun! Be safe and aware of your surroundings, and let’s take a stroll around Reading’s Queer Past, meet new people and learn new things!

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